How To Keep A Black Car Clean- You Should Not Have Known It Before!

Thanks to its elegant, trendy, yet classy look, black has always been one of the most popular choices for the “outer suit” of modern vehicles.

However, its disadvantage is that it is easy to make the loose dirt and foreign objects that stick to the automotive paint after a long trip become outstanding and even dirty.

So, how to keep a black car clean properly with lasting effect? Don’t worry as we are here!

Through this article, we explain why cleaning a black vehicle is difficult and give maintenance tips to keep black car clean as a brand-new product.

Why Is It Too Hard To Keep A Black Car Clean? 

how to keep a black car clean
Keep A Black Car Clean

The color of the vehicle has nothing to do with the amount of heavy dirt on the surface, so never blame it!

The main causes of dust include the driver’s parking/driving environment and frequency of use.

However, drivers say their black vehicles tend to get dirty more easily than other colored products.

What specific causes led to this fatal exception? Let’s find out through the three main factors listed below.

Visible Contaminants

Due to the contrast, cars with darker colors can highlight pollutants that stick to their surface.

Black has very high darkness, making it easier for the driver to detect objects on this color background, such as dirt, debris, and bird poop.

Black has a higher heat absorption capacity than lighter colors, increasing certain contaminants’ grip.

When the layer of dirt and brake dust accumulates on the glossy black paint for a certain period, it will reduce the gloss of the surface and even lead to a dullness that is easily visible to the naked eye.

Obvious Water Spots

High contrast, heat absorption combined with impure water can cause a mess for the paintwork of a black vehicle.

The combination of these three factors is the culprit that causes obvious water droplets on the car’s surface every time the vehicle comes back from the rain or car wash service.

Due to its high heat absorption capacity, your dark color vehicle always heats up when operating under direct sunlight.

After undergoing flushing, the water vapor attached to the surface evaporates rapidly, forming water droplets.

These smoky water stains mainly come from impure water. As a result, its potentially acidic impurities will gradually erode the surface it is adhering to, leading to paint deterioration.

Swirl Marks And Scratches

It may surprise you, but washing your car incorrectly can make your dark paint look ugly.

Often, swirl marks and deep scratches that are unintentionally formed during curing look like white swirls, which stand out against the black paint.

Under sufficient light, they look so prominent that any temporary treatment cannot obscure them.

How To Keep A Black Car Clean- 5 Methods For A Brand-New Car

best way to keep a black car clean
5 Methods For A Brand-New Car

With each type of stain on the surface of your vehicle, there are different treatment methods for keeping a black car clean.

Besides, we also provide extremely effective paint maintenance tips that can minimize the contaminated objects right below.

Using Waterless Wash

Using waterless car washes can save clean water and maintenance time and prevent water spots from sticking to the vehicle’s surfaces.

Thanks to their superior chemical composition, and antistatic and hydrophobic properties, waterless cleaning solutions allow you to clean car paint without water or scrubbing time.

To be washed, you must spray a moderate amount of the key on the surface, then wipe it with a clean microfiber towel.

This method is also extremely effective for water stains as it can eliminate the problem quickly.

If you lack a waterless cleaner, you can limit the situation by dry cleaning with a leaf blower, an air compressor, or a dry towel.


  • Never use laundry detergent or dish soap as a substitute for a waterless cleaner if you don’t want your paintwork to turn into a mess.
  • Avoid the heat by washing your vehicle in shaded or covered areas like a garage. The best times to do this work are early morning and evening.
  • Combining water washing (occasionally) and hand washing (frequently) is the key to giving the vehicle the perfect appearance.

Waxing And Ceramic Coating

The spray wax is like adding an extra protective layer to a car’s paintwork, helping to keep it clean and prevent contaminants from building up.

Besides, it also adds brilliant shine to the paint surface, enhancing the vehicle’s overall beauty and luxurious temperament.

Applying spray waxes every three months in a sunny and dry environment is best. If weather conditions are more flexible, use this measure every month, or even more often if necessary.

For drivers looking for stronger protection than waxing, look no further than the ceramic coating. It acts as a second skin layer of paint which can serve your vehicle for two to five years.

Avoid Putting Swirl Marks On The Car Surface

The very small white swirl marks result from a violent car wash. Here are some tips in the car wash process that you should follow to avoid creating any mess on your black car paint:

  • Always start by dealing with dirt and other contaminants. Skipping this step and washing directly will inadvertently cause these abrasive contaminants to scratch the paint surface.
  • Due to its soft material and impressive absorbency, the damp microfiber towel is harmless to colored paint and perfect for water cleaning tasks.
  • Always wash the microfiber cloth in a separate bucket of soapy water to remove any abrasive contaminants trapped inside it after each wash.

Remove Road Grime And Harmful Objects

Bird poo and bug carcasses contain acids that can dissolve your delicate black paint color.

Meanwhile, stubborn dirt like hot tar and tree sap can harden over time, making the color easier to peel off if you try to remove them using conventional methods.

So, what is the best way to keep a black car clean?

Start using a cleaning solution to loosen them, then gently rub them with a soft sponge.

Be patient, adjust to proper hand pressure, and you’ll be able to remove even the most stubborn stains.

Remove Scratches

Some drivers believe that scratches will not be able to heal unless there is help from auto repair shops. The answer is, you can completely do this job at home with a special scratch remover.

First, break the top layer of the topcoat to level with the scratch until they are completely blended. Then it would help if you cleaned any debris left on the vehicle surface.

Dip a small amount of the solution into the microfiber cloth, then apply it to the scratch and watch it disappear in just one note.

The above method is only suitable if the scratch is not deep enough to penetrate the three coats of automotive paint (coating, primer, and base).

In case of some deep scratches, take your vehicle to your local auto center to seek help.

Should I Get A Car Wash Or Wash It Myself?

keep black car clean
Get A Car Wash Or Wash It Myself

It is not easy to decide the best way to protect black car paint between black car care at home or applying for a commercial car wash.

Washing your car at home can save money on labor costs while providing a lot of fun. You can take care of your four-wheeled friend in a more comprehensive and gentle way.

Meanwhile, a commercial wash is perfect in cases of urgent time (it only takes about 10 minutes to complete the job).

In addition, car wash stations also provide more specialized tools for dirt removal, cleaning, paint correction, and maintenance.

We advise performing a routine car wash once a month at home. If time doesn’t allow or a serious problem occurs with the paintwork, please go to the repair center for a quick wash.

Some Last Words

The glossy paints can attract anyone with their elegant appearances, but they are more troublesome to wash than other painted ones.

But if it’s your favorite color, don’t hesitate to decide because all paint care issues are solved in this article

Through the useful information we have provided, we hope you know how to keep a black car clean properly. And now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start the maintenance. Good luck!

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