Gear Ratio 700r4 – Everything To Know

Several probably have an excellent understanding of how our cars work in general as well as how to maintain their contented state.

Yet, little dare to assert that they actually pay attention to details that matter, like the characteristics of the car’s transmission.

Luckily, it is never too late to broaden your horizons.

Especially if you are one of those who own a gear ratio 700r4 transmission with pride, a great fortune to grasp more about its specification, identification, etc., is coming right up to you via today’s article!

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What Is A 700r4 Transmission?

Gear Ratio 700r4

The 700r4 transmission is also known as a four-speed automatic transmission featuring an overdrive gear of 30 percent in the fourth gear.

Although its origin is from General Motors as the manufacturer, this transmission is also occasionally referred to as a Hydramatic.

The primary goal of this transmission’s advancement was to increase fuel economy.

Needless to say, there were a variety of engine modifications and adjustments regarding electronic control, direct drive, vehicle speed, gas mileage, powertrain control module, gear reactive, etc., behind such a success.

This brought forth the ability to reach up to 30 percent of overdriving competence.

The surpassing advanced specialities of this transmission have made it gain extensive use in both rear-wheel drive vehicles and trucks.

The Oldsmobile 350 diesel, Chevrolet Blazer, and Suburban are a few of the best-known wheelbase trucks that utilized it.

Aside from these, the list also includes the Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro, Impala, and numerous other vehicles.

Vehicles Equipped With The 700R4

Vehicles Equipped With The 700R4

In automobiles, the 700r4 transmission was best sought-after from 1982 until 1993. As aforementioned, it was specifically prevalent in rear-wheel-drive vehicles and trucks like:


  • Caprice: From 1982 to 1992
  • Blazer: From 1982 to 1991
  • Camaro: From 1983 to 1992
  • Corvette: From 1982 to 1992
  • Astro Van: From 1985 to 1992
  • Suburban: From 1984 to 1992
  • S10 Pickup: From 1989 to 1991
  • S10 Blazer: From 1989 to 1992


  • S15 Pickup: From 1983 to 1991
  • S10 / S15 Sonoma: From 1983 to 1991
  • Jimmy: From 1982 to 1993
  • Syclone: From 1991 to 1992
  • Safari Van: From 1983 to 1990


  • Limousine: From 1990 to 1992
  • Brougham: From 1990 to 1992
  • Fleetwood: From 1990 to 1992


  • Holden Commodore: From 1988 to 1992
  • Buick Lesabre: In 1984
  • Pontiac Firebird: From 1983 to 1992

Given this, 1992 saw the pervasive usage of the 700r4 (4L60). Additionally, the 1993 Camaro, Corvette, and Typhoon were the models that incorporated the final 700r4 manufacturing.

What Are Gear Ratio 700R4 Specs?

What Are Gear Ratio 700R4 Specs

The first 700r4 gear was set to a ratio of 3.06, the second to a drive ratio of 1.63, the third drive gear to a ratio of 1, and the fourth gear to a ratio of 0.7, or around a 30% overdrive ratio.

Additionally, this transmission also features a 700r4 ratio of 2.9, which is the reverse gear.

Here comes the part you are waiting for: The 700r4 gears specs!

Description700r4 Transmission Specs
Type4-speed Automatic Transmission
GearsThree gears and one overdrive 30 percent
ApplicationsChevy/Chevrolet, GM Cars – GMC, Buick 1982-1990Blazer, Oldsmobile 350, Camaro, Suburban, Impala, Corvette, and so on
Length23.5 inches
Weight~ 170 pounds dry
Case MaterialCast Aluminum housings
Spline Input Shaft-1984 -27-spline input shaft1984 – 30-spline Input shaft
Gear Ratios1st gear: 3.059; 2nd gear: 1.625; 3th gear: 1.00; 4th gear: 0.696; R gears: 2.294
Name After1990- 4L60
Name Before-1982 TH350
Fluid Capacity11 Quarts
Image Source: Mechanic base
Max Torque350nm +/-
Bolt Pattern/ Gasket16 boltsSource: Mechanic base

The 700r4 was a four-speed automatic transmission, as previously indicated.

