KIA Soul Steering Wheel Locked: 4 Common Causes & Solutions

You were in your car, and the KIA Soul steering wheel locked suddenly. What was happening?

This is worth worrying about because it directly affects your safety. It’s not an uncommon problem, meaning you could fall into this anytime.

But don’t worry too much, because it’s not without a solution! You will learn them in this article! Scroll down to get more helpful information!

KIA Soul Steering Wheel Locked: Common Causes And Solutions 

kia soul steering wheel locked
Reason And Fix If KIA Soul Steering Wheel Locked

The main reasons leading to the steering wheel lock KIA Soul are diverse. Depending on the case and the car models, it can originate from different parts.

We can divide it into four common situations include:

While Car Is Parked

If the KIA Soul locked steering wheel when parked and your car is equipped with an ignition lock feature to prevent thieves, you can rest assured.

This feature is present in many contemporary vehicles. After removing the car key, crank the wheel to activate the function.

Doing so will engage a locking bolt, preventing the wheel from moving without a key. This useful anti-theft feature is present.

Even if a potential thief managed to start the engine, they would be unable to drive the car because it is immovable.

If you are inexperienced with the steering lock and accidentally activate it, this could result in a dangerous situation. Turn the steering wheel a little to let this stress out.

It must be capable of making a small movement in at least one direction. As a result, the lock’s tension will be released, allowing you to spin the key and release the lock cylinder.

But when you hear a buzzing sound from the ignition key, it’s a different story. Be careful then!

When You’re Driving

steering wheel lock kia soul
When Driving

Whenever you have to face the KIA wheel locked while driving, stay calm first!

This could indicate a problem with the steering column, suspension, steering rack, or power steering. This part locking may have harmed the transmission system due to making too many abrupt bends.

Try to maintain composure if it locks up while driving. Once it is safe to slow down, press the brakes once while keeping both hands firmly on the steering wheel.

Pull over to the road’s side as gently as your wheel will allow.

Call for assistance once you’ve stopped. Here is where having towing and labor insurance or a roadside assistance subscription would be really helpful.

It Binds When Driving

The most common reason for a KIA Soul steering wheel lock while driving is possibly insufficient or dirty power steering fluid.

You can easily move the wheels with the power steering system, especially at lower speeds.

A locked wheel is just as risky as a loose steering wheel.

Although you might not notice much difference while traveling, the automobile might become challenging to control at slower paces if this system fails.

Fluid pressure in the system may be low in case the system springs a leak due to damage.

In addition, once the fluid has gotten too dirty, change the fluid at once. You may need a new pump when the liquid is not flowing through the system adequately.

It Binds In One Direction

You can also detect power steering issues once you discover that the KIA locked steering wheel when turning it in a certain direction.

The fluid might not be to blame for this time, though, as the system functions the opposite way.

The system itself has a mechanical issue. The internals of its rack may be clogged, or the power steering rack itself may be defective.

How To Unlock KIA Soul Steering Wheel

how to unlock kia soul steering wheel
Ways To Unlock KIA Soul Steering Wheel

Step-by-step Guideline

To fix the KIA steering wheel locked, you can follow this instruction step-by-step:

  • Insert your key.
  • Try turning the key to the right to unlock it, and then check to see whether your KIA Soul’s engine starts.
  • Try not to push. Instead, perform carefully while turning the key until you locate the unlocking point.
  • Point it to the direction it wants to move if your key is stuck; it will likely turn if you do this.
  • Avoid turning the wheel too aggressively. You risk harming the ignition if you are not careful.

Other ways to handle when the KIA Soul ignition is locked include:

  • Check the battery and charge it if the voltage is low
  • Try to wiggle the wheel
  • Use a code scanner to check for the problem


To fix the steering wheel lock for KIA Soul faster and bring the expected result, the tips below can be helpful for you:

  • Do not use too much force, or you may damage it.
  • When the contactor is blocked, drop some penetrating agent on the key and insert it into the ignition. Turn it slightly to let the grease soak in.
  • Replace the key or use a spare one if the teeth of the old key have been bent or broken.
  • Completely insert the steel key, then slide it back out. To remove any debris that may be stuck inside, repeat the procedure a few times.


When Should I Change My KIA Steering Wheel?

Three circumstances could necessitate replacing your KIA Soul’s contractor.

  • It was harmed or forced, usually due to attempted car theft.
  • It stopped working altogether and abruptly gave up.
  • Your KIA Soul’s ignition switch is weak; the engine sometimes lags in starting or requires you to press the key more than normal.

It is feasible to change the broken component, which will be significantly less expensive. If you do it yourself, it will cost you between $30 and $80, as opposed to $100 when you contact a professional.

Why Can’t I Turn My Key In KIA Soul?

The most frequent causes of a Kia Soul key not turning include a stuck ignition switch, a binding steering column or lock, or an issue with the ignition key.

In addition, the key fob’s power is probably to blame when the key fob stops functioning.

Why Is My KIA Steering Wheel Clicking?

When you hear the clicking noise from your KIA, you can take a look at the main causes below: 

  • Worn-out ball joints 
  • Bad wheel bearing
  • The steering fluid level is low
  • The worn or loose suspension system
  • Overheating steering rack
  • Loose power steering hose
  • Worn-out brake
  • Worn-out or damaged tire


The KIA Soul steering wheel locked is a common situation that you need to pay more attention to and learn how to fix. We showed you that you could finish this task with enough knowledge.

Otherwise, you should drive your car to the service center for inspection and get help from professional mechanics.

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