Honda CRV Enter Code Radio: All You Should Know

Imagine sitting in your cabin in dead silence from home to the office and vice versa, without any drive-in movie or brilliant rock song to brighten your day after exhausting working hours.

How devastating! 

But thankfully, as one of the best automobile brands in the world, Honda will never let that happen to its devoted customers.

Keep scrolling through my well-researched guide to learn more about the Honda CRV enter code radio.

What is The Honda CRV Radio Code?

honda crv enter code
Honda CRV Radio Code

Each Honda CRV radio arrives with a string of numbers called “radio code”, whose purpose is to protect your precious car from criminals and thieves.

How, though? Simple: as the power is disconnected, one must enter the correct code to reactivate it.

And since there’s no way strangers could figure out these numbers on their own (unless you accidentally leak the info or leave it somewhere noticeable), your Honda CRV will always stay safe!

Aside from that, here are two other important aspects to take note of: 

  • During or after battery charging/replacement, the Honda system will ask for the radio code, which you must type in correctly to listen to your favorite channels again.
  • You can reset the radio by pressing CRV’s power button and holding it for about two seconds. Unless this method fails due to technical reasons, there’s no need to re-enter the code.

What Are The Tips For Honda CRV Enter Code Radio: Step-by-Step

How to enter Honda CRV radio code?

Find the code in the glove box or your owner manual and enter the code Honda CRV to start your radio.

But remember that how to locate the code is not the same in different car model years.

That’s basically it; quite a no-brainer process! For more details on Honda CRV radio enter code, trace along with the simple steps below:

Step 1. Get The Code

There are several ways to do so:

Method 1. Look through your instruction manual or the glove box. For the latter, the code is often written on the car’s white sticker plastered inside the glove compartment.

Method 2. Bring the car to your nearest Honda dealer; their experts will handle the matter for you within seconds.

Method 3. Go to this link to retrieve your code. To succeed, make sure you have got all these information tidbits first: 

Method 4. (For Honda CR-V from 2002 onwards):

  • Switch your car to “ON.”
  • Press preset buttons 6 and 1 simultaneously while activating the radio. The radio serial number will show up on your radio display.

Method 5. (For Honda CRV from 2001 and older):

The code for radio is embedded in the radio’s unit body, which means you can only see it after removing the unit.

Ask yourself: can I uninstall and re-install this unit without causing it any harm? If yes, go ahead.

But for those unconfident in their skills, Method 2 (asking the dealership or customer service appointments about the code) will be a much more efficient strategy.

Step 2. Enter Code For Honda CRV Radio 

Now that the hardest part is over, there’s nothing that can hold you back. The only thing left to do is to use the radio preset buttons and enter this newly-found code.

Should nothing unexpected occur, your radio will start working right away! 

Why Does The Radio Still Not Work After Honda CRV Enter Code Radio?

honda crv enter code radio
What Causes Radio Still Not Work After Enter Code Radio

Anti-Theft Measure

As previously mentioned, the Honda CRV enter code radio is devised to protect your car from theft – which is why it might disrupt its own operation flow sometimes to ensure only the owner (aka you) has full access.

Such disconnection might stem from a dead battery recently charged or a different/limited display radio than usual.

Here is my straightforward solution: enter the code once more to confirm I am the car’s true owner.

Wiring Issues

Those with stock radios will not likely encounter these issues, since the stereos are specifically manufactured to fit the wire systems.

Instead, they are more common for after-market or third-party models, which can either be installed correctly or incompatible with the Honda CRV.

Have professionals inspect and troubleshoot the wiring as soon as possible.

Problems With The Speakers

Like with the wiring system, you are more likely to struggle with this issue if the systems are after-market products or installed by a third party.

Specifically, the speaker might either get damaged or experience wire problems (worn-down wires, disconnected links, etc.).

Such defects usually only affect the corresponding speaker; however, in more severe cases, they even spread to other surrounding speakers, too.

So if your stereo still displays but doesn’t get any sound, it’s time to bring it to an auto shop.

Blown Fuses

Another popular culprit I faced is the blown fuses, which are supposed to protect my radio from sudden and unwanted power surges.

Once I have confirmed the three reasons introduced above do not apply to your case, the blown fuses are to blame.

Open the radio to check all of its fuses and replace blown ones if there are any.

  • For cars with after-market units of stereo heads (which are removable): check the fuses at the unit’s back.
  • For unremovable after-market radio units: leave the job to certified experts.


how to enter honda crv radio code
Question of This Problem

How Many Digits Does A Honda CRV Radio Code Have?

10 digits in total. There’s no exception, regardless of which Honda CRV model you use. 

Can You Reset The Honda Radio Code? 

No; the code is fixed and remains unchanged. The only thing you can reset is the radio settings:

  • Turn the power on
  • Press your radio power button and release it after two seconds

And as I already mentioned above, you do not have to enter code on Honda radio again in this case.


Though the steps for Honda CRV enter code radio are straightforward, technical issues might still interrupt the radio’s workflow regardless.

Keep in mind my troubleshooting tips (which are, fortunately, very simple) and contact me for help if needed.

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