Humming Noise In Car Getting Louder With Speed: How To Fix The Problem?

Many people wonder about an urgent question: Why is the humming noise in car getting louder with speed?. It is very unpleasant to drive a car with a bagging sound as it can make you feel annoyed and harm your vehicle at once.

If you look for some abnormal signs of the vehicle, you will find the answer. In case you can not find it, this article will give out clear explanations of the reasons why your vehicle is getting noisy and how to tackle the problem.

humming noise in car getting louder with speed

Why Humming Noise In Car Getting Louder With Speed? What Are The Solutions?

Defective Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearings Wear Out

What Is The Cause Of Bad Wheel Operation?

The most remarkable signs of bad bearing are the groaning noise from the cabin when driving straight and the clicking sound when turning left or right.

Besides, you may also feel the vibration coming from the internal items of the vehicle. The faster you drive, the louder the sound.

So what is the reason for the wheel humming noise? The road noise is initiated from the impacts of radial forces. Normally, the weight of the vehicle and the cargo put a strain on the steering wheel.

Therefore, when you drive fast or on a winding road, the radial forces become even larger, and it harms your vehicle.

Driving on a hill road has more harmful effects than freight loads. Besides, the bad wheel bearing can be down to the unbalance of the tire (or uneven wear).

How To Fix?

How to get rid of loud humming noise from car? The best way to tackle this problem is to replace both wheels on the same axle.

If the right wheel is broken, the other wheel will be in the same situation. Repairing both wheels can help you save fixing time and money.

Broken Tires

A tire burst

What Is The Cause Of Worn Tires?

The worn rubber rims are the cause of humming noise while driving. If you find some dents on the surface, it could be the signal of faulty tire treads.

The hollows are 4-5 inches and are usually placed around the tread.

The major causes of this problem are jagged eroded tires, over-pumped tires, or low-quality tires.

Since the rubber rims are made from unqualified materials and under no guarantee, they may be worn out after a short time. All of these faults lead to the corruption of the transport.

How To Fix?

There is a technique called “The penny test” that you can apply to diagnose the situation of the vehicle:

Firstly, you place a coin on the tread of the vehicle. If the coin partly disappears, it indicates that your rubber rims have been eroded.

Otherwise, your tires are still okay, and you do not have to make any changes to the car. You should utilize this trick on the four sides of the transport.

It will be best to replace all four rubber rims at once. Because your transport requires identical tires to run smoothly, you should ensure that the tires are operated at the same frequency.

In case four tires are too costly for you, you can fix two wheels in the same axle. It will help if you take suggestions from the vehicle repairers before doing this.

When your vehicle’s tires are not the same brand, you should take them to the garage.

Unsuitable Tires

Unbalanced Tires

What Is The Cause Of Mismatched Tires?

The reason why car makes humming noise when driving may be due to the disparity between the tires and the vehicle.

The divergence happens when installing the big tread rubber rims for a normal car. When running at highway speeds, the air will flow into the thread of the rubber rims, making a humming noise at certain speed.

Some other types of rubber covers, such as off-road tires and all-terrain tires, can also make bad wheel bearing sound in the cabin.

How To Fix?

The optimal solution to eliminate  wheel bearing noise is to choose suitable tires. There are three ways to evaluate the best tires:

Your country’s climate: In case you live in a tropical country surrounded by hot weather every month, you can choose seasonal tires or summer tires.

In contrast, if your living space is covered by snow and the cold, it would be better to choose winter tires.

The roads: Assume that you drive a car to work and your route is completely flat; you should choose the tires with a medium tread depth.

When you drive on a highway, you should try the rubber rims that can pause immediately to prevent crashing.

Driving style: If comfort is your priority, you should pick the tires that can bring you smoothness when driving. For adventure lovers, you should try out the rubber rims that are good for steering.

Transmission Trouble

transmission automotive

What Is The Cause Of Transmission Faults?

If you hear the humming sound coming from underneath the floor, it may be the faulty transmission. There are several reasons for the worn wheel bearing.

Firstly, it is due to the failure of the gear system. The gear plays an important role in taking in the force for the vehicle to run.

Once this system is broken, the transmission can not run smoothly and generate bad sound for the transport.

The clogged fuel in the system may also postpone the operation of the universal joints. If you leave the car under no warranty for a long time, the leftover fuel may dry and stick into the transmission.

Last is the inefficiency in the amount of fuel in the transmission. The system also needs fuel to run better; a lack of fossils will cause noise in the transport. This happens when you do not have a regular power steering pump.

How To Fix?

Transmission is a complicated system, so we do not recommend you fix it yourself. Please bring the vehicle to the garage to check up on the problem. The experienced staff will help you clean up and replace the fuel pump.

What Are Other Factors That Causes Humming Noise In Car?

Besides all those four explanations, other factors make the groaning sound in your vehicle. Flawed ball joint is common among those factors.

Although they are just small items in the transport, they support the transmission greatly.

Another cause of humming noise while driving is the wheel alignment. When you drive with worn wheel bearing, each wheel will rotate at different degrees, which then leads to vibration in the car.

Moreover, the brake pads can also make an unpleasant sound in your car. When the brake is out of fuel, it will trigger a loud noise when you stop suddenly.


To sum up, there are four main explanations for the questions: Why is the humming noise in car getting louder with speed?.

They are bad wheel bearing, wrecked tires, uneven tire wear, and faulty transmission. If you keep these problems continuing, it will harm your car seriously.

Furthermore, you should not fix the car yourself when you don’t precisely diagnose the problems. It’s advisable to regularly take your car to the garage to check up on the situation.

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