Why Honda Accord Won’t Start But Lights Come On? Fixing Tips

Engine starting is among the most common sources of headaches for Honda Accord drivers.

As if that is not frustrating enough, the Honda Accord won’t start but lights come on! What exactly is the problem here?

A list of potential reasons behind the dilemma will be provided for you in this article. Keep scrolling for more!

Why Your Honda Accord Won’t Start But Lights Come On

honda accord won't start but lights come on

If your Honda Accord wont start, check the fuel level, fuel pressure, spark plugs, car battery, and key fob batteries or scan the anti-theft programs.

Otherwise, turn to other less-common places like the fuel filters, injectors, or starter solenoids.

Check Your Fuel

If your Honda accord won’t start, it probably falls into one of these common scenarios:

  • Not enough fuel
  • Too much fuel
  • Wrong injecting timing

Under all these circumstances, the car still cranks or turns on lights – but cannot start at all.

Other possible culprits include issues with the fuel lines, fuel injectors, fuel filters, or fuel pumps.

Though this seems like a stretch, negative impacts on these devices may actually damage your car starter. Clean them thoroughly to see whether the situation improves. 

Check Your Fuel Pressure

Plugged pump or filter may feed the fuel back into its tank – instead of getting it to the engine.

To ensure your car does not encounter this problem, check your fuel pressure – preferably while it is still cold.

Check Your Spark Plugs

Why won t my Honda Accord start? No Honda Accord engine can start properly if the combustion chamber receives no ignited sparks.

It can only crank or turn over – and refuse to run no matter how much you try.

Other issues (aside from the plugs themselves) might also contribute to the car’s spark issues. Hence, your job is to double-check the plug gaps, module, distributor, and plug wires.

Check Your Battery

A weak/dead battery is another possible cause behind your engine’s slow cranking (or even no cranking at all).

You should always ensure it is in good condition by constantly monitoring/testing its voltage and acid levels.

If you have no voltmeters to measure the battery, jumpstarting the car would be a great idea.

I also strongly suggest using 12.5V batteries (instead of the usual 12V option) for maximum performance.

On another note, new batteries might take some time to reach full capacity. In that case, there is no need to worry; be patient and give them time to settle.

Ensure Your Key Fobs Work Properly

If you find zero issues with the abovementioned compartments, the next thing to do is to inspect the key fob’s battery.

Use the fob remote to unlock/lock the doors; after turning the ignition on, the remote should only take 30 seconds to work.

And what if it doesn’t bulge? Unlock/lock your door again – this time with a physical key – and turn on the ignition for another 30 seconds.

Still doesn’t work? It’s time to turn to your scan tool to inspect the anti-theft program.

Use Scan Tools

2018 honda accord wont start

Use scanners to interpret the trouble codes (if any) and observe your anti-theft mode data to see what outputs/inputs it recognizes.

If any issue lies in the module, receiver, key, or other relevant components, the scanner will definitely let you know! 

Other Reasons

I lump them into the same section since they are much rarer than the rest.

That is not an excuse to rule them out, though: if you have already inspected all the common reasons above and failed to deduce the source of the problems, consider the following:

  • Injector Failure: If your Honda Accord cannot start despite well-functioning fuel filters, the fuel injector is likely defective.

Debris within the injector nozzle is another possible cause, preventing it from proper operation.

  • Clogged Filter: Fuel filters easily get clogged in dirt and grime over time, which keeps your Accord from starting.

Clean the filter, fill the fuel in the tank, and try again. If you still get stuck, replace the fuel filter.

  • Bad Fuel Pump: Do you hear loud, bad grinding noises when the car tries to start? If yes, you may want to consider inspecting your fuel pumps.
  • Bad Starter Relay: The replay supplies battery power for your starter, so you can easily imagine what would happen if the relay fails to work. Replace or bypass the starter relay as soon as you can.
  • Faulty Starter Solenoid: Starters taking longer than normal to get started – or failing to start at all – might point to issues with the starter solenoid. When corroded or stuck, it operates much less efficiently.
  • Bad Starter Motor/ Starter Circuits: When working with bad starters, the engine can only turn over and fail to catch. Small clicking noises can be heard, too, although that does not apply to all cases.
  • Blown Fuses: Some drivers already clean their battery cables/terminals – yet fail to solve the problem. In that case, refer to your manual to check the interior fuses and see if any of them is blown. Remove it from the socket.

How to Fix It? 

2007 honda accord wont start

Once learning why your Honda won’t start, treat the vehicle system accordingly. The car does not have enough fuel? Add more. Its bad fuel injector is broken? Replace it!

If you do not feel confident in your inspection or technical skills, turn to professional help for confirmation.

Other Common Honda Accord Issues to Be Aware Of

Aside from Honda Accord not starting, the model also receives complaints regarding its service brakes and suspension.

Some drivers claim the service brakes “activate randomly mid-driving,” while others report the suspension warning lights do not work at all during emergencies or urgent situations.

If you still decide to buy a Honda Accord, I suggest having these devices tuned and checked out for total peace of mind.


If your Honda Accord won’t start but lights come on, check the car thoroughly, especially the fuel system, the battery, or the ignition system.

Troubleshooting the problem on your own is fairly straightforward, but you can still turn to mechanics or experts if desired.

To each their own! For more support on Honda Accord not turning over, just write to me.

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