The Honda Pilot Alarm Keeps Going Off: Why & How To Solve?

Your Honda Pilot alarm keeps going off, and you can stand no more of its disturbing constant whimpering. Like you and many other driver fellows, I have been there before!

So as an antecedent in this trouble conquest, I am your guy to help you find the way out right here in this article.

Wait no longer but scroll down and learn more about the sources as well as solutions to your dilemma!

Honda Pilot Alarm Keeps Going Off – Causes & Fix

honda pilot alarm keeps going off

Why does my Honda Pilot alarm keep going off? 

My Honda alarm going off is often due to over-sensitive sensors, key fob alarm issues, incorrect alarm installation, a faulty/dirty hood latch sensor, a defective door lock sensor, and a weak/dead car battery.

Let’s check out the symptoms of each one and whichever is to blame for this malfunctioning of your car!

Over-sensitive Sensors


For your Hendrick Honda Pilot alarm to work accordingly to give notice of any possible encroachment, there must be a system of several sensors all over your car to detect such motions.

In this case, I am talking about impact, tilt, and proximity sensors as merely a few of the systems mentioned above.

It goes without saying that these sensors have to be extremely accurate and sensitive so the whole arrangement can be effective enough to prevent the loss of possessions.

Normally, these are beneficial functions to feature in your automobile, but the sensitiveness sometimes has its own drawback of being over-cognizant.

That means even the tiniest touch of a bump can activate the alarm system if any of those sensors are in trouble sensing straight motions.

In such cases, the noise will not be the only thing you have to suffer, but your Honda’s battery also discharges more quickly than normal due to the sensitive sensor overworking many at a time.

How To Fix

Whenever I suspect the sensitive sensor is to blame for the impairment, I just take a look at the system and adjust it back to normal.

I could find everything Ivneed in the owner’s manual, including the initial structure and instructions for lowering the sensitivity.

And here you go: Once you get this done right, no more of your Pilot sensors will respond to microscopic bumps or motion!

Key Fob Issues


We may all be familiar with the usage of the Pilot’s key fob in enabling you to operate the vehicle and ignite the engine with merely just a button press.

Little might you know, your key fob had a close connection to the alarm system, which can lead to its failure in your automobile.

It is all due to the configuration of the key fob to drop messages for your Pilot.

As a result, when there is something wrong with the signal the alarm system has been receiving, it is possible that your broken keyfob is what to blow the whistle on.

In this spectrum, I have faced many defects in this handheld device resulting in the malfunction of the Honda Pilot alarm, such as blocked key fob buttons, a defective key fob, and dead or weak key fob batteries.

Sometimes, my key fob didn’t even unlock my car.

How To Fix

What is the remedy for such a root of the problem? I believe replacing the batteries is one of the quick answers you have been looking for.

The task is not at all as tricky as you may think. Just head to practically any store or grocery selling batteries and ask the seller about coin batteries.

After that, all the thing to do left is open your fob and change the battery (this should be done without any struggle, so rest assured and go grab your key fob!)

Nevertheless, the story will get a bit more complicated as it is not the weak battery but the code you find fault with.

To handle this case, you will have no other way but to work with a code reader, qualified professionals, or an advanced-level specialist to get the key fob reset or scanned.

Incorrect Alarm Installation


This scenario is quite rare, but it is not beyond the bounds of possibility: It is when you buy an old model and figure out it did not come equipped with an alarm from the manufacturer.

As common sense, you may want to add an aftermarket alarm from the third-party service to increase the security of your pet vehicle.

The thing is: Although self-installing an alarm system can help you save money and reduce the cost of your auto insurance, it is very likely to make mistakes while sorting out the process yourself.

I have tried, and the consequence was my alarm frequently going off out of the blue due to worn-out components or improper alarm installation.

How To Fix

When it is the faulty installation that triggers the alarm error, a professional inspection will be worth your consideration.

That is because this could not only be regarded as noise disturbance but can also cause your insurance to become void.

A Defective Or Dirty Hood Latch Sensor


Your Pilot’s hood is, without a doubt, one of the essential locations to have the alarm sensor system to defend against illegal entry.

But what if your honda pilot car alarm keeps going off despite not even a single sign of breaking in or your hood being opened?

Then there are many likelihoods that the hood latch sensor’s failure may be the answer to your issue.

Because of the specific execution, every component in your hood is easily exposed to dirt and gets filthy over time. Your alarm hood sensor at the hood latch makes no exception.

This filth and particle buildup can be the reason that activates your alarm since too much of them will cause the sensor to interpret them as an attempt to break in.

Moreover, a damaged or misaligned hood latch sensor or a faulty hood latch connection can cause your Pilot’s alarm to sound erroneous.

