Kia Sedona Sliding Door Won’t Close – What Should I Do?

A sliding door is a great feature on the Kia Sedona for quick door control, which is easy for children to get in and out of the car, and convenient for transporting passengers and goods.

However, it is only beneficial when it functions well. What happens if the Kia Sedona sliding door won’t close?

When your driver, passenger, or rear door latches cannot stay closed, you shall feel assured that you have come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the reasons for this issue and provide feasible methods to help you overcome the infrequent closing problem.

Why My Kia Sedona Sliding Door Won’t Close?

Kia Sedona Sliding Door Won't Close

If you find that the door on your 2015-2018 Sedona model is not shutting, there can be possible causes: lack or grease, problems with the latch, an electrical fault, a misaligned door, or broken door handles.

Unfortunately, problems with the sliding doors are prevalent.

Apart from when you struggle to unlock the driver side door with the remote, some drivers may even have difficulty manually shutting the sliding door. Or the door control switches may not function properly.

Latch Issues

One of the numerous causes for infrequent closing is the latch, like when your hood latch can’t close. If the latch on your Kia Sedona side door becomes stuck or rusty, it will prohibit the door from closing.

Doors that would not close are one indicator of a defective door latch system. The latch and anchor interlock when the door is closed to seal it.

If the latch mechanism within the door breaks or has any problems, it may be unable to fasten onto the anchor, resulting in a door that will not shut.

This is a concern since automobiles with open doors are dangerous to drive.

Door Handles

A door handle is a minor automobile part that is sometimes disregarded.

Everything is OK as long as it works, and you soon forget about it. If you have a faulty door handle, the driver-side sliding door will not close.

The door handle is placed on the interior and exterior of your Kia Sedona and allows you to enter and depart the vehicle’s cabin.

Once your Kia Sedona’s handle cannot perform these operations properly, it is defective and requires immediate repair.

Door Electronics

An electrical fault is one of the major reasons why your Kia Sedona rear door won’t open or close.

The sliding door is powered by electricity, so when there are issues with it, the door will not function properly.

Door Alignment

Assume the side door on your Kia Sedona is sagging or the space between the door and the fender is not comparable.

In that instance, the door hinges are most likely damaged from regular use, and the door alignment may be harmed due to an accident.

Door Anchor

Your side door won’t close if its anchor is out of order. So keep an eye on this part.

Lack of Proper Lubrication

Lubrication is the final cause we’ll look at in this post.

Most Kia Sedona side doors feature lubrication holes, which allow metals like console door latches and hatchback hinges to corrode, resulting in your Kia Sedona side door not closing.

A lack of grease can lead to the Kia carnival sliding door problem. Spray lithium grease into the latch assembly.

Then, with one person holding the door handle open, use a screwdriver to try to open and close the latch.

How To Repair Kia Sedona Sliding Door Stuck Open?

If you have a more recent Kia Sedona EX, the techniques outlined above may not be sufficient to repair your damaged sliding door.

However, there is a way you may attempt that may quickly restore your sliding door to full functioning condition.

Step 1

Sit in the driver’s seat and look for the toggle switch on the steering wheel.

Step 2

The toggle switch should be near the steering wheel button. If you cannot locate the appropriate toggle, review your owner’s handbook or contact your dealership.

Step 3

When you discover the toggle, you’ll see that it can be turned up and down. When the toggle is pulled down, the sliding doors will not function properly.

Step 4

Return the toggle to the UP position. Reopen and close your doors; the problem should now be addressed.

Kia Sedona Side Door Wont Close – How To Avoid

There are various ways to prevent it when your Kia Sedona sliding door won’t open. Some of these methods are as follows:

Lubricate the Lock

Apply a quality lubricant to your Kia Sedona side lock, then insert and remove the key a few times to allow the lubrication to flow correctly.

This will reduce friction, causing your Kia Sedona side door to not close.

Door Electronics

Whether you believe this is the case, check your car’s fuses to determine whether there is a short circuit at work.

Whether this is the case, you can repair the wire or fuses and test the electronic locking control to determine if the problem has been rectified.

Door Hinges

Lift your side door to regularly determine whether there is any clearance between them to monitor the door alignment.

Should there be no clearance or your door motions are balanced, it indicates that it is in perfect working order. And if not, it suggests you need to double-check and adjust things.

Door Latch

Check the latch on your door and make sure it is not rusted. If it is, what you can do is described above.

Door Handles

You can tighten them with a screwdriver to verify the handle’s mechanisms are suitably fastened and performing properly.


Why My Kia Sedona Sliding Door Won't Close?

The Kia Sedona is a well-liked, dependable vehicle with useful amenities like sliding doors. However, despite their popularity, they frequently exhibit a similar flaw.

You may take various strategies to troubleshoot and remedy the problem when your Kia Sedona sliding door won’t close.

We hope that our post has provided you with essential knowledge and useful tips to deal with it.

Suppose the solutions in this article do not resolve your sliding door problem.

In that case, it might be something more serious, such as an electrical defect that necessitates fuse resetting or battery replacement.

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