How To Hollow Out A Catalytic Converter – A Thorough Guide

Knowing how to hollow out a catalytic converter will benefit your engine. A catalytic converter plays an essential role as a fire pot for capturing the exhaust heat.

It can transfer the toxic compounds into harmless compounds, which is beneficial to the environment.

If you want to learn how to gut it properly, keep reading this article and follow a complete guide on doing this.

What Is The Catalytic Converter?

How To Hollow Out A Catalytic Converter

It is a device that helps reduce and convert emissions from internal combustion engines of vehicles and automobiles.

The exhaust systems use a catalytic converter to oxidize and convert toxic by-products such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.

A catalytic converter uses a catalyst to alternate the toxic compounds from an engine’s emissions into safer exhaust gallons of gas, like steam or less-toxic CO, NO2.

It can break the dangerous molecules within the automobile’s emissions and release them into the air.

Can I Hollow Out My Catalytic Converter?

Yes, you can. But remember that hollowing out cat converter is illegal in most states, since it comes with environmental impacts and somewhat hurts your car.

Still, despite its challenges, you can find the proper way to hollow it out as long as you don’t violate the federal laws and can find the best way to address the environmental problem.

How To Hollow Out A Catalytic Converter

Hollowing out the catalytic converter is not difficult, but you must prepare the necessary tools and use the proper methods.

Below is the ultimate guide on how to hollow out cat converter with the popular approaches.

Hollowing Out The Catalytic Converter By Removing It

Take Out The Catalytic Converter From Your Car

You need to remove the stock catalytic converter connected to the exhaust piping vent at the automobile bottom by using a wrench to make the bolts loose.

Hollow The Catalytic Converter Out

Hollowing out catalytic converter requires a hammer to hold the catalytic converter together.

However, follow the safety regulations of avoiding the catalytic material inhalation and reduce the risks of the respirator.

Hit the crow bar with a hammer and set it on the honeycomb-like core with the correct converter points. You may reverse the converter position and discard the core.

Reinstall The Component

After discarding the core, re-insert the catalytic converter into the dual exhaust system and use the screws to retighten. Tighten it to ensure it will not fall out.

Hollowing Out The Catalytic Converter Without Removing It

Lift The Car

Lift your automobile using the jack and let it cool off prior to starting the process. This step will help you be safer.

Locate The Catalytic Converter

You also need to determine the precise location of the catalytic converter. This component is often directly attached to the stock exhaust system under your car.

The catalytic converter location on semi trucks might be a bit complicated.

Bend Down The Cut Flap

Bend the cut flap by using a crowbar. You should be cautious while curving it, and don’t entirely cut it.

Next, use the ethane welding torch or wheel grinder to shape a flap at the converter bottom.

Connect The Seal Kit And Flap

Wear your gloves and welding goggles. Make use of the arc welder to make the metallic wire soften and melt. Reshape the steel once it is melted with the metallic putty knife when it is still hot.

Break The Honeycomb-like Converter Covering

Interfere the honeycomb-like construction with the hammer lightly to avoid destroying it. It is better to implement this process by using the chisel.

Close The Flap

Use a plier after casting off the stock cat converter to bend the flap again to narrow the hole.

Make sure you have sufficient strength to do this step, yet be careful to keep yourself safe.

Weld The Flap

The final step is welding the flap firmly. This will help seal the hole and protect your catalytic converter from leakage and detrimental factors.


What Are the Benefits Of Hollowing Out A Catalytic Converter?

The catalytic converter hollow can reduce the toxic emissions that escape from fuel combustion.

It also suppresses the custom exhaust sound and makes it more powerful and louder. Besides, it will improve automotive performance.

The stock converter also increases the engine efficiency by removing the obstacles that affect the engine.

The hollowed out catalytic converter lowers the operating engine temperature. It also reduces the stress and friction of the internal engine system.

Hollow out catalytic converter can improve the vehicle’s mileage and help you save money.

What Happens If You Hollow Out Catalytic Converter?

Besides the above perks, hollowing out a catalytic converter will harm automotive performance exhaust ports because of the bigger empty chamber in the exhaust manifold system.

It can result in turbulence that makes the exhaust slower.

How Can You Fix A Catalytic Converter Without Replacement?

You can fix the catalyst problem with simple methods instead of replacing the costly catalytic converters.

The first way you can get the job done is by removing and cleaning it using the lacquer thinner catalytic converter cleaner. You should retrieve it to start and remove the dirt that covers its surface.

You should use high-quality fuel additives to make the catalytic converter cleaner. After washing the catalytic converter, reinstall it inside the vehicle and drive it a few kilometers.

You can drive your car on the highway and accelerate it to reach optimal efficiency. This way can remove the harmful deposit and heat the converter.

These methods are simple and solve the catalyst problem without replacing it. They are also effective and economical.


Hollowing Out The Catalytic Converter Without Removing It

You should know how to hollow out a catalytic converter properly to avoid being illegal and violating the enterprise’s regulations.

This can help you solve the environmental problems and the dangerous emissions for health.

Hollowing the catalytic converter out will convert the toxic emissions into less harmful exhaust gasses.

Besides, you should choose the proper methods and follow the user guide in this article while gutting a flow cat converter. This will support you in protecting your health and staying safe.

See you in the next post!

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