How Long Do Hyundai’s Last

Apart from reliability, safety, and technology, car running costs are the biggest concern of prospective vehicle owners.  It is not strange if someone asks you, “How long do Huyndai’s last?”, “How long do Hyundai Elantra’s last” or “How long do Hyundai Sonata’s last”.

Everyone desires a reliable car to accompany them for the longest time. More than that, it has to save them a lot of repair fees.

Now, let’s get started to discover the reliability of Hyundai and know how good it is!

How Long Do Hyundai’s Last?

Giving exact life expectancy is quite hard for anyone answering the question, “How long do Hyundai’s last?”. Multiple factors affect Hyundai’s longevity. Notably, the constructed materials are made of Hyundai engines.

The Hyundai model you own heavily impacts the average lifespan. That’s why sometimes you hear that “how long do 2011 Hyundai sonata’s last”

More importantly, not only Hyundai vehicles but also any other automotive manufacturer, its durability highly relies on how often you have it serviced, the driving habit, and driving condition.

Excessive usage quickly worsens your vehicle if it always faces tough conditions and heavy load daily.

Your proper care and regular maintenance allow Hyundai to hit 200,000 to 300,000 miles. With an average annual mileage of 15,000 miles, you can expect its lifetime to range from 13 to 20 years.

how long do hyundai's last

How Reliable Is A Hyundai?

Over several decades, Hyundai has built its reputation as a trustworthy automotive manufacturer. From the budget-friendly to flashy models, Hyundai strictly follows its commitments to provide a great buy to every driver.

Until now, it still keeps a strong standing in customers’ minds thanks to the longer-than-normal warranties. Furthermore, the proof of its reliability is shown through customer data like their average repair costs and crash test results.

RepairPal gave this Korean vehicle brand 4.5 on a scale of 5. This valuable score allowed it to pass 32 competitors to stay at 8th position in the reliability rating.

The 2019 WhatCar rating for reliability survey also ranked it as the top 10 trustworthy automotive car producers in the world. Hyundai saves you approximately US$ 184 per year for routine maintenance and unscheduled repairs.

While some other automobile brands can cost an average annual repair fee of US$ 652 per year, you can expect US$ 468 for this manufactured car.

Which Hyundai Models Are The Most Reliable?

Hyundai Elantra

Designed for the longest ever durability and rich features at the most affordable price, Elantra has become the most desired vehicle among variants.

It stays on top of the list of recommendations for decent performance. Elantra is also classified as the top car with world-class dependability.

It dominated’s survey with a great rating of 4.9 out of 5. Similarly. JD Power also gave it a very high score of 83 out of 100. These amazing ratings and scores are reliable evidence for you to place trust in them.

Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Sonata

Despite not achieving excellent scores like Elentra, Sonata is still a solidly reliable vehicle. It even reaches 200,000 miles before the occurrence of a broken-down engine.

The above-average reliability score, along with the upscale cabin and smooth ride make it ranked as one of the best midsize sedans.

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Santafe

Santafe also earns itself a reputation for being one of the most dependable crossovers. Customer car reports from the NHTSA and CarComplaints haven’t had any remarkable negative feedback on its performance in recent years.

With a ranking of four out of five, Santa Fe takes the second spot out of 26 other midsize crossovers.

Hyundai SantaFe
Hyundai SantaFe

What Are The Most Common Problems Of Hyundai?

Despite the high focus on manufacturing the most dependable vehicle, Huyndai recalls have not become strange.

The difference in quality standard in each model is the root cause of the recall with some certain models. Continue reading to find out the most common problems with Hyundai offerings.


Steering major issues often occur with Hyundai car owners. Their noticeable symptoms are wobbling and clicking.

Unfortunately, Sonata and Elantra vehicles got many customer complaints about steering. The 2011 models were particularly prone to this failure.

Automatic Transmission Problem 

The automatic transmission failure has become very frustrating to the drivers. No acceleration from the stop and gear slippage of the 2016 Hyundai Tucson became one of the common issues causing many potentially dangerous consequences to drivers.

ABS Problems

ABS problems become a very hefty experience. The leaking water into the system causes a short circuit and spark in regardless of shutting on or off the engine.

