What Are Micro Scratches On Car? – Causes And Solutions

Many drivers are very interested in taking care of a car and how to handle micro scratches on car, and moderate scratches.

Because these are the most common deeper scratches in using the vehicle, no matter how well you take care of it.

In car care techniques, many simple home remedies help you deal with unsightly swirl marks on black car.

Through this article, we will explain to you what are micro – scratches on a car. How to get rid of micro scratches on car? Please follow our article carefully to learn tips for scratch removers.

What Are Micro Scratches On Car? 

micro scratches on car
Micro Scratches On Car

Micro scratches on car are usually visible to the naked eye; they are car swirl marks that form after a long time of using the vehicle.

This car swirling is unsightly and annoying for many drivers, but they are easy to remove and polish.

Specifically, in building a car, each car will be painted in two steps. First, our car will be painted with a base color, the dark color surface paint of the vehicle you see.

Second, the paint finish step will apply a top layer called a clear coat, which we feel when we touch the paint.

This is also the layer where most minor scratches are found. Most black paint swirl marks or deep scratches on a car can be removed by repainting or polishing.

What Causes Micro Scratches On Car? 

According to experts, there are many causes for cars to be scratched and swirl marks on black paint to appear, of which four leading causes are errors in the car painting process, parking, car washing, and often ride on bad roads.

The Car Painting Process Was Not Done Properly

The paint layer is like a shirt to help make the overall car more beautiful with light colors.

Technically, the paint layer also helps protect the interior details, limit rust, and increase the vehicle’s durability.

According to an objective assessment, the cause of the car paint being scratched to create black car swirl marks is due to the car paint process not being carried out correctly: uneven paint pressure, quick drying solvent, and inappropriate paint ratio.

Parking The Wrong Way

Many drivers frequently park their cars outside in direct sunlight, contributing to micro-scratches.

Parking the car regularly in the sun will make the car’s paint will quickly fade, age the car, and form swirl marks on car, influencing the resale value.

Frequently Going On Bad Roads

Regularly letting the car climb up the sidewalk steps or move on muddy roads with many obstacles and crushed stones is also the cause of the car’s paint being scratched, swirl marks black car appearing, and peeling quickly.

If the driver often goes into muddy puddles, a lot of mud and rain will also cause micro scratches on car to appear and make the vehicle quickly rust to create some beauty.

Improper Car Cleaning

Using drying towels, dirty towels still sticky with sand, rubbing vigorously on the car’s body to clean, or using paint cleaners and inappropriate detergents also cause the paint to fade quickly and easily from car wash swirl marks.

The composition of most liquids, in general, and warm water, in particular, can create an oxidation process that leads to metal wear when the paint loses its plain water absorption and evaporates.

Washing a car with a powerful jet of water, improper drying of the car’s exterior, and even frequent rainwater exposure can all damaged paint. You should avoid automatic car washes.

4 Steps For On-Car Micro Scratches Treatment At Home

black paint swirl marks
Way to Fix Micro Scratches Treatment At Home

There are four basic steps to solving the question “How to remove micro scratches from car?” The steps to remove scratches and swirls from car below are only suitable for minor scratches and can be treated at home.

For deep scratches and complex swirl marks on car, take the vehicle to the automated car wash materials to deal with them.

Identify Micro Scratches

To remove buff marks on a car, car owners must determine the light scratches’ depth for appropriate treatment.

If the vehicle has a slight scratch on the car’s paint surface, you can fix the scratch at home with simple, easy-to-find, and proper tools.

The location and size of the microscopic scratches will also determine if you can treat them at home or take it to a repair center.

The smaller the micro scratches and the narrower the range, the easier it is to handle.

Clean Off Micro Scratches

We should use soft cloths, clean microfiber towels, and clean cloth to make a circular motion on the surface of severe scratches.

This makes the treatment and re-polishing of the polishing compound of the paint more effective.

Besides, when gently wiping a wet cloth over the car wash swirls, the clean water crystals will loosen the stains on the car paint damage.

This makes it easier for car owners to remove dirt from their cars.

Handling Micro Scratches

For minor scratches, car owners can use simple tools such as toothpaste, nail polish, sandpaper, and paint the same base color coat as the car to handle those single scratches.

Note: When using sanding paper, you should rub it in the same direction as the moderate scratch, using moderate force to prevent it from spreading or deepening.

After applying toothpaste, wash soap, or nail polish with water mix to the deeper scratches, wait about an hour for them to dry completely, which is a simple drying technique.

Polish The Paint Layer

After the paint code has dried, we use a soft cloth to clean it again, then apply a polishing solution on the surface scratch areas until they are entirely painted for a protective layer.

Wait 5 minutes after the first layer of polish has dried, and continue polishing the compound to apply a new layer to obtain the best results.

Finally, it would be best to wipe it again to treat gentle pressure on the water spots, ultimately with a clay bar and dish soap.

However, when the car paint transfer is damaged too much, you should bring the car to a reputable service center for instructions on the most effective process of handling and restoring the car’s base paint.

4 Notes To Limit Micro Scratches

how to get rid of micro scratches on car
Limit Micro Scratches

Drive Carefully

Driving in the right lane and keeping a safe distance from people and other vehicles are important ways to limit scratching your car.

When moving into a bend, narrow road, or lousy terrain, etc., the driver should slow down, pay attention to look around to steer in time and avoid obstacles that can cause light scratches.

Be careful when reversing and parking to avoid collisions with other vehicles.

Clean And Wash The Car Properly

Using dry towels or stiff, soiled cloth on the vehicle’s body can also cause micro scratches.

Therefore, cleaning and washing the car correctly is also a way to limit the cause of scratches and water spots.

Use The Car Scratch Protection Method

Scratch-resistant, nano-coated paint transfer, glue, scratch removers, or scratch-based cream is a common way many car owners enhance light scratch resistance.

You can also consider these scratch-remover products and do them when you buy a car at a professional automotive service center.

Limit Parking In The Sun

Parking in the hot weather can often cause oxidized car paint imperfections, leading to fading cars and more easily scratched.

Therefore, car users should not park in the sun for too long. In mandatory cases, an additional canvas with microfiber cloth should be needed to protect the car’s body.


Micro scratches on car do not cause much harm to the vehicle and the driver. It does not make something beautiful, so please solve it right before the black car swirl marks spread.

Through this article, readers will have more experience handling deeper scratches on cars with clean microfiber towels and how to limit this situation during car use.

Do not forget to follow us for more valuable tips for car maintenance!

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