The renaming of the transmission to 4L60 in 1990 offered a number of important details regarding this transmission.

As such, its 4-speed transmission is under a highlight spot by the number 4. The L demonstrates that the transmission is positioned longitudinally.

The 60 denotes that the transmission is suitable for situations with maximum gross vehicle weight, so-called GVW, of 6000 lbs.

Depending on the production year, such a transmission can manage a wide range of torque multiplication.

The maximum engine torque can rise up to 350 lb-ft, and the maximum gearbox torque can be 650 lb-ft.

How many gears does a 700r4 have? Many may wonder. There are 5 of them in total.

700r4 Troubleshooting Guide

Even though the 700r4 transmission is tenacious and dependable, they do malfunction occasionally.

The one thing to keep in mind is these systems have an expiration date, and we can’t expect a dated machine like this to be workable all the time.

That is why we include a few typical symptoms of the 700r4 transmission common failure below, along with a brief explanation of where you should start your investigation.

Torque Converter Won’t Lock And Is Slipping

Little did you know, the lock-up torque converter inside your 700r4 transmission gears is most likely the cause of any sliding or refusal to lock up that you are experiencing.

Before attempting any more specialized repairs, you should first try replacing the transmission fluid and even performing a transmission fluid flush at times.

Here is all you have to do:

  • First, you must allow the transmission fluid to warm up to the proper operating temperature and idle your car in park.
  • While doing so, conduct the dipstick exam at the same time.
  • Next, fill it up if the fluid level is low to see whether that fixes the issue. It is necessary to clean your transmission and get another alternative when the fluid appears crimson, brown, or even black.

Revs Up But Won’t Move

Checking the gearbox fluid, as aforementioned, should be your first step once the automobile starts to move but only barely does so.

It is vastly straightforward to have the transmission fluid’s level and color tested. As such: Red indicates that something is acceptable. Black is burned, and brown is worn-out.

If the fluid appears to be in good shape or there is no sign of your transmission fluid gushing out, then the problem probably lies in your TV cable adjustment between the throttle body and the transmission.

The Speedometer Is Not Working Properly

Before beginning the troubleshooting process, you need to be aware of two potential variations as your speedometer isn’t at its best operation.

That way, the 700r4 gearboxes encompass speedometers that can be operated mechanically or electronically.

You must first determine which form your speedometer is under. Follow the steps below to have yours assessed most correctly:

  • Lift the vehicle to inspect the transmission’s back end. Your speedometer is probably mechanical when the cable exiting the back is thicker. Chances are that it is electronic should you discover a speedometer sensor instead.
  • If your speedometer is mechanical, see whether there are any issues with the cable position. Any wear or other damage coming in sight also requires an urgent repair. Make sure the instrument cluster is placed properly because these wires might occasionally come loose.
  • If your speedometer is electronic, ensure that the wiring from the cluster/control unit to the transmission is in good shape and that the electrical connections are free of corrosion. Otherwise, it’s time to replace the sensor on the transmission whenever the cables are sound.

Vibrations During Acceleration

When your car accelerates, vibrations are most likely coming from the prop shaft, driveshafts, or torque converter.

There is a high possibility that you have imbalanced tires if you notice vibrations most of the time rather than just when you accelerate.

Try to balance your tires at home, then.

Not Shifting Properly

You should verify the TV cable position adjustment when your transmission is not shifting smoothly. Check the amount of the transmission fluid as well, and replenish it if necessary.


As known as one of the best automatic transmissions introduced by General Motors, the 700R4 promisingly will not fail your expectation to run your automobile to its best competence.

Now you have gained a handful of knowledge regarding the gear ratio 700r4, its fuel efficiency, as well as its characteristics and specifications.

Next time, we’ll be sure that no scammer can get its chance to fool your money!

Hopefully, this article can be of great help to you. See you then!

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