Honda Civic Anti Theft System: How To Use Or Reset It?

Honda Civic, with a strong appearance but no less elegant and charming, is a good candidate to accompany you on future journeys, even in snow conditions.

But with today’s increasingly sophisticated vehicle thefts, can this product provide the security to prevent these illegal intrusions?

Don’t worry, because today, most of the products in this segment have the Honda Civic anti theft system integrated by the manufacturer.

Please scroll down, and my article will serve you the most useful information related to the operation, troubleshooting methods as well as tips to protect your car from attack from thieves.

Honda Civic Anti Theft System – What Is It?

honda civic anti theft system

The anti-theft system in the Civic lineup is a comprehensive security feature that prevents unauthorized entry by strangers.

Only when you type in the matching electronic code can you start the car.

Specifically, it will ask the driver, after inserting the key, to enter the correct password. If you do not pass this step, you cannot drive the car even if you have the key.

I consider this an extremely important layer of protection in controlling your assets (vehicle and its contents). Thanks to it, you can leave knowing no crooks can invade your four-wheeled friend.

How To Reset My Anti Theft System Honda Civic?

If your Honda anti theft system malfunctions and doesn’t recognize your correct password, rest assured that you can fix it in just a few minutes.

Refer to the solutions outlined below and choose the option that best suits your situation.

But in the worst case – no miracle happens, which means your vehicle has serious problems causing the anti theft system car Honda to malfunction.

Take your car to your local auto shop as soon as possible for a professional repair from a mechanic.

Method 1: Pressing The Buttons

Press and hold the panic button on the key fob for about 5 seconds, then press the lock button (on your key fob) twice in succession.

This procedure will reset your 2022 Honda Civic anti theft system. And now, you should have the protection system working properly.

Method 2: Using The Door Key

You need to start by forcefully inserting the door key, then turning the key in the normal unlocking trajectory.

Continue this process one more time before fully unlocking the vehicle. After starting the car, you must wait about 10 minutes before entering the anti-theft password.

Method 3: Removing The Fuse

In the car’s owner’s manual that is included, look for the current location of the anti-theft fuse built into this product. You will then need to take it apart and put it back together.

Once all is done, wait a few minutes before restarting the engine and checking the Honda anti-theft system.

How To Protect My Honda Civic From Theft?

anti theft system honda civic

Despite the advanced protection features of the Honda Civic, thieves are always looking for ways to keep up with modernity to create the most sophisticated car theft tricks.

Even if the Honda anti theft system is activated, it is not enough for absolute safety! Whatever vehicle model you own, study the safeguards below to prevent this serious theft.

Clam The Car And Use The Locking Wheel Nuts

Locking wheel nuts is an inexpensive, popular, yet highly effective solution to protect your Honda Civic.

Just fix the trunk/wheels to the wheels, and no thief will be patient enough to steal your double-protected vehicle.

Using wheel lock and wheel lock key also comes in handy to prevent tire and wheel theft.

Check The Parking Place, Car Interior, And Doors Before Leaving

It would help if you chose to park your car in a well-lit, crowded public location that can be easily observed, and it is best to have a surveillance camera.

Remember to check the local crime rate around your parking spot before leaving your four-wheeled friend alone.

Before you leave the car, you need to take all your valuables with you or hide them out of sight. A small amount of change, or a cell phone, is a huge attraction for any thief.

And please pull all doors’ handles to ensure you have closed all the entrances inside your four-door sedan.

Use A GPS Tracker

Although this measure does not provide any extra layer of security to the vehicle, it is a great tracking tool! 

Once your stolen vehicle starts moving, the police can track the vehicle’s location displayed on your smartphone wherever it is.

GPS tracking devices are now widely sold on e-commerce sites (such as Amazon). You should prioritize products that are compact, fast-charged, and run on their energy.

These wireless products can be hidden anywhere in your vehicle without leaving any clues for thieves.

Fit A Kill Switch, Car Alarm, Or Immobilizer

A kill switch allows the driver to control the ignition, which is connected to the fuel pump and the vehicle’s ECU. Thieves cannot start the car when this switch is active unless the unlock button is found.

It also partly helps to prolong the time, making the thief face a higher risk of detection.

Currently, most modern Honda Civic models have an immobilizer as standard. However, not all of these products have suitable security system alarm indicators.

You can consider approved security alarms for your vehicle and carefully research how to use them when you need to be away from the car.


honda anti theft

How To Know If My Car Has An Anti Theft Honda Civic?

Almost all products in the Honda Accord and Honda Civic segments are integrated with an extremely advanced anti-theft mode.

You can also look for this information in your car’s manual, which details all the information about these security features, including instructions for use.

What Happens If I Fail To Enter My Passcode?

If you fail to enter the anti-theft password for any reason (wrong password or malfunctioning anti-theft mode), you will have no way to start and control your Honda Civic sedan.

Try re-entering the password carefully, or contact the nearest repair center to inspect the vehicle as soon as possible.

Can I Turn The Honda Civic 2018 Anti Theft System Off?

The answer is a big “No”! The anti-theft system of the Honda Civic 2018 is aimed at high security for the driver. Therefore, you won’t be able to turn it off in most situations.

Honda integrates an anti-theft function into the key and combines it with the actual rotation of the matching key. The thief will not be able to access the Honda unless he has the proper key.

Overall, this anti-theft system is among the top-rated products on the market and doesn’t seem to be hacked.

Some Last Words

The Honda Civic anti theft system is a great tool to help protect your car from clever thieves and keep the contents inside.

If you want this car to be your companion on the road ahead, it’s best first to understand how this protection works fully.

However, always remember that an anti-theft system cannot provide absolute protection in all situations.

Therefore, pay attention to your parking position and install some aids to make vehicle control more convenient. Good luck!

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