How To Break Into Your Car – Different Methods For You To Try

People have occasionally been compelled to resort to drastic tactics to get keys locked inside a vehicle; some have even gone as far as to break one of their own windows.

For those who want to learn how to break into your car, this post is for you.

We provide several methods for you to try out depending on your locking system type. Still, before taking this action, there are also some risks to consider.

How To Break Into Your Car

How To Break Into Your Car

What should you do when the driver side door won’t unlock with remote? Here are a few ways to break into a locked car.

Fortunately, they don’t require a lot of specialist equipment and can be executed by those with little to no prior knowledge of locksmithing.

Unlock The Manual Lock

An attempt to break into car from the outside will be impossible with a manual lock because it has fewer total wiring and components.

There won’t be any loud alerts because manual lock automobiles have less advanced anti-theft systems.

Method 1: Use A Lasso Or Hook

If your door has manual locks, you will need to pry it open in order to unlock the car.

Though it may not always be simple, a door with a manual lock can be opened as long as you can remove the tool after getting inside and pull the locking pin upward. Here is the detailed guidance.

Step 1: Find a putty knife, ruler, or doorstop. They are good candidates for this task because they are both thin enough to fit between the door’s top and the car’s body and sturdy enough not to break.

Step 2: Try to work on the door hinge’s opposite opening. Use your hand’s heel to jam the access tool between the automobile and the door firmly.

Pull the door open with your fingers after you have some leverage so that your unlocking tool has more room to move inside.

Step 3: Lower the auto entry tool inside the automobile till you can view it through your car’s window. Keep in mind to avoid tearing the weatherstripping.

Step 4: Once the door has been forced open, you can grasp hold of the locking pin using a loop or hook tool.

Step 5: Pull up to disengage the lock after inserting the loop or hook through the opening and hooking the locking pin.

Notice that to reach the ideal angle for unlocking, you might have to reshape and realign your tool a couple of times.

Also, depending on the vehicle model and its locking mechanism, it could require a few attempts, but perseverance usually pays off as long as you have the time to put in the effort.

Method 2: Use The Slim Jim Technique

A lockout tool, often known as a slim jim, can be used to unlock manual lock doors.

Due to the increased danger of harming the wiring, it should be noted that this procedure is not advised for automatic lock doors.

However, in case you still want to learn the technique, here is how to break into your own car.

Step 1: Get a slim jim. If you can’t find one, you can make one from a coat hanger or another long, thin metal piece.

Make the metal more slender and bend the tip into a hook. The shape of the hook can be strengthened if the metal appears flimsy by double-stacking it.

Step 2: Access the gap between the automobile door and the window by pulling down the weatherstripping on the window. Slide the tool between the glass and the weatherstripping with care.

Step 3: Continue to lower the tool into the opening while beginning to feel about the locking pin. The mechanism is typically two inches under the window’s bottom edge.

Step 4: When you reach the hook grab, slide it back toward the back of the car to unlock the lock. You may now open your door!

Keep in mind that this method could require a few tries, just like the lasso/hook technique.

When you sense and hear the lock disengaging, keep attempting different positions and adjusting your movements.

Break The Automatic Lock

The process of opening a door with an automatic lock and one with a manual lock door is very similar.

To open the door, use the same method, but you might need to move a little faster quickly to prevent accidentally setting off your car’s alarm.

Here is the detailed instruction on how to break into a locked car.

Step 1: Determine the mechanism for opening the locks first. Examine the center console or the driver’s side to determine whether there is an unlock button there.

Step 2: Place a doorstop or similar wedge-shaped object between the car and the upper section of the door. Use your hand’s heel to tap the wedge firmly against the door or automobile spot.

Cover the wedge in advance with fabric or another felted covering if you are worried about scratching your car’s finish.

Step 3: There will be a space between the automobile body and the door due to the jammed wedge. This gap is where you should insert your rod. Point the rod in the direction of the lock button.

Step 4: Use your rod to push the button firmly. You might need to make a few attempts to reach it, yet after you do, you will have successfully entered your automobile. Get your keys by opening the door.

Enter Through The Trunk

Are you wondering: how to break into my car without damaging it?

Suppose opening the door hasn’t worked; there is a chance you could be able to enter your locked vehicle through the trunk, provided it’s unlocked.

All you need to do is apply the following steps. In case your BMW trunk won’t open, check out this post.

Step 1: Search for any openings you can use to enter the car’s interior.

If, by chance, the trunk is unlocked, but the keys are still inside the cab, open it and search for the emergency cable that extends into the vehicle. The “entryway” or ceiling of the trunk is where it is found.

Step 2: Pull the cable when you’ve located it. In some car types, doing so will free the back passenger seats, enabling them to recline forward. In several cars, this feature is typical.

Step 3: Push the passenger seats forward when they have been unlocked. Now that there is a new entrance, you can enter the vehicle and physically unlock the back passenger door.

Risks Of Breaking Into Your Own Car

It frequently happens for people to lock themselves out of their cars. Suppose you also find yourself in this situation; you will most likely attempt to get your keys using our ways to break into a car.

Still, you might want to consider the following reasons why you shouldn’t do so.

Might Hurt Yourself

Let’s say you try your best to use the crowbar or screwdriver in your trunk; then, you abruptly lose control of the metal and stab your other arm.

You are now locked out of the automobile and suffering from a serious cut that will probably necessitate a trip to the emergency room for stitches, antibiotics, or both.

It might not seem difficult to pry open your door, but you could easily damage yourself.

You lack specialized instruments and are a novice; thus, there is a great potential for complications. Calling a locksmith who specializes in this is preferable.

Damage The Car

Even when you manage to escape the scenario unhurt, your car has a much lower probability of doing the same.

It’s extremely likely that if you try to break into your automobile, you’ll also destroy the window mechanism, the door lock, or perhaps the entire window.

Even more frequent are dings or scratches in the body panels, neither of which are inexpensive to fix.

You will probably end up spending far more on auto repairs if you try to avoid paying for an auto locksmith.

Issue With The Law

What sets your attempted car entry apart from a thief’s attempt to do the same thing?

Unless the registration or other documents are simply sitting in your wallet, there’s a strong chance that you’ll get in trouble if a police officer happens to observe you.

The matter can be resolved once you get into the car and collect your documentation.

Still, if you are already anxious and worried, you are more likely to fight with the police officer first, which could land you in legal trouble.

The Bottom Line

Enter Through The Trunk

Above are our methods on how to break into your car. Still, things can be a bit more complicated than you imagine, as you’ll need to choose one compatible with your automobile model.

Whatever the situation, it’s always crucial to comprehend the locking system your car has so that you can apply the right unlocking equipment carefully to prevent potential damage.

Also, breaking into your vehicle may cause you trouble, as we mentioned in the previous section.

Thus, it is advised to call automotive locksmiths who understand how to unlock your automobile safely.

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