Is Gasoline Smell In Garage Dangerous? The Truth Behind

Why is the gasoline smell in garage dangerous?

Garages are places for storing your vehicle, equipment, and mechanical stuff; thus, it has some specific odor. However, it’s not a good sign if you smell gas in your garage.

Our article will explain how bad it is and suggest what to do in the situation. Let’s dig into it!

Is Gasoline Smell In Garage Dangerous? 

gasoline smell in garage dangerous
Gas Smell In Garage Dangerous

Yes. The gas smell in the garage is dangerous as it may make you feel bad while inhaling; more importantly, it can cause an explosion.

Due to its high flammability, gasoline can easily start a fire, leading to terrible damage and death loss. 

What Can Happen If You Feel Gasoline Smell?

Headache And Dizziness

There’s a connection between gasoline and health. When you inhale gas fumes in the garage, your nose and throat will be irritated.

The pungent odor can lead to some symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as headache, dizziness, nausea, and respiratory irritation.

Therefore, once you feel the smell, you should deal with it as soon as possible to find out the reason.

Especially when the garages are close or attached to your house, make sure you seal all doors and gaps carefully.

Risks Of Explosion And Fire

My garage smells like gas. You’d better avoid this situation, as we all know that gas is highly flammable.

A faint odor of the wiped spill’s remnant may not be your concern, yet a strong smell is a source of danger.

It indicates the gasoline is somewhere easy to access, and it can become fire with just a small spark.

Explosions will damage the structural construction and, even worse, cause fatalities for people living around.

What Causes Gas Smell In Garage? 

my garage smells like gasoline
The Reasion Of Gas Smell In Garage

Why does my garage smell like gas? Below are the common causes of unpleasant scents.


Garages are ideal for storing your cars as they keep your vehicles warm, dry, and safe. That’s why many families prefer to have it close to their houses.

However, automobiles usually run on gasoline, and it’s one of the culprits for nasty odors. So, whenever you feel a gas smell in the garage, think about your vehicle in the first place.


Besides parking your vehicle, the place is also perfect for storing an assortment of tools such as lawnmowers, trimmers, etc.

This machinery stuff often uses gasoline to operate. A leak is likely to occur when you hang or put it on a side unevenly, or there’s a crack in the equipment. Thus, your garage smells like gas.

You should check the gas tank, fuel lines, and carburetor to see if the car is leaking gas from there. Clean up the work tools and leave them outside for one day.

When you come back, and the gassy odor is gone, it means your machines are the source of the issue.

Gas Cans

Gasoline fumes in the garage can come from gas canisters. If your container is old, cracked, or has a weak seal, it’s likely to release the stench.

Moreover, gas containers often come with vents for easy pouring purposes.

When you don’t close the vents after using, the odor can come out from the small nipples on the opposite side of the can, causing a gasoline smell in the garage.

Therefore, replace the old canisters with the new ones to prevent leakage, and remember to tighten the lid well after use.

What To Do When A Garage Smells Like Gasoline?

Check The Gas Cap

As mentioned above, a parking vehicle is the first thing you should pay attention to when you suspect a scent. Inspect the gas cap, as it can be a reason for your car to give off a terrible smell.

This cap could be missing or broken, or you didn’t seal it tightly.

Any problem with the detail also causes intermittent flashing Check Engine light, so take it seriously and bring your car to a repair shop if needed.

Check The Fuel Filler Neck

When you see the Check Engine light flashing, and the gas odors sitting around, diagnose your fuel filler neck.

This part, made from metal and rubber, is where the fuel goes through to reach the fuel tank.

Like some other car components, it can wear out or fall off its position, leading to a gas leak in the garage.

Look For Any Gasoline Puddles

My garage smells like gasoline. One of the easiest ways to find out exactly what you are facing is to see if you have any gas dripping out.

Get under your car and inspect the undercarriage.

Touch the area of the fuel tank and pipes running to the gas cap with your hands and feel if it’s moisture or wet. If yes, the high possibility is your gasoline is seeping out.

In addition, when you think there’s a leak, you can try to use another sense to find out. Come close to your car; if you feel the smell gets stronger, it means you are correct.

What Are Tips To Prevent Gasoline Smell From Garage In House? 

garage smells like gasoline
Tips To Prevent Gasoline Smell From Garage

If your house smells like gas in the garage, removing it will take quite a long time.

Therefore, you’d better apply the following tips to save time and prevent your family members from unpleasant and dangerous situations.

  • Try to use the machinery in different places if possible.
  • Keep your chemicals safely in tightly-sealed containers.
  • Don’t leave your walls, floors, and doors with unsealed cement; otherwise, they will absorb quite a lot of stench. 
  • Always close the door between and properly separate your house from the source of the gasoline odor. 
  • Set up ventilation and use it on warm days.
  • Consider using a carbon monoxide detector for higher safety. 


Is the gasoline smell in garage dangerous? The answer is definitely yes, as it’s related to health hazards and safety concerns.

Vehicles, machinery tools, and gas containers are the potential sources of the pungent scent; thus, ensure you follow the safety instructions when storing them.

Plus, inspect all around these items to find where the odor comes from and clean it up before it turns into a disaster.

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