How To Remove 3M Tape From Car – 4 Best Methods

Struggle with finding how to remove 3M tape from car? We got you covered! 

In the article, we consolidate all the best ways to remove the 3M and return the clean surface for your everyday buddy.

We also share the tips for each method that we are sure will make you amazed at how easy it is.

You can rest assured that it comes in handy any time when it comes to duct tape, stickers, and other similar materials.

But first, to remove 3m tape from car, you need to understand the crux of the problem!

What Is 3M Tape?

What Is 3M Tape

3M tape is the two-sided tape/double-sided tape. Of course, they are both sticky and strong adhesive!

They are made by the company 3M, the multinational conglomerate based in the United States that operates in manufacturing, health care, worker safety, and FMCG.

Sometimes, you will find WHB on the 3M label. It is the short version of “very high bond”! It has industrial strength.

3M offers a variety of tapes to meet a variety of requirements, ranging from clear to heavy-duty and different widths and thicknesses for automobiles. The 3M’s brand can survive extreme heat and cold.

This magnificent feat of engineering is also a popular choice for applications that require a high level of aesthetics.

With 3M tape, you may avoid using unsightly clamps or screws that detract from the product’s aesthetic appeal.

Still, how to get 3m tape off car is a real challenge! Continue reading to get the tip and trick!

How To Remove 3M Tape From Car?


There are some factors to consider before you remove 3m automotive tape. You’ll use several products, such as chemicals and cleaners. The usage of heat is also part of the solution!

Therefore, preparing some gloves and protective goggles is a priority. Assure that you do the job in a well-ventilated environment before coming to several different approaches.

And always remember a regular care is major assistance for the sake and safety of the bonding joints, automobile paint, and your car.

Are you all set?

Let’s look at the best way to remove 3m tape from car.

Method 1 – Heat 



The rule of thumb of the method is that when you add a lot of heat to the tape, the adhesive softens, enabling it to be removed. So, there are two main tools you need on the table for this method.

  1.  A heat gun or just a hairdryer
  2.  A butter knife (the blunt knife with rounded point and dull edge type) or just your finger!

How To Do

  1. Blow the hot air from the hairdryer or the heat gun to the 3M, concentrating on the 3M edges.
  2. Take up the knife and start peeling the 3M away from the car’s surface. Your finger could be a fine substitute for the knife; however, be aware that the tape can be rather heated, and your finger will fatigue quickly.

Method 2 – Heat And Moisture

Heat And Moisture

The second way of removing 3m tape from car paint is the combination of moisture and heat!


You also need two things:

  1.  A wet towel/damp clean cloth
  2.  An iron

How To Do

When it comes to how to take off 3m tape from car, moist heat becomes even more powerful than dry heat. The detail is:

  1.  Take the wet towel/damp cloth and place it on the tape.
  2.  Then, you start ironing it. 
  3.  When you iron it, scrub the 3M with the soft cloth to get it to come off.

Note: Please be cautious about the quantity of moist heat. As if you overdose, the surface of the car can be damaged!

Method 3 – Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover

If you remove the tape from the highly fragile surface/delicate surface or on high-end automotive surfaces such as Porsche, we recommend you use adhesive removers.

Luckily, many of these items are available online or in car detailing shops.

Its popularity is quite far-reaching, so it is a piece of cake to buy it when you are in demand. It becomes a good choice because it can be used to remove oil and other sticky substances.



  1.  Alcohol
  2.  Cotton 
  3.  Toothbrush (old one is just fine)

How To Do

  1. Take up some cotton, pour a little alcohol into it as too much alcohol might damage your car paint, don’t soak it, make it wet, and apply the alcohol cotton to the 3M.
  2. Take advantage of the toothbrush to peel the 3M off! If you work on the vertical surface, ensure that you can keep the alcohol in the tape for some mins to let it work. Otherwise, the method becomes ineffective. A towel may help the situation to avoid the alcohol flow down!

Goof Off

Goof Off is famous when working with car paint stains and spots. And it is a tape remover too!


  1.  Goof Off – a bottle
  2.  Butter knife/credit card
  3.  A clean towel/clean piece of cloth

How To Do

  1. Allow the tape to soak for 5 to 10 mins after applying the liquid.
  2. After that, take off the tape with a butter knife/credit card.
  3. Wipe away the remains with a cloth/towel. If the cloth is insufficient to wipe the tape residue, you can consider using the dishwashing liquid/dish wash soap or soapy water.

Method 4 – Razor Blade 

Razor Blade

The method works best for the application surface being exposed outside in the heat for a longer duration when solvent or heat alone is ineffective. You need a stronger resort! It is the razor blade!


  1.  Solvent
  2.  Razor blade

How To Do

  1.  Prepare solvent and start applying it to your 3M.
  2.  Scrape the tape off with a razor blade placed at 45 degrees.

Warning: the type of surface you’re working with will influence whether or not this procedure is appropriate.

If you’re working with paint or plastic surface, this method may not be the greatest, as the sharp or even the plastic razor blade may cut and harm the surface.

Besides, the paint may crack and fade if exposed to too much heat. So, you are better to preserve your car in a cool and ventilated room.


Is 3M Tape Feasible To Remove?

Yes. The adhesive tape can be removed with the help of adhesive removal kits/products.

What Other Options Do I Have For Removing 3M Tape?

Other options that can be used to remove the 3M double-sided tape include rubbing alcohol, Goo Gone, WD-40, Goof Off, and nail polish remover type of removers.

In reality, removing the 3M using a simple mixture such as lemon oil and water (warm water) might be possible. Or the blunt/dull knife will be really useful.

Can Blow Dryer Work To Erase 3M Tape?

In short, yes. The heated air helps break down the adhesive on the tape. As a result, the tape is less sticky, and you can remove it effortlessly.

Still, you need to apply the way with caution because the big amounts of heat may cause the surface to become damaged.

Is 3M Tape Capable Of Removing Car Paint?

3M tape is safe to use and is utilized by the manufacturer to hold various parts together. Car owners also consider it auto tape because it comes in handy in several situations.

The car’s paint surface may be damaged only when removing the unwanted residue wrongly. So how do you remove 3m tape without damaging paint? Proper care and the right choice will give you a strong power!


The difficulty getting rid of the tape and the sticky/adhesive residue will no longer be your headache when you know how to remove 3M tape from car.

We hope that the nightmare that 3M attracts gigantic dust and might cause the automobile to rust will never happen to you.

No one expects to use a product to bring out the aesthetics to get the scary patches, stains, or even the scratch on car paint in the end!

Choose the solutions that fit yours and come back to us with a result. We’d love to hear from you! Thank you!

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