Kia K5 Wireless Charging Not Working: Detailed Breakdown

The wireless charging system offered by Kia is like a godsend to smartphone users – until it stops working.

Its wireless nature poses numerous troubleshooting difficulties, and sadly, we cannot just break down the entire car to spot where the problem comes from. What to do, then? 

Bryan’s expert team has done proper research to get down to the root of Kia K5 wireless charging not working. Keep scrolling to learn what we discovered.

Why Is The Kia K5 Wireless Charging Not Working? What to Do

kia k5 wireless charging not working
Kia K5 Wireless Charging Not Working

Why is the Kia wireless charging not working?

Wrong mobile positions, unnecessary disruption, or lack of mobile compatibility are among the most popular reasons behind a malfunctioning wireless charging system.

Unless other hidden issues are at play, fixing a Kia wireless charger not working is a piece of cake.

Disabled Charging

Before proceeding further with any troubleshooting methods, you should double-check whether Kia’s wireless charging is already enabled. If not, follow our guidelines to activate this system: 

Step 1. Go to Kia’s settings (on the power driver information screen) > Setups > Vehicle Setups 

Step 2. A menu of options appears. Keep scrolling until you find “Convenience.” Click it, and “Wireless charging” will show up.

Step 3. By pressing “Wireless charging,” you will enable the Kia Sportage wireless charger.

And that’s it! Your smartphone should charge fine at this point.

Place the phone at the charging pad’s center and check whether it works normally now.

No Mobile Compatibility

And what if the charger is still dead even though you have enabled wireless charging?

It’s time to confirm whether your phone allows wireless charges; a phone with no wireless support can not work with the Kia system.

Older cellular phones (ex: past-generation Nokia) are obviously useless here.

A good method is to navigate to the mobile boxes and check their compatibility.

For those losing the boxes – and therefore – are unclear whether the mobile has wireless support – the Internet is always the best solution.

Look for relevant technology features from the phone’s official website or company. If needed, chat with a customer service rep or help center to ask for more charging data.

Faulty Metallic Attachments

kia k5 wireless charging
Erors Metallic Attachments
  • Have you activated wireless charging?
  • Does your phone support wireless chargers? 

If you tick all these boxes – and still suffer from broken Kia charging – chances are the faulty metallic attachments play a part here.

How so? A typical wireless charging process relies purely on magnetic induction. Hence, any metallic interference of all levels will disturb that procedure, resulting in inevitable charging stops.

The culprit for metallic interference can be anything on the wireless charging pads or even the phones themselves.

For those using mobile cases, pull them off to check for metal objects (credit cards, coins, grips, pins, paddle shifters, etc.).

Remove those items immediately, then put the phone back on its charging pad and see if the charging resumes.

And what if you don’t even use a phone case? In that case, we highly suspect the phone’s body – which is probably made from metallic material options.

Lay a thin microfiber piece between the mobile and the charger, then try again.

Overheating Chargers

All wireless chargers produce heat – that’s normal, and there’s nothing to worry about.

But overheating is an entirely different story: too much temperature forces the charger to stop mid-way to prevent further component damage.

Usually, your Kia pad will activate its small charging window to cool down the entire system.

Your best bet now is to check whether that AC window works properly.

If not, excessive heat from the engine control system is likely the root cause; fix this window before returning your phone and see whether it charges successfully now.

Note: some phones release unusual heat due to too-long usage, which may also be the main reason. Confirm this issue as soon as you can. 

Thick Mobile Cases 

Never forget that wired charging is always stronger than wireless. Any small issue with the latter could disrupt its operation completely – including something as trivial as the mobile case.

More specifically, too-thick cases can bring unnecessary barriers between electricity flows and the smart phones; remove them before checking the phone’s charger again.

For those who still wish to buy a case nonetheless, opt for one below 5mm thick. Qi-friendly cases are the best options to date, specifically designed to accommodate non-wire power-ups.

Wrong Mobile Positions

The device will not start until the pad’s charging coil is properly connected to the receiving ring at the phone’s back.

Ensure you have put the mobile exactly at the pad’s center – where both coils are attached together.

Still doesn’t work? Move slightly to check the charger’s indicator light instead.

The Silent/No Disturb Modes must also be activated; otherwise, vibrations from phone calls or notifications will jar the phone slightly from its current position.

If that’s the case, adjust its placement and test the charging one more time.

Open Windows and Doors

Most Kia chargers cannot function when the car doors/windows are still wide open. Numerous external/ environmental interferences will invade and mess up the charger’s connectivity.

Always close them all (and turn on your select vehicle) before doing any charging.

What If My Kia K5 Wireless Charger Has None Of These Problems and Still Doesn’t Work?

kia sportage wireless charger
What If Kia K5 Wireless Charger Has None Of Still Doesn’t Work

When none of the above suggestions work for your case, technical issues are clearly not your problem. It’s the hardware and instrument clusters that malfunction.

And sometimes, the bad battery is the recipe for all these hassle.

How can you charge your phone when the power source is at fault? Keep an eye on the dashboard to see any warning light, such as Battery Discharge message on your Kia.

Take the car to mechanics/repair shops and ask whether they can do anything. Approaching Kia’s chat support is also a great idea.

FAQs on 2022 Kia K5 Wireless Charging

Which Kia Has Wireless Charging Other Than K5?

According to automotive news, all 2020 Kia models are equipped with smart phone charging system, such as: 

  • Sorento SX
  • Telluride EX
  • Sportage Premium S
  • Gravity Gray Optima EX
  • Niro Premium EX
  • Kia K5 GT-line

Do Kia K5 Wireless Charging Systems Support Androids Auto? 

Yes. Besides Android Auto, you can find compatibility settings for Apple CarPlay, too.


The reasons behind Kia K5 wireless charging not working are straightforward and no-brainer; solutions do not take you more than a few seconds.

Yet again, we cannot rule out the possibility of hardware defects (defective steering racks, wheel drive, variable transmission, base engine, adaptive cruise control, etc.)

Should that be the case, professional help must be called for immediately.

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