How To Adjust Uhaul Mirrors – Step-by-step Guidelines

Large Haul’s on-the-go vehicles typically do not come with rear view mirrors, so as a U-haul customer, you must ensure your mirror is properly set to remove the most dangerous on the way.

If this is your 1st time driving a truck and you need to learn how to adjust Uhaul mirrors, keep reading the post to discover more about how safety procedures prevent blind spots when driving and other information!

Why Do Trucks Need Uhaul Mirrors?

Why Do Trucks Need Uhaul Mirrors

Unlike a typical automobile, a U-haul vehicle lacks a rearview mirror in the middle of the dashboard.

Because there is a blind area at the back of the car, it is dangerous for you when driving in traffic, changing lanes, or approaching a motorway. Therefore, it is critical to depend on the side view mirror.

Checking your mirrors regularly may help avoid accidents since it is much simpler to spot harmful items and circumstances when you have excellent eyesight. Regular side mirror inspections can:

  • Provide a clearance level.
  • Reduces any potentially dangerous objects while driving your company truck substantially.
  • Reduce the chance of colliding with another person or vehicle.
  • Sidestep parked cars
  • Maintain a safe buffer-zone between you and other cars.

Therefore, before you start driving, be sure you adjust mirrors on Uhaul truck properly.

Should You Have The Uhaul Mirror Adjustment Before You Start Driving?

Yes. U-haul renter and every mirror on any vehicle should also be adjusted appropriately before hitting the road.

To ensure a safe truck and your mirrors are suitably set, you can ask a friend to help you, which we will explain later.

After that, buckle your seat belt (click here if it doesn’t click) and drive normally.

How To Adjust Uhaul Mirrors?

How To Adjust Uhaul Mirrors

Truck trailer users often only use side mirrors since they frequently haul pickup trucks or other products.

Because the rearview mirror and wing mirrors are frequently obstructed and the company truck is too high above the ground, modifying these mirrors somewhat differs from adjusting normal vehicle mirrors.

Below, we will give you the throughout instructions on how to adjust mirrors on Uhaul to help you cope with stressful moments during your trip:

Step 1: Raise or lower the car’s side mirror.

Place your head against the windscreen while sitting in the driver’s seat.

Holding the mirror in a perpendicular position to the cabin, then move the mirror in your direction and stop it when you notice a part of your vehicle to the right side of the mirror.

Step 2: Fit the mirror with your vision

Keep your head in a normal position and shift the side mirror to the opposite position until you can find any section of the lane roadway behind you where your peripheral vision cannot see.

After that, you should be able to see anything running the length of your U-haul vehicle and the ground close to it.

Step 3: Adjust the passenger side

Adjust mirrors Uhaul on the passenger side. Turn your head towards the right from your normal position until you’re in the center of the cabin.

Put the mirror in a perpendicular position, then move it closer to you until you recognize a section of your vehicle to the left side of the mirror.

Step 4: Adjust the bottom view

Return your head to the normal position and drag the mirror down until the ground adjacent to the trailer is visible at the bottom.

Because you have a limited field of vision in this mirror, you may need to lower it more than in the other.

Step 5: Overview check

Return to your usual sitting position and examine both mirrors. Through the mirror, you should be able to see approximately at least 200 feet (around 16 or 17 vehicle lengths) behind you.

Tilt the convex mirror up and out slightly if you believe your eyesight is impeded. Don’t obstruct the view of the roadway behind your edge, as this is a critical blind spot.

Signs Tell A Well-Adjusted Uhaul Mirror

As previously said, you may guarantee that the side mirrors are correctly set by enlisting the assistance of a buddy:

  • Begin by finding an alternate location for your rental truck, then have your partner drive your automobile as though they were passing you.
  • Watch in the side view mirror until the car is no longer visible. The next step is to stare into a convex mirror. If you can recognize a passing car, your mirrors are properly set.

Can You Adjust Uhaul Mirrors While Driving?

Of course, if you realize your eyesight is poor while driving, you may make minor truck mirror modifications at a cautious speed.

However, as previously said, you should adjust Uhaul side mirrors before you begin driving to avoid accidents, create a clearance level, and guarantee your security and others’ safety.

So, it’s better to stop by an exact location like the gas station to fix your mirror if needed.

The Cost Of A New Uhaul Mirror

Most vehicles come standard with a bigger towing mirror that reaches further out from the cabin.

Because of their placement and protrusion from the car’s body, side mirrors are frequently more prone to unintentional damage from misuse than folding mirrors.

Some collisions might lead the rearview mirror to crash overhead objects, crack totally or hang loosely on the door, rendering it useless in normal driving.

A vehicle rearview mirror replacement typically costs between $150 and $350.

This deal includes both materials and labor; if you purchase the mirror individually and change it yourself, the cost will normally range from $35 to $90, depending on the manufacturer and type of your vehicle.

An automobile insurance coverage policy may pay the repair expenses like supplemental liability coverage if your mirror is broken due to accidental damage.

Check your coverage with U-haul and service providers or call your haul truck rental service to discover your repair alternatives before paying out of cash for a new mirror.


In summary, properly adjusting your u-haul truck mirrors can ensure optimal viewing, avoid accidents, and maintain your and other traffic users’ safety.

How to adjust Uhaul mirrors? In the post above, we have shown you the straightforward guidelines for doing the job. Hopefully, this blog has served you with good information.

Thank you, and see you next time!

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