6 Common Reasons For Kia Sorento Sunroof Won’t Close

The issue that the Kia Sorento sunroof wont close can bring bad experiences to the drivers when running.

Getting a deeper understanding of the Kia Sorento sunroof will help people fix this mistake better and ensure their safety at the best level.

Below are some information describing the main causes of Kia Panoramic sunroof problems and how to take Kia Sorento sunroof reset.

Why Kia Sorento Sunroof Wont Close?

Kia Sorento Sunroof Wont Close

There are six common reasons explaining why the Kia Sorento sunroof wont close, so people should take notes.

They can be under the impact of sunroof glass, sunroof tracks, or sunroof operation, which are attached to the car system.

Kia Sorento Sunroof Leaks

Sunroof leakage is the drivers’ most common issue when owning Kia Sorento cars.

They have a lot of difficulties dealing with this and tend to take their cars to a third-party service for checking. It could be due to the tear of rubber seals and a clog on the sunroof drain.

Both cases are strong alarms for people to fix the sunroof immediately if there is any serious damage to the interior of their cars.

Glass Cracks Or Scratches 

Drivers must ensure that the sunroof glass is in a closed position during moving on the road, especially in bad weather. The full glass is designed to be tough and hardly unbreakable from external factors.

Therefore, the risk of glass cracks leading to the problem that the Kia Cadenza sunroof wont close is relatively low.

Mechanical Kia Sorento Sunroof Problems

A sunroof motor can work effectively, but the Kia sunroof wont close completely. This is attributed to the dirt or gunk stuck in the gears of cars after a while.

Most drivers take the glass panel out of the vehicle and check the gears 2-3 times to detect the right mistake.

If the users can not fix this problem by themselves, please take their car to qualified professionals to promote the quality.

Electrical Problems

Inoperable electric sunroofs are a nightmare for any driver. The main reason is probably a dead motor, a faulty sunroof switch, or a lack of power.

The problems relating to electricity should be fixed by highly-rated, verified experts or getting a direct answer from sites supporting the Kia Sorento users.

The cost of repairing electric sunroofs is quite expensive, which requires people to consider carefully before deciding to replace them with a new one.

Sunroof Shattering

Small cracks can sabotage the stability of the glass, causing it to shatter spontaneously after a certain time period.

This is one of the few reasons people hardly encounter due to the strong structure of Kia Sorento lines. However, the users should also take note of this reason to restrict the risks of sunroof shattering.

Rattling During Driving On The Road

People are driving along the road with some peace, and suddenly there is a rattling sound on the sunroof.

This can bring an annoying feeling to the drivers rather than a fault in their cars’ moon roof or sunroof cables.

Everyone needs to lubricate the end of the sun roof and wait for a short time to check again. If it continues to raise the rattle, get the care checked in a repair shop.

Troubleshooting For Kia Sorento Panoramic Sunroof Problems

The drivers should catch some general information about how the sunroof buttons work or how to close a sunroof manually to detect mistakes quickly.

Follow the step-to-step instructions below to troubleshoot the 2014 Kia Sorento sunroof won’t close or the other lines.

  • Gain access to the lift arms by taking out the glass from the sunroof. Inspect the guides to check if they are stuck in the open position.
    Then the users should use a screwdriver to push the guides to close the lift arms properly and start to replace the glass on the sunroof position sensor.
  • Check the situation of the sunroof cable to ensure the right installation for the whole lift arm. If there is a blockage for the sunroof, remove the J plate on the sunroof window to reach the cable easier.
    Realign the cable so that no part of it is in the guides or lift arms and test the apparatus to confirm the proper motion.
  • Check the sunroof motor, then push the screwdriver to operate it to ensure it still works well. If there is any fault, please replace the bad sunroof motor with a new and high-quality one.
  • Use a multimeter on the sunroof switch to determine the power resource exactly. When there is high resistance, people should choose to replace a new wire for their cars.

How Do You Take A Kia Sorento Sunroof Reset?

The drivers can adapt some regular sunroof resetting methods to activate the entire system of the Kia Sorento sunroof. Follow the order listed below to take the right action for this problem: 

  • Individual users must ensure the sunroof glass is closed. If the sunroof glass slides open, do not take a Kia Sorento sunroof to reset to ensure safety.
  • Release the switch when closing the sunroof glass fully to start the next steps.
  • Push the switch forward to promote the sunroof glass to move slightly from the alignment sunroof glass. Then continuously eliminate the switch and strengthen the wires for power.
  • Hold the sunroof switch for 3 seconds to experience the Kia Sorento sunroof reset correctly.


What Is A Panoramic Sunroof In Vehicles?

A panoramic sunroof is a huge transparent panel on the car’s roof. People can buy this component at accessory shops for Panoramic lines or from original dealers to get more discount.

The important function of the panoramic sunroof is to cover the roof of the car and bring a good view for the users.

What Main Causes A Sunroof To Get Stuck?

There are a lot of causes leading to a sunroof getting stuck that people should take care of.

They can come from sunroof explosions, limited cam power, broken fuse, or wrong battery marker. Detecting the right mistakes will help to save much time and money in tackling this problem.

How Can You Temporarily Try To Fix A Broken Kia Sorento Sunroof?

The users can duct-tape a plastic bag under it to restrict the amount of water or wind due to the Kia Sorento sunroof not closing.

In addition, everyone also seals off individual cracks with duct tape to attain stronger protection.


Why Kia Sorento Sunroof Wont Close?

People should remember six common reasons causing the Kia Sorento sunroof wont close to applying proper methods for fixing.

Depending on the level of the accessory mode of the Kia Sorento, there will be a difference in the expense for each repairment.

Contact the automobile repair shop or the ASE-certified technician to get tips for quick answers about the issues relating to Kio Sorento cars.

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