How To Convert Power Window To Manual – 5 Easy Steps

Although car power windows bring drivers many benefits and convenience, they can cause problems when your car system gets into trouble with electricity.

Moreover, since power windows are an optional feature, the window regulator’s cranking mechanism is frequently the same or closely related to it.

Thus, some people want to have an electric window conversion. How to convert power window to manual? This process takes about 1 hour to do it yourself.

Let’s scroll down for a full guide to complete the tasks.

About Power Window

How To Convert Power Window To Manual

Electric car windows are auto windows that you can open and close them by pressing a button.

The convenience of adding power windows makes sure you can stay focused and keep track on the go while closing or opening the window.


Most modern cars retrofit power windows as standard.

They improve driver control and make it less painful for those who suffer from arthritis or hand problems to roll down the windows.

Additionally, you can use the master panel to operate the windows in the back from the front.

This is also a big aid when kids are in the back seat and unable to reach or pull down the windows themselves.

How Does It Work?

Power windows use an electronic engine linked to a worm gear to generate torque to lift the window.

A lengthy arm holds up the window’s bottom bar. As the window raises, one end of the arm moves into a groove.

A cog ( a gear that has teeth) cut into it on the opposite end. The motor rotates this gear, causing it to mesh with these teeth and open the window.

Why Do We Need To Convert The Power To Manual Roll-Down Window?

Power windows might quit operating unexpectedly, such as not working on the passenger side, etc.

The most typical reason is that their motors and regulators are exploited more frequently than other components.

A faulty window track, also referred to as a window regulator, is why power windows malfunction.

They can also be broken because of a defective motor, cable pulley, or window switch.

Ice and snow are the primary culprits of these malfunctions.

The window track has to work a lot harder when the area surrounding the window freezes, leading to premature failure in the window mechanism.

If your power windows stop operating, you should get them examined by a professional because this is a safety problem.

In an emergency, participants in the car may have to escape via the windows.

That’s why some drivers prefer manual windows.

Because manual door windows do not require the power that the battery supplies, you may open and close them even when your key is not in the ignition or your vehicle’s battery is dead.

How To Convert Power Window To Manual

Power window motors can often burn out, which might take time and money to replace. A manual crank will solve this.

As mentioned before, it can take about 1 hour (or more) to DIY. So, how to convert the power window to a manual?

Let’s check this step-by-step instruction:

Step 1: disconnect the battery

Turn the positive terminal bolt counterclockwise to disconnect the car battery. Keep the terminal out of the battery’s range.

Step 2: Take screws out

Step 2

Turn the screws within the internal door handle counterclockwise to remove them. Then, you need to rotate the armrest bolts counterclockwise to take them off.

Remove the door panel from the metal door by firmly pulling it away from the pop rivets. Put the panel far from the work area.

Step 3: Take The power window out

You must take off the power window regulator motor by rotating the mount bolts counterclockwise and removing the wiring adapter plug.

The window regulator’s gears, designed with both cranking and power windows in mind, are the same for all models.

By placing the stock manual window crank coupler into the gears and clockwise rotating the mount bolts, the window regulator can fit it.

Some models might need to have their window regulators completely replaced.

Step 4: Change the car door panel

Change the car door panel by pushing it into the pop rivets once again and tapping each one to seat it into the holes.

In a clockwise direction, replace the inside door handle screws and armrest bolts.

Place the hand crank against the panel bolt part that protrudes. Some door panel models may already have this hole, while others would need to be drilled.

Press the crank into the sides’ grooves, then tighten the Phillips-head screw by rotating it counterclockwise. Turning the hand crank should open the window regulator.

Step 5: Reconnect the battery

Step 5

Now, turn the positive terminal in the clockwise direction to reconnect the car battery.


Does Car Battery Affect Power Windows?

Yes, it will affect the power window operation. The battery in your automobile is probably the cause of the electrical components’ issues you are having.

 A weak battery frequently has enough power to start your car but cannot handle the added strain of power windows and other electrical accessories.

How Much Would A Power Window Conversion Cost?

The average cost to add electric windows in a car is between $200 and $400 per window.

So, it will be about $1,000 for a car. Even though this isn’t precisely inexpensive, buying a new car can cost you more.

Thus, you might also be considering whether you can add power windows to car on your own. The answer is yes.

You must be able to rewire your vehicle’s wiring and door panels appropriately after disassembling them to install power windows.

If this sounds difficult, you should take your automobile to a mechanic who can assist you in doing the task more quickly and safely.

What Causes One Power Window To Stop Working?

One of the most frequent causes of power window problems is when the cable connecting the window regulator and the window breaks or detaches from the pulley.

Even though the window system may appear functioning, your window will remain stuck if the wire is not wound up properly. This case also requires power window repair.

More causes can be:


In short, although a power window brings drivers many benefits, it might cause some inconveniences when damaged.

That’s why some people look for how to convert power window to manual. This article has given readers step-by-step instructions to do it at home.

Yet, if you are not sure, you should bring it to a professional mechanic.

Whether you install automatic windows car or manual windows, just choose the one you feel the most comfortable with!

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