Why Is The Honda Odyssey Vehicle Stability Assist Light On?

Nowadays, modern technology has greatly supported us and kept us safe on every drive. The more advanced safety technologies a car has, the more people are willing to pay for it.

That’s why manufacturers are trying to load their vehicles with a wide range of functions to maximize the levels of safety, including the VSA light.

It’s a fact that this function can only perform its best if the driver truly understands and knows how to utilize it within their daily normal driving.

When it’s on or off or when there is a common issue with the system. Today’s article will discuss the Honda Odyssey Vehicle Stability Assist light, how it will go up, and the causes of this. 

What Is Honda Vehicle Stability Assist?


You may have just bought a Honda car and are screening through the manual to see assistive features, and suddenly you come across the term: VSA. 

This abbreviation stands for Vehicle Stability Assist. The function comes into effect while cornering, handling your four-wheeled friend correctly, and increasing the safety of you and everyone on the street.

A simple explanation is that the system can sense through the sensors if you’re swinging the steering wheel excessively or insufficiently and adjust accordingly.

These circumstances may not stem from your lack of experience and skills but from the grip amount of your wheels that can cause plowing or skidding. 

How Does It Work?

There are cases in which the system will interfere with your normal braking. It’s when driving on hazardous road conditions/weather conditions or handling the cornering too fast.

Not only aids you in cornering, but it also enables you to have a smooth acceleration above steep gradients or slippery road surfaces.

Once detecting certain circumstances, the technology will automatically affect and adjust the engine output.

This helps by applying each wheel brake individually at a time so that the driver can control the car while improving traction.

When will the VSA turn on? Each time you start your engine. What if you turned VSA off the last time you got out of the car? It will still turn on when you start the car again next time. 

The question might be should you turn it off, or are there any circumstances requiring you to do so.

For your safety, you should only have the system turned off if it requires flexible navigation to free your vehicle from fresh snow, mud, or sand.

You can also turn it off to achieve the best road feel.

What Is The Meaning Of Honda Odyssey VSA Light On?

Honda Odyssey

Vehicle stability assist light on Honda Odyssey might be in different forms, and each one demonstrates specific meanings.

Starting with knowing exactly what the system wants to tell you will enable you to detect the problem better without going to the service center.

A Blinking Light On The Console

The Honda Odyssey 2006 Vehicle Stability Assist light shaking or blinking might be seen on your console most of the time.

This is its normal function, telling you that you have activated the system successfully and it is here helping you navigate the car more efficiently and safely.

If it is blinking, it will have some effect, and here is what you might be experiencing:

  • The acceleration may not be up to par with your expectations and won’t increase your engine power as expected.
  • Even if you haven’t lifted your foot off the accelerator yet, the output of your engine may decrease power.
  • The system may brake without you forcing the brake pedal, but it won’t be so sudden or noticeable.

This system is an excellent driving assistant, leaving you with less nerve driving when you’re not so good at it.

Still, if you often see it come up more than just a couple times, you’re using your car quite aggressively often.

VSA System Light

While it’s normal for the system to blink, it’s time for you to recheck the system if it just stays on without blinking. There might be a problem going on with the VSA. 

In this case, the manufacturer recommends you find a safe place to stop and restart the engine. After doing so, if the indicator light disappears, you can rest your mind.

Otherwise, it’s time for some diagnostics, or you can let the certified mechanics carry out their jobs. Your mechanic friend won’t disappoint you!

Triangle With Exclamation Point

This 2012 Honda Odyssey Vehicle Stability Assist light form lets you know that the assistance is on and will assist you in your trip.

However, like the above case, if this yellow triangle keeps displaying, it’s probably trying to tell you that the system is switched off.

You have to press the VSA button until this symbol disappears. There might be a rare case when this symbol simultaneously appears with the VSA’s.

And that means a Vehicle Stability Assist problem Honda is trying to alert. 

VSA on the dashboard
Source: Youtube – 0:10

What Are The Causes Of Odyssey VSA Warning Light On?

When facing such problems, you might think of reading the diagnostic trouble code of the manufacturer first to diagnose your vehicle. 

You can do the job with your fine code scanner. Just remember that a cheaper code scanner might only diagnose the engine.

If you want to be assured, take your car to your local store and have them scan the car for you with their advanced code scanner. 

We’d recommend you scan all parts and control units of your car instead of just the engine. The steering control, ECU, and Anti-lock Brakes unit need to be detected.

ABS Control Module

Since the VSA can only perform through your Anti-lock Braking System module, a malfunction in this ABS module can cause the mentioned phenomena.

Wheel Speed Sensor

This sensor helps you monitor your wheels better. It will sense if one wheel is having trouble moving slower than it should. Then, it will send a signal to the VSA, and the system will correct that. 

If the sensor is not working and stops sending alerts, it’s not functioning well, and the Honda Vehicle Stability Assist light is on to tell you about that.

You might even see the Anti-lock Braking System light on in some cases, too.

Steering Angle Sensor

Your VSA system also detects your car’s navigation and helps if it is not navigating where you’re trying to go.

It does so by receiving signals from the steering angle sensor. If there is something wrong, the warning light might indicate malfunction. 


How Do I Turn Off VSA On Honda Odyssey?

You can do that by pressing and holding the button that says VSA OFF. If you’re successful, the indicator will appear. 

VSA Light Switch
VSA Light Switch

Does Turning Off VSA Save Gas?

Turning off the system does not affect your gasoline. It only monitors your navigation and applies braking force if needed when it is on. 

Does VSA Affect Acceleration?

Yes, it does. It maintains a smooth acceleration when you’re facing steep gradients or slippery terrain. 


Your Honda Odyssey Vehicle Stability Assist light might be on for some purposes, but they are important.

And you should pay attention if there is a slight change in how it is on. If it blinks, you’re doing just fine.

Yet when it stays there and won’t disappear, the best solution is to pull over somewhere safe and recheck everything.

The active safety equipment and braking assist might sometimes be your lifesaver, so don’t ignore them. Learn all the safety features to enjoy your ride to the fullest!

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