This serious issue caused several recalls for the Sante Fe Sport 2013-2015, Sonata 2006, Elantra 2006-2011, Elantra Touring 2007-2011, and Azera 206-2011

Self-Healing Paint Problems

This annoying issue was reported from the models of 2006-2016 Santa Fe, Sonata, and Elantra. The functionality of self-healing paint, known as healing minor scratches, also resulted in an uneven color of paint.

Which Hyundais Have Engine Problems?

Engine failure and fire problems have plagued Hyundai and its Kia subsidiary. The Center for Auto Safety reported 31 U.S. fire and engine-related recalls from Hyundai and Kia since 2015.

These recalls were associated with 8.4 million vehicles across 20 models from 2006 through 2021. Specifically, the faulty 2.4-liter and 2-liter “Theta II” engines are the culprits for seizing up and catching fire.

The engine errors related to Hyundai’s Sonata, Elantra, and Santa Fe along with Kia’s Sorento, Rio, and Optima.

How To Expand Hyundai Longevity?

Even flashy cars can not reach their expected terms of lifespan without the appropriate care. The above answer to the question “how long do Hyundai’s last miles last?” is only feasible if you often take preservative care of this Korean vehicle.

Following our useful tips to prolong your beloved car’s life.

  • Always consult the owner’s manual

Following your manual is the simplest and easiest way you could spend care of the car. Various valuable information you can gain to make the health’s car better.

A cohesive maintenance schedule like oil and fluid change, tire rotation, or the recommended tire PSI, kind of gasoline, proper octane level, etc., save a lot of your hard-earned money.

  • Don’t ignore the check engine light

Check engine light is indicative of component errors. With either a solid/ intermittent or flashing check engine light, it is still safe to drive a short distance at a moderate speed if you do not feel any noticeable issues.

  • Rinse the vehicle regularly 

Preventing accumulations of dusk, grime makes components operate smoothly and increase their life expectancy.

  • Turn on the Eco mode

Eco mode enhances fuel-efficient and the suitable engine heat level. Consequently, it is beneficial for avoiding malfunctions.

What Are The Hyundai Maintenance Schedules?

Sticking with routine maintenance keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Here is the  experts’ advice for the schedule you can apply for almost every Hyundai model:


Every 7,500 Miles

Check the following elements:

  • Air conditioning system and its components
  • Hoses, brake lines, and connections
  • Vacuum hose
  • Battery condition
  • Disc pads and brakes
  • Muffler and exhaust pipe
  • Boots and driveshaft
  • Suspension mounting bolts
  • Steering Gear rack, linkage, and boots

Alter the following parts:

  • Engine oil and filter
  • Climate control air filter

Rotate tires

Every 15,000 Miles

Inspect the following elements:

  • Brake fluid
  • Fuel filter
  • Fuel tank air filter
  • Parking brake
  • Fuel tank, vapor hose, and fuel filler cap

Every 30,000 Miles

  • Check again fuel lines, fuel hoses, and connections


  • Is Hyundai More Reliable Than Toyota?

The rating scores of Repair Pal for Hyundai and Toyota are slightly different. Hyundai is awarded #4 out of 32 for reliability, while Toyota stays at  # 8 across all brands.

Accordingly, you may experience fewer issues with Hyundai under the same miles as Toyota.

  • Is Hyundai More Reliable Than Honda?

Honda, the leading top brand of automotive maker still stands out against competitors including Hyundai.

The Repair Pal gave Honda #1 out of 32 while Hyundai is ranked #4. Honda also reached #5 out of 26 for the most reliable new cars, according to consumer reports. The Hyundai stood at the #6 spot in this same customer survey.

  • Is Old Hyundai Reliable?

Old Hyundai still delivers a decent performance as long as the previous owner has it regularly serviced. Maintenance records are vital proof of its reliability.

  • How Long Do Hyundai Tires Last?

Hyundai Tire can hit 7,500-8,000 miles before every rotation. It can last 3-5 years before replacement. 

  • How Long Do Hyundai Batteries Last?

Hyundai’s batteries last six to twenty years according to the type of battery.


We hope the concise post “How long do Huyndai’s last?” gives you a great overview of its lifespan. The longer-than-normal warranty, along with its outstanding ratings against competitors are convincing enough for anyone’s interest in owning its model.

Despite knowing how long Hyundai’s last mileage, it is still crucial for routine care and to follow the owner’s manual. By only these ways, you can enjoy commuting every day!

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