The LR2 Steering Wheel Locked And Car Won’t Start? – Reasons And Solutions

It is a nagging problem to numerous drivers that their LR2 steering wheel locked and car won’t start.Despite a minor issue, it could be related to other motor parts’ failure, so you should be careful.

Suppose you are facing this matter and stuck in the middle of solving it; our article may come in handy. Keep scrolling down!

Why Does The LR2 Steering Wheel Locked And Car Won’t Start?

lr2 steering wheel locked and car wont start

There are four underlying culprits behind a sudden lack of Land Rover steering wheel response, including:

  • Power steering matter
  • A low level of power steering fluid
  • The trouble with the steering linkage
  • The steering wheel lock failure

Let’s take a closer look at each cause presented above.

Power Steering Problems

This is one of the common roots of the locked wheel issue. Suppose you are disengaging the clutch and decide to turn left or right; your wheel, unfortunately, binds in the opposite direction.

That means your car is encountering a steering failure.

The problem is often caused by the broken power steering system or the damaged rack internals, which are clogged with dirt and crud.

Solutions depend on your motor wheel’ conditions. In most cases, qualified professionals will replace the bad rack or perform the extensive work of fixing the steering system.

A Low Level Of Power Steering Fluid

Another factor lies in the insufficient or dirty steering fluid. It plays a pivotal role in your automobile, allowing the hoses, pistons, valves, and power pump to work optimally.

In other words, your car would be dead without this magic fluid.

If the amount drops too low (you can easily detect through the fluid bubbling), several devices of the steering system cannot work harmoniously, even resulting in a collision due to the friction force.

However, if it is filled with dirt, the particles might cause damage to the mentioned parts.

The best remedy is to have a service manager check the fluid, or you can do it at home but don’t overfill the power steering fluid.

Trouble With The Steering Linkage

An unexpected breakage in the steering columns and arms can induce your wheel to lock up while the car is still in motion.

Although this scenario is rare, you should be careful by frequently maintaining your car.

Or, if you are facing the same issue, call a tow truck to get back home or the nearest automotive center and complete a thorough vehicle check-up.

The Steering Lock Failure

Numerous modern models are equipped with a steering column lock. Turning the wheel after you remove the key from the ignition switch is a prerequisite for activating this lock.

Its main function is to prevent the wheels from moving without a key with the help of a locking mechanism.

This safety feature helps sway your worry about car theft. But you may forget to disengage it when driving, causing the wheel to stop.

Under this circumstance, you need to gently turn the steering wheel in one direction to release the tension on the ignition cylinder.

How To Unlock A Steering Wheel?

unlock wheel car

Below is all-inclusive guidance on how to unlock wheel car.

Insert The Key Into The Ignition

Unlocking the wheel requires you to use the ignition key in the similar way you start the engine. Try to insert it kindly and see whether the key will turn or not.

Switch The Ignition Key Carefully

Suppose your key gets stuck; you must apply much force to pressure it and turn it clockwise.

Avoid trying too hard because you can break the body, and it remains inside the keyhole, making the situation more tricky.

Remember to place firm but light pressure on its body until you hear the clicking noise. That means the ignition is unlocked.

Apply Constant Pressure On The Wheel

When locked, the wheel could not freely rotate in either direction. It would be best to determine that direction by relying on the pin’s location.

After that, use both hands to switch the wheel slowly and gradually raise your hands’ force. Don’t turn it too hard if not; your car could lose balance when the steering wheel is unlocked.

Don’t Rock Or Shake The Wheel 

You may push the steering wheel forth and back while attempting to unlock it. Try not to shake or rock your wheel back and forth at all costs, which only exacerbates the problem.

Turning The Key To Pull Out

If you notice that the key starts to wear out, it is highly recommended that you turn it in the anti-clockwise direction before slowly pulling it out.

Then, insert it back into the ignition and pull it back roughly by the nickel’s width. During the process, keep an eye on the locking pin to ensure its correct position.

Switch The Key And The Wheel At Once

You must both turn the key and switch the steering wheel by force. It may take a couple of tries before you can unlock them all. Good luck!

How To Fix Locked Steering Wheel By Electrical Cleaner?

fix locked steering wheel

It is not hard to repair locked steering wheels with an electrical cleaner. Following are my detailed instructions for you.

Spray A Small Amount Of Electrical Cleaner In The Key Hole

Spray a little dose of electrical cleaner toward the ignition. The keyhole might be lubricated, so it is easy for you to turn the key. Remember not to spray too much.

Use The Canned Air To Spray Into The Ignition

Besides the electrical cleaner, you must cling to the canned air.

Spraying it on the ignition’s surfaces will help clean out debris and consequently prevent the steering wheel from being locked.

Gently Slide Your Key In And Out

Insert the key into the keyhole and lightly slide it back out. Undertake this process a couple of times to remove debris stuck in the cylinder ignition.

Make Sure You Don’t Break The Key Body

When you switch the key, remember to apply gentle pressure in order not to damage or bend it. Use force to switch the wheel at the same time. Hope your efforts will pay off!

How To Lock The Steering Wheel Intentionally?

After experiencing, I please give you instructions you need to pay close attention to:

  • Step 1: Park your automobile and shut all the engines down.
  • Step 2: Take the key out of a keyhole.
  • Step 3: Turn the wheel in any direction until you hear a clicking sound.

The Bottom Line

My article has solved your worry about the LR2 steering wheel locked and car won’t start. There are reasons from power steering fluid, steering lock, or steering linkage.

For further information, you could easily overcome this issue by following the guideline above.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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