How Cold Should AC Blow In Car? 3 Important Things to Consider

How cold should AC blow in car? This is a question people ask when driving, especially in hot weather.

Adjusting the AC car not only makes the occupants comfortable but also helps the AC car achieve effective performance.

How Cold Should AC Blow In Car?

How Cold Should AC Blow In Car?

Normally, the average temperature of the car AC will differ from the outdoor temperature by about 20-35 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, the AC flow emitted in the car depends on many factors, including the ambient temperature, the amount of air passing through, and the health of the people in the car.

The Air Temperature

What temp should my ac be blowing? Normally, if the outside air temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity level of about 20%, the car AC output from dash vents is about 27-38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Similarly, in places with high humidity that fluctuates around 80 -90%, and the outside air temperature is up to 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit, then car AC should be kept at 33-48 degrees Fahrenheit.

The difference between the AC temperature and the outside temperature should be maintained at 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature difference is too large, it may cause thermal shock, affecting the driver’s health.

Sudden temperature changes can cause cardiovascular disease, seizures, prolonged coma, and nerve damage.

The Amount Of Air Passing Through

Turning on the car’s air conditioner while opening the windows is not recommended for drivers. It causes cold air to escape and makes the air conditioner work harder.

However, many people still want to open the window and turn on the air conditioner at the same time because they want to be exposed to the outside air to be less stuffy and avoid heat stroke. Some people with claustrophobia also enjoy this.

Since the window is open, the amount of cold air coming out of the car AC is also more and colder than usual.

So how cold should air conditioner blow in car? Normally, if the outside air is too much, the driver should reduce the temperature to 35 degrees Fahrenheit below the opening temperature when the windows are closed.

The Health Of The People In The Car

How cold should my ac blow? An important thing that drivers consider when adjusting the car’s air conditioner is the health status of themselves and those in the car.

If someone has respiratory diseases such as cough, cold, or pneumonia, it is best to adjust the temperature to higher than normal.

The difference between the temperature inside the car and outside should be small, about 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

For people who sweat a lot and suffer from allergies, you need to open the window to help them quickly eliminate the sweat.

Turning on the air conditioner while sweating will cause colds because perspiration cannot escape but accumulate in the body.

In addition, if there are older people in the car, the AC in the car also needs to be adjusted higher than normal by 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is because the elderly have poor resistance and are easily affected by the temperature inside and outside the car.

How To Set A Reasonable Temperature For Car AC?

Use A Thermometer To Measure The Outlet Temperature

How cold should the AC blow? To know the exact answer, you need to measure the outside temp.

Place the thermometer about 1.5 meters above the ground to avoid placing it in the sun or rain. Excess heat will result in inaccurate measurements.

In addition, you should avoid placing it on concrete floors because the concrete will have excess heat due to exposure to the outside air for too long.

Measurement time is about 15 minutes, and you should avoid obstacles such as trees or buildings to have the most accurate data.

Besides, it would be best to cover the thermometer to avoid getting wet in the rain and damaging it.

You can also use the digital thermometer on your phone to measure the outside temperature, but the data will have a certain difference.

Don’t Pre-cool Your Car AC

It is not recommended to pre-cool your car AC, as it not only wastes vehicle fuel but also puts pressure on the AC’s operating capacity.

Especially in summer, the AC must work at maximum capacity with alternating current. Sometimes, you even encounter the problem that the car AC doesn’t work when it’s hot outside due to overworking.

To avoid causing stress and create a comfortable range for your car’s AC system, you don’t need to pre-cool it first.

In addition, you should not turn on the air conditioner at the same time as starting the car because the car is subjected to a large load at the same time, which will damage the engine and the battery.

Therefore, turning on the blower and opening the windows is advisable to let the hot air inside the car escape first.

After 5-10 minutes of starting the car, you can close the windows, turn on the air conditioner, and adjust it to suit the outside temperature.

Maintain Your Car AC Regularly

Car AC maintenance every 6 months is essential. You can clean the supply vents and spray them with bacteria to prevent animals from getting inside and causing a pee-like smell in the AC.

Cleaning the air filters helps the AC avoid clogging with dirt and damage over time, improving fan speed. Besides, the cold air is also more accurate, helping you determine what temp should AC blow.

Besides, you should go to professional maintenance centers or AC repair service to clean the AC unit and add gas. It will ensure pressure during AC operation.


How Long Does It Take For A Car AC To Get Cold?

It can take a few seconds to several minutes for the AC to get cold. If it is a new device, it only takes about a minute for this component to work the magic. However, most cars take 3-5 minutes.

The process consists of 1600 revolutions/1 minute of AC, after which the cold air will escape and cool the entire space in the car in a short time.

Cooling time is not too much of a difference between car models or equipment lines.

Why Is My Car AC Not Cold Enough?

The first common cause is a refrigerant liquid leak. It will cause the AC to gradually fail to cool as before and may lead to damage.

It may have a refrigerant leak if you detect a hissing sound while the AC is operating or oil deposits around the AC components.

In addition, fan motor failure and dirty coils can prevent the AC from releasing the required amount of cooling air.

Why Car AC Might Be Too Warm Or Too Cold? 

Normally, a car’s AC system is powered by electricity. A component known as a valve is in charge of transferring coolant into the evaporator.

If the valve is defective or obstructed, the circulation may be overly limited or uncontrolled, causing the air conditioner to be too warm or too cold that you cannot be adjusted as you want.


How To Set A Reasonable Temperature For Car AC?

How cold should AC blow in car? Overall, the appropriate AC temperature depends on the outside temperature, the amount of air entering the vehicle, and the health status of the occupants.

I hope you found this helpful article. See you in the next post!

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