How To Test For Bad Gasoline – 5 Easy Ways Must Know

Would you dare to call yourself an actual automobile lover when you know nothing about how to test for bad gasoline? We genuinely doubt that.

It’s now time to take a stab at this field and create a shot to give your attempt a pad on the back! Read on for further details!

how to test for bad gasoline
How to test for bad gasoline

What Makes Gas Go Bad?

Can your gas stay great eternally? The answer is, unfortunately, no. More or less, there will be specific conditions that cause your fuel to become terrible. Find out what they are to come up with the finest solution!

Old Gas

There’s a chance your gasoline‘s cast-off age will somewhat be an alarm bell if you don’t have a go at it properly.

Yet, don’t take us wrong. Saying such a thing didn’t mean that you can’t let fuel be in the tank for long. It just implies there’s still the presence of limitation, which is maximumly about six months.

Here’s the theory: Your gasoline will have no other future but start to oxidize merely after 30 days once it exposes to the air.

So how to fix old gas in car? It’s better to change the gas for soon, or we bet you wouldn’t either like the happening of this degraded petrol damaging your engine coming up in the order.

Old gas
Old gas


Aside from old age, water, though, accounts for less percentage of the possibility to cause bad gas, it does take place as one of the main reasons anyhow.

This phenomenon perhaps is due to condensation of volatility (chemistry), a loose gas cap, siphon, or accidentally from the pumping process.

No matter it is whichever manner, they all lead to erratic results, which give awful answers to the question “what does bad gas do to a car?”

Besides, some other factors such as contaminated gas derived from a cracked fuel line, flakes of the gas tank, and so on would be worth your paying mind as well.

Water in gasoline

How To Test For Bad Gasoline – Bad Fuel Symptoms

Is your vehicle showing signs of bad gas in car below? No wonder it has bad gasoline! 

Problems With Acceleration

People keep wasting time trying to puzzle out the question “how do you know if you got bad gas?” without noticing bad gasoline symptoms are right there in front of their eyes.

Yes, you don’t mishear it. Many might think this pickle is nothing related to terrible fuel, but it is, indeed.

The delay in chemistry when you attempt to speed up your vehicle could be the consequence of bad gases in the internal combustion chamber.

That’s perhaps why in spite of all your dry run to step on the pedal and to scout out every part before starting, it still does not accelerate immediately.

Unusual Changes In Speed

Thought the harsh rock on the acceleration process is the only symptom of speed revealing that your fuel is dreadful? We’re afraid not.

This mechanical engineering can pan out with more junky endings than you could ever imagine. Spontaneous changes in speed while you are on the road are a typical example of such devastating harm.

So the case is your foot almost doesn’t or not at all get in touch with the pedals, and you yet catch sight of the car quickening or slowing down? Once you get a load of those symptoms of bad gas in car, it’s now very much time to take your pal to some garage nearby!

Fuel Filter Damaged

The fuel filter plays an indispensable role in making sure dirt and debris do not break in the gas tank and get themselves put together with the petrol. So, if there’s anything wrong with this part, it is one of the common symptoms of bad fuel.

Needless to say, once such a vital segment is in damage, your gasoline can no way carry on its job efficiently.

That explains why you should keep an account on the fuel filter regularly to ensure whether it is on the best standing or not.

Engine Shutting Down

Obviously, there’s something off the track with your pet automobile when the indicator is its engine out of blue shutting down. Nevertheless, have you at least once considered terrible petrol as the most suspicious factor causing such a disturbing occurrence?

You should, anyway.

Without an advantageous fuel aid in operating the inside combustion mechanism, it is not able to generate adequate running energy for the engine.

That’s how the likelihood of this technology happening is immensely worth your rethinking with regard to this field.

Troublesome Engine Starting

It seems like whenever you gain bad news with your vehicle firing up; there would rarely be any hesitation for you to first have a shot at tackling the engine and other parts of your car.

Here we bring you another surprise but not much surprisingly: Faulty gasoline can be the culprit hidden behind the crime if you’re having hardship on how to start or even how to stop a manual car of yours!

That way, by having itself mixed an overboard amount of water, redundant materials, or other filthy substances, dirty gas in your tank and cylinder can kill your engine day by day without even a single weapon needed!

What Should You Do When Having Bad Gas In A Fuel Tank?

“How to fix bad gas in car?” might be the ached wonder many automobile geeks have been asking for years.

Along with several issues stumbling upon your gas, there’s also bad gasoline treatment for you to handle those situations more effectively.

The first to come is to reach out to the latest filling station you get fuel from. You never know whether that place’s service is in trouble regarding ethanol fuel supply or the filtration system or not.

Is a gas station responsible for bad gas? In case you are free from doubt that the problem is at their business, then yes! It’s your right to complain and receive decent compensation.

What if you are not using the correct fuel in your car’s demand, and that’s where things get wrong? Octane booster, isopropyl alcohol, or using a spark plug will be a quick fix for bad gas, which can totally save the crisis!

Neither one of those above? Well then, you can try to move the suspect to the engine or fuel system.

Since this vehicle technology will hardly be inspected on your own, letting it progress by an auto mechanic with decent applied and interdisciplinary physics-related knowledge, then asking them to analyze your fuel sample is the only way that works.

Bad gasoline
Bad gasoline


Now, you must get your full pack of how to test for bad gasoline, how to treat bad gas in car, as well as what’s causing fuels to go off. It’s time to smooth the path and make your conquest of car controls look cooler than ever!

Hopefully, this post can become your cup of tea somewhat. See you then!

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