How to Fix

How to address the issue regarding your 2011 Honda Pilot alarm keeps going off is similar to the solution to over-sensitive vibration sensors.

First, verify your hood latch sensor to see whether something wrong has happened to this component.

If the built-up dirt is what makes up the scene, just grab a clean and slightly wet cloth to get the filth out of the way.

Still, I advise you to take your Honda to a qualified repair as further problems may arise if you are not decent at resolving this issue yourself.

Bad Door Lock Sensor


Similar to how the hood sensor operates, your door lock sensor will also activate when you open or close the door incorrectly.

What if your doors are completely closed and there are no indicators of trespassing? Then it is seemingly that your door features a damaged actuator, water leaking, or poor wiring.

How To Fix

Locking and unlocking the automobile doors typically suffices to silence a blasting alarm. If using the key fob doesn’t work, try using your Pilot’s actual key instead.

A Weak/Dead Car Battery


The alarm may go off if your car battery is low on power and isn’t providing enough energy to the security system.

Battery positive terminals that are rusted and worn out might obstruct energy flow even though the battery is not dead.

How To Fix

The obvious thing to do in this case must be to charge your car’s dead battery. If this still doesn’t fix the problem, your battery may already get harmed.

In this instance, swapping the battery with the new one is clearly the last choice to call for.

What Should You Do If Your Car Alarm Keeps Going Off?

how to disable honda pilot alarm

Now you have learned about what could possibly trigger the Honda Pilot alarm problem, here are a few simple steps I did to shut up that annoyance!

Step 1: Get the car doors locked and unlocked.

This trick may sound like nothing of a feasible fix, but believe me, it is! If the driver side door doesn’t unlock with the key, you can try to fix it using the instructions here.

Step 2: Start your engine and turn your car on to let the alarm system know there is nothing such as a break-in.

Step 3: Cut off the panic alarm. Locate the right ignition switch or alarm button with the help of the owner’s handbook, and you will be there eventually.

Step 4: Cut off the battery. Depriving your auto intermittent alarm of electricity by unplugging the battery would be the best bet if none of the others you have tried can pull off the situation.

How To Disable Honda Pilot Alarm?

It will be a tragedy to our minds if we keep getting disruptions from the alarm sensor system’s preposterous warming.

Suppose you are already tired from detecting the cause of this problem; then guess what? There are ways to turn it off completely without any more nuisance to struggle with!

Step 1: Check if all of your doors are shut while standing outside your vehicle.

Step 2: Insert your key into the side door lock (of the driver).

Step 3: Lock the door by turning the key or hit the lock button.

Step 4: Your key should be turned to the UNLOCK position right away.

Step 5: Perform this operation one to two times, depending on when your alarm goes off.

How To Get Honda Pilot Security System Reset?

2011 honda pilot alarm keeps going off

Basically, how to reset your Honda Pilot security system alarm is nothing different than how to disable it. Just follow the steps listed above, and you will get there eventually.

Still, there are a few chances that this instruction will not work out for your dilemma. Do not rush to worry! Here you go other approaches to tackle the issue:

Method 1: I cut the battery off. If you have done anything that you could and the alarm seems to have no sign of improvement, you should turn off the siren as soon as you can.

Because car alarms are electrical in nature, cutting off the battery should turn off the sound and reset your alarm.

Method 2: Cut the alarm fuse. This will turn off your constant alarm and disable it. There would not be an opportunity for it to sound again, at least not until your fuse gets changed.

Bear in mind to remove and store the fuse properly in a plastic bag.

Method 3: Change the alarm’s settings. First, locate your transmitter and alarm system. You can refer to your owner’s handbook to get there more easily.

Then, switch it off and on or press the reset button.

Other than those, you can also hit the “panic” or other buttons on your keyfob to silence the alarm. However, my best bet after giving this issue so much try is still to consult a Honda dealer tech for professional advice.


Will Your Pilot’s Alarm Go Off With A Dead Car Battery?

Yes. As mentioned above, the theft alarm system will go off in a car with a low or even dead car battery.

How Long Do Car Alarms Go Off For?

A regular auto alarm operation should only sound for around half a minute, but those with damaged or malfunctioning systems might continue to sound for up to 20 minutes and more.

Can I Disable The Honda Pilot Alarm Forever?

Yes. To accomplish this, lift your hood and look for the horn fuses in your fuse box. Then take it out, and here you are: Your false alarms will be turned off, and the honking will stop permanently.


Above is all that you might need to know to stop the annoyance as your Honda Pilot alarm keeps going off at odd times at night.

I recommend visiting a Honda dealer or a qualified mechanic as a last resort if you have made all attempts and receive not even a single good sign back.

Hopefully, our article can be of great use to you. See you then!

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