How To Disable OnStar GPS Tracking? Step-by-step Guideline

How to disable OnStar GPS tracking is an issue many drivers are looking for the answer to. You’ll likely have this pre-installed GPS service when you purchase a new car.

This gadget is useful in terms of some convenient functions provided while driving. OnStar can track your car even if not activated.

However, the matter arises when the trial services expire and you unsubscribe, your record is still there, and the system can still track you.

This article is what you need to do to turn off OnStar completely to protect your privacy from it.

how to disable onstar gps tracking

About OnStar GPS Tracking

What Is It?

It is a tracking device installed on your new car, and you can benefit from this subscription-based service while controlling your vehicle on the road.

For example, you can use Turn by turn directions to get to your destination. The gadget allows you to make free hand phone calls while driving.

Moreover, it provides access to stolen vehicle assistance and automatic crash response.

The system keeps track of the customers’ vehicles to help drivers from far distances in emergency situations.

When the first free monthly service finishes, you need to pay the membership cost, and you may want to disable OnStar.

The main problem is when you disable the subscription; your current location is still sent to the system.

You can’t deactivate OnStar by unplugging the fuse or pressing the unsubscribe button, but follow a tricky process to get the job done.

Where Is It Located?

Before knowing how to disable OnStar GPS tracking Silverado, it’s important to know where the gadget is situated.

The module is usually located in the rear of your car and is approachable through the trunk.

However, the exact placement depends on the specific vehicle. It can be under the stereo plastic panel in larger trucks or behind the glove compartment.

How To Disable OnStar GPS Tracking?

Can you disable OnStar tracking? The answer is yes.

Follow the instructions carefully below to prevent the system from collecting your driving data.

Step1. Call Customer Service To Unsubscribe

Call Customer Service

How do you disable OnStar? The first step is to call customer care to stop your subscription.

Dial 1-888-4-ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) or press the ON blue button to speak to the call agent.

You need to follow the guide to deactivate the system. During the talk, the agent may ask for information such as your contact and billing address.

The program can still track your data for marketing and other purposes even after this procedure.

To know how to disable OnStar completely, keep reading the following steps of physical disconnection from the module.

Step 2. Turn Off Your Vehicle

The next step on how to turn off OnStar tracking is to switch off the ignition and engage the parking brake, so your car will not move when you proceed with the process.

Step 3. Open The Trunk

As mentioned above, it’s possible to access the gadget through the trunk. You can find it attached to the back of one of the two rear wheels.

If the device is behind the glove box, take the box out of your vehicle and go to step 7 of how to turn off OnStar.

Tips to remove the glove box are to open its door, take out any secured details such as cords or tabs, and slide it out by pressing your hands on its two sidewalls.

If the gadget is located in a dash under the stereo, slightly lift the panel from the dashboard by using a molding removal tool or plastic auto trim.

Carefully pull the panel out and slide the module out without unscrewing anything. When you see the silver box, move to step 7.

Step 4. Take Out The Liner

In this step, as the liner is not mounted by any nuts or screws, you can easily grab its edge and gently lift it out.

After removing, set the liner aside and look for a spare tire in a newly revealed place. If you have one, the next step will show you how to remove it.

Step 5. Remove The Spare Tire

The Spare Tire

Lift out your spare tire and set it aside to continue the process of how to disable OnStar tracking.

Sometimes you may see your spare tire is held in place by a nut.

Take a screwdriver to spin the nut counterclockwise, take out the nut and move the tire to the outside of your vehicle.

Step 6. Unstick The Sill Plate

How do I turn off OnStar tracking? On the trunk, identify and remove 4 screws close to 4 corners. After that, remove the metal plate by pulling it up out of its place.

If there’s no cargo net, the screws should be in the four corners of the trunk.

If you have a cargo net, unscrew its four screws and remove it together with the sill plate.

Step 7. Reveal The Interior Under The Right Side Panel

After removing the sill plate, you need to pull the right side of the panel away enough to reveal the silver metal box inside.

You should be able to see the device but not completely remove the panel.

Step 8. Locate The Box With The Logo

The metal box should be on the side of your vehicle (try to find it on the left side of the trunk if you can’t see it on the right) or inside a plastic panel and should have a logo.

One important note of this step of how to disconnect OnStar is to remember not to remove the box.

Step 9. Plug Out The Three Connectors

Can OnStar be disabled? The three cables on the bottom of the box connect your car to the system. Unplugging them helps stop the connection.

Use your two fingers to grasp the base of the connector, slightly press inward and pull it out. Repeat the same with the other two cables.

Step 10. Wind Up The Cables

Winding up the cables keeps the area tidy and makes it easier to reconnect if you want in the future.

Take the cable tie and tie the connectors loosely together. Leave it above or beneath the box.

Step 11. Cover Everything Back And Check The System 

The last step to disable on star is to cover everything back to return to its original state.

Make sure you reassemble things carefully; otherwise, your trunk won’t close.

Turn on your vehicle and press the system button. If the light is not on, it means you have done it successfully.

In addition, it’s recommended to check other systems, such as radio, lights, etc., to ensure nothing is affected.

Pay attention to any warning light, so everything functions properly.


How to disable OnStar GPS tracking is not an easy process like pushing a button.

However, if you follow the instructions above carefully, you can protect your privacy as the communication with the system is disconnected.

It’s also possible and easy to reconnect to the system if needed.

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