What Should You Do If The Hyundai Sonata Trunk Won’t Open

The Hyundai Sonata trunk won’t open. Have you wondered about its causes and solutions? We will show you all the necessary information about problems related to this kind of trunk.

Let’s follow this article to gain quick answers.

The Hyundai Sonata: Everything You Need To Know

2017 hyundai sonata trunk won't open
The Hyundai Sonata

Since 1985, the South Korean automaker Hyundai has been manufacturing the Hyundai Sonata – a midsize vehicle.

In reality, the first-generation Hyundai Sonata limited was a Stellar that had been given a grille and headlights.

In the first stage, a few export regions offer the Hyundai Sonata Limited and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

However, the Hyundai Sonata cars & trucks are now widely accessible in various nations and appropriated by qualified professionals.

Besides its convenient and modern patterns, the 2017 Hyundai Sonata trunk won’t open and sometimes annoys people with tiny issues about where to keep their baggage and other belongings.

We will show you quick answers about this then.

The Popular Issues Make The Hyundai Sonata Trunk Won’t Open

sonata trunk won't open
The Issues Make My Car The Hyundai Sonata Trunk Won’t Open

Your car trunk not opening may be attributed to several reasons. They can be caused by either forgetfulness or the trunk’s lock weakening over time.

With that stated, below are a few plausible reasons why your sonata trunk won’t open.

The Trunk Doesn’t Close

The lock or trigger becoming dislodged, which frequently happens after an unpredictable incident, is one of the causes of the Hyundai Sonata trunk won’t close.

This can also indicate a problem with circuitry or a broken wire inside the keychain trunk opening button batteries.

Misaligned Strinker On The Trunk

When a striker is out of alignment, the latch will miss the striker, and the trunk won’t close properly.

Misalignment Of The Latches As The Result Of A Rear-end Accident

A collision caused the metal holding the striker to slide out of place, making the failure to match the latch to the striker.

The Trunk Doesn’t Open

The release level may occasionally become damaged by latch vibration, aging, and corrosion, or the latch release level may break, making the 2018 Hyundai Sonata trunk won’t open.

The Plastic Retainer On The Release Cable Has Been Destroyed

The bad plastic retainer could lead to the cable being out of alignment and prohibit the proper pull in the right direction on the release floor lever.

A Faulty Electric Latch Release Solenoid

A broken electric release solenoid may make the 2018 Sonata trunk won’t open in response to a fob or trunk release button command.

Some Ways To Fix The Hyundai Sonata Trunk Won’t Open

how to open trunk from inside hyundai sonata
How To Fix The Hyundai Sonata Trunk Won’t Open

Re-check The Hyundai Sonata Trunk

If the 2013 Hyundai Sonata trunk won’t open, you should check it again.

In this case, the trunk latch assembly may become caught due to dirt and debris getting lodged on it or the rubber from the trunk adhering to the lid itself.

You can access your car trunk from inside if opening it with a bit more power the second time does not work.

If you are in the worst position with emergency trunk release, you can ask for help by a latch mechanism.

Examine For Inner Access

If you cannot use the external trunk lock, try to open the trunk inside your car. Use the manual trunk release lever, which is often found on the car’s driver’s side.

You can also remove or fold down the back rear seats if it does not work. In contrast, you will have to squeeze inside and pull the trunk release lever to open it.

Go To An Auto Locksmith

Calling a locksmith may be the best option for you when you have lost your valet key and don’t have a spare.

The fact that a locksmith can resolve the 2017 Sonata trunk won’t close by creating a new key right away is the most practical choice.

Depending on the kind and manufacture of your car, the cost of hiring a good locksmith will likely range from $30 to $60.

Make Use Of A Slim Jim

When the Hyundai Sonata trunk won’t open, you can use a Slim Jim, which is a long, thin piece of metal used to unlock the door.

Put it in the gap between the window and the stripping. When it catches on to something, you should move it up and down again and again. Until you feel it is alright, the door can be unlocked.

When using a Slim Jim, you should take great care of your car because it could harm your car’s paint or interior.

If you do not feel like using this kind of solution, you can ask for a reliable locking mechanism to help you.


What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Locksmith?

The cost of hiring a locksmith is between $70 and $150. You need to rekey the car if you do not have a spare. The cost is as low as $50 but even as much as $300.

Therefore, choosing a trunk mechanism to help you or not is up to you.

What Is The Greatest Way To Open My Trunk?

There is no “greatest” method for opening your automobile trunk. Each approach has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The easiest way to open your car trunk depends on your specific scenario and sometimes professional advice.

Can I Open The Trunk By An Inflatable Wedge?

Yes. Of course. You can use an inflatable wedge from a repair kit to open the trunk instead of covering other costly repairs. Place the air pump bag and apply adequate pressure to use an inflatable wedge.

Inflate the bag with the manual hand pump to produce a large enough opening for inserting tools through the entrance. Wrap the wedge in a cover (ideally a plastic square) to protect the paint.


We are just selecting some information on how to get the trunk handle because the Hyundai Sonata trunk won’t open for reference in this article. We always hope that they are beneficial for you.

When using the above measures, the trunk cannot be opened in emergencies. You need to contact your nearest auto retailer for an emergency valet key.

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