License Plate Screw Size Toyota: How To Replace It At Home?

The license plate on the car, an often overlooked part, also plays a relatively important role when you move on the road.

You must ensure that it is valid and clear enough for the authorities to control the vehicle, especially when there is a problem.

One of the most common problems with it is that the screw falls out, and you will need to have it replaced.

What is the license plate screw size Toyota? How can you replace it? Jump into the next sections to discover!

License Plate Screw Size Toyota

License Plate Screw Size Toyota

What is the license plate screw size Toyota Camry? What is the 2012 Toyota Camry license plate screw size? In short, Toyota uses 1×0.5×0.5 inches size for all models.

Below is other information related to license plate bolts size.

About License Plate Screws Size

Before learning about license plate screws size Toyota, you should know more about the standard one.

The standard license plate screws vary depending on the brand. This part measures 1/4-14-3/4 inch. The fraction 1/4 denotes the its threaded diameter in inches, which is a typical size for it 

Its length in inches is indicated by the last fraction – 3/4, and the middle digit – 14, represents the number of threads on it.

Some common materials are often chosen to make this item:

  • Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Zinc-plated Steel
  • Nickel/Chrome Plate/Plastic Plate Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel Screw
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Brass

Are All License Plate Screws The Same Size For Toyota?

Can I use the same standard screw size for license plate Toyota for different vehicles? Depending on the manufacturer, they are available in various sizes and materials.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ones are those created especially for a given model or manufacturer.

If not specifically stated otherwise by the manufacturer, the Toyota license plate screw size is identical.

Screw Size For Toyota License Plate

Toyota uses items with a standard M6 1 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches standard size of bolt for license plate. The RSD Never Rust OE Style ones illustrate this Toyota vehicle or truck one.

Most Toyota cars’ plates will fit these stainless steel ones. Each box includes two standard rear ones and two front self-tapping fasteners.

You might need to use or add a plastic anchor to secure these ones if you already attached or drilled your front bumper with a larger item.

How To Replace The License Plate Screw?

What You Need To Prepare

Before replacing this part for Toyota Corolla, Toyota Highlander, or any other models, you need to prepare some tools to make this task easier:

How To Replace It

If you know what to do, replacing it is simple. You can purchase a dedicated thumb to assist you in screwing in this part, or using the daily-use tools is enough.

Following the instructions below, you can replace the ones holding the plate to your front or rear bumpers.

  • Start with the license plate at the back.
  • Loosen the two old ones using a flathead screwdriver. If license plate screws don’t come out, click here.
  • Its frame should be removed and set away.
  • You should clear the area around the holes of any dirt and debris.
  • Put this part and its frame back where you took them off.
  • With the aid of a screwdriver, insert the new ones into the threaded holes on it and the frame (Remember to check the Toyota license plate screws size).
  • Start tightening the new items until they are securely fastened.
  • Move to the front one and repeat the process of removing the old ones and replacing them with new ones.
  • Pull this part gently to make sure they are secure.

In case the ones on this part are rusty or difficult to remove, you can apply the following:

  • Use penetrating oil: Before removing the rusted bolt, spray it with oil and let it sit for about 15 minutes. The penetrating oil’s job is to make the rusted bolts pliable enough to be readily unscrewed.

If they are still hard to remove, adding more oil is helpful, then wait another hour. You should spray the back of it to loosen the bolt and get the oil inside.

One product you can turn to is WD-40, but remember using WD-40 for brakes that are rusty is not recommended.

  • Use vinegar: Pour white vinegar on the rusted one to eliminate the rust and make it easier to unscrew. Use a brush to scrub away as much rust as possible before removing them.

License Plate Screw: Alternative

What happens if you can’t find suitable license plate screw sizes? Well, maybe you need some help from us! Fortunately, there are some alternatives that you can use instead.

Tow Hook

A tow hook will be useful when you want to fix the item on the front side when the license plate screw size is hard to find.

  • Locate the tow hook’s anchor.
  • In most cars, a plastic one protects the tow hook; if you push it, the tow hook will pop out.
  • Screw a tow hook stud in the tow hook anchor and turn it clockwise to tighten it.
  • Now you can fasten the bolt
  • With a ratchet, turn it counterclockwise until it is snug.
  • Fasten your item to your bracket.

Adhesive Mount

Is the proper Toyota Camry license plate screws size not available in your area? A super adhesive mount will help! It would be better if you check out the cruiser accessories section of your local automobile retailer or google it to determine which mount will benefit you the most.

  • Use alcohol wipes to clean the mounting location on your car so the glue will adhere.
  • To ensure the mount is centered, move it over the mounting location.
  • Take the bracket’s protective film out, then fasten it to your bumper.
  • Fasten it to your mounting bracket.

Mounting Bracket

A magnetic mounting bracket requires tough installation. Remove the self-tapping magnet first, then the front bumper.

When you reattach the bumper, this part will be mounted and fastened on top. This is also the final solution if you can’t find the vehicle’s screw size for the license plate.


How To Replace The License Plate Screw?

What is the license plate screw size Toyota? It’s 1×0.5×0.5 inches. And certainly, it’s for all vehicle models if there is no notice from the manufacturer.

Replacing it at home is easy to carry out. So, don’t forget to check our guidelines above to learn more about this task!

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