An Insight Into Green Fluid Leaking From Car

One day, you suddenly discover a small pool of green fluid leaking from car.

Your mind appears with many concerns such as “what is the green fluid leaking from my car” and “why is my car leaking green fluid?”

If you find answers to these questions, this post is right-written for you. Let’s get started to understand where it comes from and how to fix it!  

What Does Green Fluid Leaking From Car Mean?

Green Fluid Leaking From Car

If you notice green fluid leaking from car, it is most likely an antifreeze or coolant leak. The sooner you can find the root cause of green fluid leaking, the better it is for the vehicle’s engine.

The most common culprit of this leakage is the blown or cracked head gasket, which seriously causes a seized-up engine.

Besides, the torn tubes or a worn-out seal from the radiator also leads to leaky green fluid from the car.

In other circumstances, the fluid leak can come from installation errors like utilizing the wrong type of green fluid or an improper attachment between the hose or clamp connecting to engine components like the water pump or radiator. 

Why Is Green Fluid Leaking From a Car?

The earlier part of “What green fluid is leaking from my car” gives you some clues about the primary causes of the green fluid under car. In this part, we detailedly analyze the top 5 symptoms of the car leaking green. Here are:

Hole in the Radiator

Antifreeze is referred to as a radiator coolant. They directly participate in the operation of the engine cooling system.

Therefore, once detecting green liquid leaking from car, the first component you should check is the radiator.

Over time, the radiator hose suffers from sediment and debris. At the same time, corrosion, rust, and microscopic cracks begin to allow air and sediment to go inside and then gouge a bigger hole in the radiator.

Consequently, it allows the escape of the green liquid fluid car.

Leaky Radiator Cap

The fluid outflow from the radiator cap rarely happens compared to the other four signs mentioned in this post.

If you find some leaks or white streaks referred to as dried coolant around the cap, the radiator cap likely goes bad.

A faulty radiator cap prevents itself from maintaining the correct internal pressure.

Excessive pressure forces a small drip of fluid out from the cap seal. In this case, the new radiator cap replacement will solve this problem.

   Blown Head Gasket 

Served as a seal between the cylinder head and the engine block, the head gasket protects the engine from loss of coolant and pressure loss.

Once the head gasket seal fails, the engine experiences overheating, resulting in immense strain and cracks on the gasket. Through cracks, the car leaking green fluid from the front seeps out.

Driving with a blown head gasket is unsafe. The rising temperature seriously damages engines and catalytic converters, which forces huge repair.

Faulty Water Pump

The broken water pump is another most common culprit for the green fluid under car. The water pump is installed near the ground and attached to the lower hose of the radiator.

So it circulates coolant through the cooling system and regulates the rate.

Over time, the water pump suffers from corrosion and built-up rust. It quite often faces road debris. These facts can form a hole in the car’s green fluid.

Additionally, the improper attachment between the hose and water pump, such as the worn-out connection, becomes loose over time, which allows the leaking green fluid.

Issue With the Expansion Tank

The expansion tank acts as a reservoir containing the excessive coolant formed through the expansion progress once the fluid reaches a high temperature.

From the expansion tank, coolant is supplied to the radiator through a hole. During the engine’s operation, it always recirculates coolant to remain in the cooling system at the correct pressure.

Due to this principle working, the expansion coolant tank always works under temperature changes.

The older tanks get cracked or become a loose connection with other components, especially the radiator hose.  As a result, cars leaking green stuff seep through.


what is the green fluid leaking from my car

Should I Drive My Car If It Is Leaking Green Fluids? 

Explanations for the two most frequently asked questions, “what is green fluid leaking from car” and “why is my car leaking green fluid” address some concerns about whether it is safe to drive a car leaking green fluid.

Our advice is to do a diagnosis check with certified mechanics. If the auto service is still far from your residence while you find that the reservoir tank is still full, it is still possible to drive the car on a limited basis.

Don’t attempt to drive too far due to the small leakage dramatically getting bigger. Overheating poses a high risk of damaging engine components and your safety in that situation.

How To Fix Green Fluid Leaking From Car?

Spotting issues from green fluid leaking from the car need a mechanic’s assistance. He can diagnose your car problems correctly.

To stop green fluid from leaking from your car, the mechanic usually checks the operational status of the radiator cap, head gasket, water pump, and expansion task.

At the same time, he also checks the connections between the radiator hose and the water pump, along with checking its cap.

Corrosion issues, sediments, or cracks on the above parts are the main culprit for leaking green fluid. Normally, we need to change these faulty parts. Otherwise, they highly damage the internal engine.

What Does Fluid Color Tell You When Your Car Is Leaking?

Colored fluid and the leakage site will tell you which troubles your car is facing. Green or yellow fluids are coolants that notify of a leak in the water pump radiator or any hoses carrying coolant.

Brown or clear fluid appears around one of the wheels, which signifies something goes wrong with the car brakes.

It is likely dirty transmission fluid if you detect dark brown or red fluid under the vehicle’s back end.

Besides, noticing the black fluid under the engine is a potential sign of dirty motor oil. The clear fluid you usually meet is condensation from the engine cooling system, which is not too much worried about.


Through the post of green fluid leaking from car, the five main causes are pinpointed in an easy-to-understand method.

It gives us a better understanding of the connections between car components of the cooling engine system.

Through the article, regular maintenance at auto-repair shops is getting more important to protect the car and ourselves in driving.

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