How Much To Fix VSA System? How To Check The Part?

For many Honda drivers, the VSA system is one of the important parts. It helps in contributing to the driver’s and the surrounding people’s safety when driving.

However, every part will eventually fail, and the VSA is not an exception. How much to fix VSA system? Let’s follow us for more details.

What Is The VSA System In Honda?

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Current Honda cars are equipped with a VSA, or Vehicle Stability Assist. It is a computer system applied by Honda on cars to ensure the tires’ grip, helping them avoid slipping when the car performs.

Basically, it works to help the driver control their driving effectively when cornering and detecting surrounding obstacles thanks to the system’s angle sensor.

For example, it can detect people moving near your vehicle or about to overtake your vehicle.

Depending on the drivers’ driving habits and other factors, the wheels will have different rotational intensity and grip.

But this system always helps the driver control the wheels’ traction in all bad weather conditions and on all terrains.

The Vehicle Stability Assist system is installed by activating each brake for the front and rear wheels separately.

As a result, traction control is more flexible for each wheel. When you drive at high speeds on highways, traction is also controlled and improved thanks to the VSA system.

It only works in situations where braking is required. In addition, should a VSA problem with this system arise, the activation indicator will signal by flashing.

How Much To Fix VSA System?

how much to fix vsa system

The cost to fix a VSA system of Honda ranges from $80 to $90. Repaired parts will cost less than $40 to $43. The remaining is labor cost (about $38 to $48 depending on how damaged the part is).

Sensors Malfunction

Sensor malfunction is one of the leading causes of VSA system failure. The main function of this sensor is to provide information about speed to the module of your car.

When it fails, the information of the entire VSA system will be corrupted.

Repairing this sensor will cost about $80, but you will need to replace it if the sensor is completely damaged. The price of a new sensor will range from $200 to $250.

One of the signs of a faulty sensor is that the VSA light suddenly turns on. This is a red light of a faulty steering angle or wheel speed sensor.

In addition, the problem will occur when the VSA system cannot receive information from these sensors, and the wheels operate at different speeds.

You need to check these sensors thoroughly before the vehicle continues to operate.

Wrong information will make the vehicle’s performance decrease, impairing safety. You can also ask the mechanics at genuine car repair shops to check VSA system and solve your problems.

Control Module Malfunction

Control module failure is the next reason that directly affects the VSA system. These modules control traction and brake operations.

When this module is damaged, the braking control system is affected, making the wheel traction and the VSA no longer work as effectively as they should.

Its repair cost is equivalent to that of the bad sensor. Still, the replacement cost is much more expensive, about $1500.

If the modules fail, the vehicle could stop working suddenly, endangering the driver and those around him. A mechanic can check VSA system Honda, then repair or replace it if it is too badly damaged.

Yaw Rate Sensor Malfunction

The yaw rate sensor is designed to record vehicle speed and incline. It includes an accelerometer and angle sensors that help the driver control their performance on the road.

It is an electrical component in the ECU below the vehicle dashboard (next to the fuse box). It confuses drivers with false information about driving direction, angle, and speed when it fails.

Repairing a yaw rate sensor requires you to spend from $80 to $90, including labor.

If the sensor is completely damaged, the replacement cost falls somewhere between $700 and $725 (labor costs can vary from $90 to $115, depending on the repair facility).

When you detect a flashing warning light, you need to stop and check immediately to avoid possible dangers while driving. It also assists you in extending the life of your vehicle.

Therefore, to have good driving control, you should pay attention to the repair of the yaw rate sensor once there is a problem.

Braking System Malfunction

Whenever the VSA system Honda stops working, a braking system malfunction is probably to blame for. Wear and tear during operation is the recipe for a damaged brake system.

It can also lead to a popping noise when braking and be corroded or spongy due to standing water for a long time.

Besides, the brake pressure on the wheels is inaccurate if the brake system fails. At this time, the VSA light will alert you.

How much you have to pay for the brake system repair will vary by its damage. It usually costs close to $100, but the expense can be as high as $200 including labor.

Brake Booster Malfunction

Don’t ignore a damaged brake booster – a common cause of your brake failure, affecting the VSA system.

You will have difficulty stopping the car, making it dangerous to drive, or the car will shut off when brakes are pressed.

Since this is difficult to repair, the fee will be higher than for other parts, ranging from $500 to $800. It is best to go to genuine car facilities or reputable car repair shops to get the best service inspection.

If you don’t know much about car repair, you should search for car repair shops in your area in advance to make repairs when needed. It also helps you to know reputable auto repair shops.

In addition, a malfunctioning radar system causes the VSA to receive incorrect information, impeding the driving process of drivers.

It is related to the camera and brake sensor system as well. So when it fails, the VSA system gives the wrong information. In many cases, it can trigger an accident while driving.

How To Diagnose The VSA System & Reset The VSA Light?

VSA problem

Diagnose The VSA System

To diagnose what’s going on with your VSA system, you need a code reader. You must plug it into the OBD port for it to provide the display code.

How much does it cost to fix VSA system? The code displayed will tell you which part needs repair or replacement, then you’ll know You can select Trouble Codes to check for these errors.

Reset The VSA Light

How to fix VSA system? Sometimes the simplest way to fix a VSA system malfunction is to reset it. First, you need to turn off the car engine and remove the key. Next, step on the brake pedal and return the ignition to position 3.

At this point, you will see the ABS sensor light blink and then turn off. You then should release the brake pedal, and the light will turn on again. Repeat this step 1 more time.

After the lights have gone out, you have successfully cleared the error codes on the VSA system. Finally, turn off the engine power switch and remove the key from the vehicle.

You need to pay attention to repeat the above steps if the ABS light is still on (meaning the error code has not been erased successfully).


Is It Safe While Driving With a VSA Light On?

You can drive with the VSA Honda light on. Sometimes, it’s just the activation indicator light. However, once other warning lights are on at the same time as the VSA light, it may be a real problem.

If the VSA light comes on simultaneously with the check engine light, then both the system and the engine are having problems.

When the VSA light comes on simultaneously with the traction control light, there is something wrong with the brakes or the tires’ traction.

How Can I Know If My VSA Is On Or Off?

If the triangle icon with the exclamation mark doesn’t glow, the VSA system is off. Besides, when the engine is running or when you accelerate, the VSA will emit yellow light.

This system will protect you from surrounding obstacles. It will help you signal vehicles near you and want to overtake you.

It also works well on all terrains and in all bad weather conditions, so you can keep it on while driving.

Does VSA Perform As Traction Control?

No. Many people will mistakenly think they are similar because they share the same function.

However, the VSA system helps control the vehicle’s direction, limiting slipping when the driver turns a corner. Meanwhile, the traction control directly controls the operation of the tire while it is in operation.


How much to fix VSA system? Overall, the average cost of repairing will range from $80 to $90.

However, if the damaged part is related to the braking system, the repair cost can be more than $100. Hope you found this post useful. See you in the next ones.

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