How To Find VATS Resistance Without Key: Tips Revealed!

How to find VATS resistance without key? Is this possible?

You accidentally lost your VAT key; this is terrible. Does it leave you confused as to what to do next? Calm down, and everything will fall into place!

In fact, the key is not the only way to determine the resistance index. And, of course, you will learn a lot of useful information in this article. Scroll down to know more!

What Is VATS Resistance? 

how to find vats resistance without key
VATS Resistance

About It

For all of us, the safety of our automobiles is of utmost importance.

And thus, the VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) key (also called resistor pellet), released by GM in 1986, is meant to give you extra peace of mind that a donor vehicle is as safe as possible.

The manufacturer expanded the technology to other models because this innovation worked so successfully to decrease the number of stolen automobiles.

Once they emerged in other automobiles, they developed into an industry standard.

The initial VATS systems created the foundation for the current levels of electronic vehicle security with a detailed GM key resistance chart.

What Are VAT Keys And How Do They Work?

Since they are the first electronic keys, they significantly increase vehicle safety over their predecessors.

They contain resistors incorporated in them, and an electrical current flows through the resistor when it is inserted into a car’s ignition lock cylinder.

A computer within the automobile reads the value of the resistor, and if it differs from the value stored in the computer’s memory, the car won’t start. This feature adds an extra layer of security.

They differ from conventional keys in a variety of ways. Traditional mechanical keys only offer a minimal degree of vehicle security.

Edge cut and side-winder keys are the most popular traditional mechanical keys.

Moreover, duplicating one is not as straightforward as using a key copier. A well-stocked locksmith must determine the correct resistance value of the key with a GM VATS code conversion chart.

This is proceeded using a VATS interrogator because they must match before the cuts are duplicated onto the blank key.

Nowadays, most of us have remote buttons that, at the very least, allow us to lock and unlock our vehicles.

A regular key is no longer required for many automobiles since they include push-to-start buttons and keypads where you may enter a code to open your car.

VATS Keys Resistance Chart

Key Blank NumberMinimum ResistanceMaximum ResistanceDesign Resistance

How To Find VATS Resistance Without Key

gm vats code conversion chart
Identify VATS Resistance Without Key

How can you determine the resistance without the VATS car key? Some common ways to consider include the following:

  • Ask for help from a professional mechanic/locksmith.
  • Purchase new keys or use your VIN.
  • Find out more information on the Internet or car owner’s manual.

What To Prepare

Like when you disable the transponder key system without a key, it’s possible to find the VATS resistance with no key.

Depending on what solution you choose, you may need to prepare one or more than one of the below: 

  • Car manual
  • New VAT key

The Process

Solution 1: Find Out The VATS On Car Manual

Normally, the car owner’s manual will have full information about your vehicle, especially important parameters such as engine, parts, etc.

You can also find the code here to determine its resistance if you’re lucky.

Solution 2: Ask For Help From The Professional Locksmith

Locate a nearby locksmith with the equipment to examine your vehicle’s VATS system and suggest the proper remedy.

Finding an automotive locksmith who still uses this technology may be challenging, but it’s still possible.

In addition, you may have to pay an amount of money for it, which may be expensive.

Solution 3: Use Your Car VIN

Call your dealership and ask them whether they can use the VIN of your car to locate the code. You can always take your automobile to the dealership and have them find the correct VATS code for you.

This method is quite cost-saving unless you are too far from where you bought the car.

Solution 4: Purchase New VATS Keys

Buy 15 different VATS keys, ranging in value from $1 to $15, and test each until you locate the one that will successfully start your vehicle.

Moreover, a new ignition lock must be purchased, and all 15 keys must be cut to suit the new lock. You’ll require 14 keys with VATS numbered 2 to 15 if your GM vehicle uses 10-cut ones.

Remember to store it properly and don’t let the key be exposed to water.


vats key resistance chart
Question Of VATS Resistance

Can I Duplicate A VATS Key?

Yes, of course. This is also good news because you can duplicate it for a backup in an emergency.

It must be duplicated in two phases. Before copying the cuts on the appropriate key blank, read the VATS key code chart first.

A straightforward volt/ohm meter can be used to determine an ignition key’s resistance value, but most locksmiths will use a tool known as an interrogator to do so instead.

How To Originate A VATS Key?

  • Before “interrogating” the vehicle to learn the resistance value encoded into it, you must first identify the automatic cuts for your register key.
  • Once you have the resistance value and automatic cuts, you may combine the two, and then you should cut the key onto the appropriate blank.
  • If you’re fortunate enough to receive the resistance value, it will typically come as a two-character code. This resistor code might be stamped onto the lock on some later 10-cut ignitions.
  • If you are unable to obtain the code in any other way, you can also pull the wheel and get the code number from the ignition lock. However, GM discontinued programming codes for VATS car ignition switch locks starting in 1995.
  • Once you have ensured that your key starts the car, you are done.

What Does VATS Stand For?

It stands for Vehicle Anti Theft System. It usually comes with a detailed VATS key chart depending on the manufacturers.

Final Thoughts

You’ve learned how to find VATS resistance without key. Any of the above methods will be helpful; you must choose the one that best suits your situation.

The best way is to duplicate a VATS key. It will be necessary for emergencies and future reference or, most simply, when you do not know where you left your keys.

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