Is Air Suspension Good For Daily Driving? Some Tips For Using Effective Air Suspension

Smoothness and comfort are one of the top concerns of many customers when choosing to buy a car.

Many factors and components affect a vehicle’s comfort; the first and most important one is the vehicle’s suspension system.

This article will help you answer the question, “Is air suspension good for daily driving?” as well as some tips to help you use effective air suspension.

Basic Information About Air Suspension Good For Daily Driving

Is air suspension good for daily driving
Air Suspension Good For Daily Driving

The suspension system is placed above the front and rear axles of the vehicle, connecting the chassis to the bridges so that the vehicle can operate smoothly and stably.

In addition, they also play an important role in transmitting power and torque from the wheel up to the chassis or body. This helps the wheel to ensure proper installation.

What does air suspension do? The air suspension setup is composed of 3 different parts. Each division undertakes a separate task, specifically as follows:

  • Elastic parts: Composed of springs, torsion bars, springs, and compressed air, keeping the task of absorbing vibrations from the road surface, reducing the impact of extra weight on the chassis, and helping the wheels move smoothly and stably.
  • Dampers: There are two types of shock absorbers: hydraulic shock absorbers and friction dampers. They play a role in limiting the vibrations of the wheel and body. This ensures better traction.
  • Guide unit: This part ensures the vehicle’s kinematics, the direction of the wheel moving only in the vertical direction. They can receive and transmit force and torque from the wheel to the frame and tire.

Is Air Suspension Good For Daily Driving?

Yes. Of course. Air suspension vs normal suspension is completely different.

Air suspension is a component that contributes to the movement of the entire body, particularly car heat when driving on rough roads.

If you do not correctly maintain or install your air suspension car, the daily drivers may have troubles that make the air suspension difficult to function.

A professionally installed system will be perfectly suited for everyday driving.

Why Is Air Suspension Good For Daily Driving?

disadvantages of air suspension system
The Reason Of Air Suspension Good For Daily Driving

The Ability To Adjust The Air Suspension

The biggest benefits of air suspension are the height of the car’s height with a touch button. This is the reason why many people want to install an air suspension system in their cars.

The automatic air suspension system allows you to adjust the position of the vehicle more precisely, depending on the preferences of the car owner.

At the same time, there is no need to make complicated adjustments to the vehicle structure.

The Ability To Manage

Based on data from the body position sensor, the control unit may deliver orders to the solenoid valves of each wheel car to ensure that all wheels on a bend have maximum grip on the road surface.

When a circuit enters a rotation, the pressure rises, causing the machine to rise slightly on the axis of the inner turning radius. This makes your driving style easier and increases traffic safety.

When the maneuvering is finished, the air is released from the intake circuit, and the trunk’s position is stabilized by automation.

Optimized Performance

The driver can focus on handling or making the automobile as comfy as possible while modifying the chassis.

If your car has a strong engine but can’t utilize it to its full capacity on roads, the daily driver may modify the air suspension to make it as soft and pleasant as possible in traffic.

So, you could know the answer: “Is air suspension comfortable or not?”

This is typical behavior. However, the sport mode may be activated once the vehicle reaches the track by adjusting the suspension settings.

The Flexibility On The Road

Most full-size vehicles have huge wheels to withstand off-road ability, making it considerably more difficult for shorter drivers to load into the trunk. In this case, the machine can be slightly lowered.

This system can also be used on a trailer.

The trunk height can be kept to a minimum while loading, and the truck owner raises your vehicle to a comfortable height during transport. 

Excellent off-road capability because the air suspension can modify the vehicle’s ground clearance, angle of incidence, and exit angle, avoiding ground jams that harm other components.

Limit Wear And Tear

Using air suspension for your vehicle or trailer might help you save money on other parts. When a truck is loaded after towing or altering the drive gear angle might strain the u-joints and drive shafts.

You may use air shocks to fill your shocks with air and return your truck to a flat state.

Energy Saving

Most the people often ask: “Are suspension airbags worth it?” We ensure that vehicles having air suspension may be modified for different types of roads.

As a result, it receives several benefits to enhance fuel economy. For example, lower vehicle height equals better aerodynamics and reduced wind resistance on the highway.

On the other hand, the air suspension system is better suited to certain road abilities and provides better control of curves.

Then, the daily driver can save time and fuel economy when driving on multi-turn routes.

What Drawbacks Of Air Suspension For Daily Driving

air suspension pros and cons
Drawbacks Of Air Suspension Reliable


No one can deny the benefits of air suspension. However, the disadvantage of air suspension systems is that they are more technologically advanced than metal or composite springs.

This equals greater prices. For instance, Volvo asks for $1,800 to upgrade to the air suspension in the XC90.


Most components in a board compressor system are more susceptible to damage. Metal or composite springs tend to sag only with years of use.

Meanwhile, bellows in air suspensions can wear out or crack due to air leaks.

Mechanical Problems

You will also frequently experience mechanical issues with the air suspension kits.

It can malfunction related to various issues, including corrosion, internal moisture damage, or a faulty air hose attached to the gas system. These are some of the most typical causes of air suspension fires.

What Attention To Help Air Suspension Good For Daily Driving 

Examine Leak System

Inspect the air suspension tubing and airbag suspension to keep your air suspension system in excellent working order.

If the strings and bags leak are destroyed, the auxiliary spring will be difficult to inflate.

As a result, the board air compressor will have to run continuously and wear down faster. You can protect the safety of your car if you notice this system leak early.

Examine Air Line Connections

Check the airlines on a regular basis to ensure that each one is correctly linked to the air spring pressure and suspension. So the system will be assured of functioning properly.

Check The Air Springs

It is advised that air springs be kept at a pressure of 5 psi. But, this value will vary depending on the vehicle type and each pneumatic shock absorber placed on your storage tank.

You should consult a professional to establish the appropriate air pressure for your bespoke air spring system. After deciding, inflate or deflate each spring to avoid damage and efficiency loss.

Take Care Regularly

If you want your air suspension to be stable, you must examine it on a regular basis. Check each part to ensure it is in good operating order before hauling products or traveling long distances.

If you find a problem, take it to a service facility immediately. This will increase the longevity of your specialized equipment.


Does Air Suspension Good For Racing?

Many people usually wonder: “Is air suspension reliable?” Some people often install air suspension for their cars to serve racing.

It is a necessity for your vehicle to be able to handle the pressures of cornering. However, be very careful and ensure the installation process does not encounter any errors.

How Does Air Suspension Work On A Truck?

First, the brake system is filled with air. Next, it is pumped into the air spring, and then it is pumped into the collector. Air from the receiver is used to change the damping stiffness.

Is It Allowed To Drive A Car With Air Suspension On?

The simple answer is YES! You won’t face any problems and will have a comfortable ride if you spend time taking care of your engine.


Hopefully, this article has brought readers the most basic and useful information about the air suspension pros and cons that greatly affect the user’s experience and comfort.

Besides, you already have the answer to “isair suspension good for daily driving?”

With the knowledge gained, you have more evaluation criteria to choose the best air suspension for your vehicle.

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