What Is MK7 GTI Weight? Answers From Expert

Volkswagen’s MK7 GTI is considered one of the brand’s most dependable sports cars. They are fantastic cars because of their dependability, speed, and throttle response to tune.

If you are finding more information about this kind of vehicle, the mk7 gti weight is one you need to know. Let’s learn more in this article!

General About MK7 GTI

mk7 gti weight

Before going to the mk7 gti curb weight, look at essential information about this vehicle.

Mk7 Engine

It should come as no surprise that the current MQB-based Golf Mk7 is the basis for this new hot-hatch.

Our local Golf GTI now has a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 220 horsepower, ten more than previously.

Not to be outdone by the horsepower, the engine also generates 350 Nm of torque, an increase of 70 Nm compared to the Mk6 GTI we tested in 2009.

With its new EA 288 2.0 TSI engine and six-speed dual-clutch DSG, which is wet type, the new GTI can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds (compared to 6.9 for the outgoing model) and reach a peak speed of 246 km/h.

When equipped with a standard start-stop system and regenerative braking, the GTI achieves a fuel efficiency of 6.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

It emits only 148 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer driven (down from 7.4 l/100 kilometers and 173 grams in the previous generation).

Based on these results, the new powertrain is 14% higher fuel efficiency and emits 16% less CO2 than the previous generation GTI.

Fun fact: the hot hatchback satisfies the requirements of the EU6 emissions standard.

The engineers at Wolfsburg have tightened the chassis and installed a high-tech electronic differential lock dubbed the XDS+ to enhance handling.

The XDS+ allows more torque to be applied to the wheel that needs it, resulting in more precise steering. Furthermore, it prevents each rotation from spinning independently.

In addition, modern progressive steering requires fewer steering inputs to turn the vehicle.

And what else? Thanks to the ESC Sport mode, traction control (ASR) may be turned off with a button. To engage ESC Sport, maintain prolonged button depression.

Car Exterior

The five-door GTI has bi-xenon front headlights with flashing daytime running lights, dual brake exhaust outlets, red brake pads, and a GTI emblem facing in two directions.

In addition to the traditional honeycomb grille and red center stripe, the GTI has a rear spoiler with black borders surrounding it with a rear windshield.

To begin with, the two red stripes on the grille have been swapped out for one red stripe that continues into the headlights.

The five-door GTI rolls on ‘Austin’ alloy wheels that measure 18 inches in diameter and are shod with 225/40 R18 tires.

Car Inside

2015 gti weight
Inside the GTI

Inside the GTI is a black roof liner, red ambient lighting, a sport steering wheel with paddle shifters, a gear knob, and even an instrument cluster, unique trim panels, and stainless steel pedals or a footrest.

The “Clark” tartan design, a trademark of the GTI, is used to cover the rear seat.

In addition, the GTI has a “Premium” multi-function display that includes a lap timer and LED reading lights for the passenger seat.

The car’s audio system is an 8-speaker, 5.8-inch Composition touchscreen display. The touchscreen on the GTI features a unique “checkered black” design.

An inferior 5.0-inch screen without a USB or Bluetooth connection has replaced the previous 5.8-inch one.

The speakers’ volume has been cut in half from eight to four, and automated temperature control has been swapped for a manual system.

That would have been perfect if VW Malaysia had also required a 5-speed manual transmission.


VW lists the Golf GTI Mk7’s base price as RM217,888 (more on options later).

VW is releasing a three-door GTI for the initial time, and the price has dropped to a more reasonable RM209,888. The above prices do not include the cost of insurance.

The GTI will feature five different settings for this purpose, including Sport, Normal, Comfort, ECO, and Individual, thanks to its Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) and Driving Profile Selection.

Vienna leather rear seat featuring red stitching, a 12-way power height adjustable driver’s seat, and extra padding is also standard.

An additional RM3,000 will get you a 19-inch ‘Santiago’ alloy wheel set with 225/35 R19 tires instead of 18 inches.

The three-door Golf GTI is now only accessible in a “Pure” standard trim and only produced on a BTO (built-to-order) basis.

Another caveat is that several conveniences that come standard on the five-door version are optional on the three-door variant, which makes it more affordable.

What Is MK7 GTI Weight?

gti weight
MK7 GTI Weight

Short answer: The mk7 gti curb weight is 1,351-1,406 kg (2,978-3,100 lbs) when empty and has dimensions of 1.44 m (57 inches) in height, 4.36 m (172 inches) in length, 1.80 m (71 inches) in width, and a wheelbase of 2.63 m (104 inches).

Besides, standard on every Golf GTi weight is a set of tires measuring 225/40 R18 in the front and 225/40 R18 in the back.


What Kind Of Speeds Can You Expect From The MK7 Golf GTI?

The engine’s maximum output is increased to 230 PS in the GTI Performance variant (169 kW; 227 hp). Both GTI variants produce 350 Nm (36 kgm; 258 lbft) of torque.

The basic GTI goes from 0 to 100 km/h within 6.5 seconds and has a peak speed of 250 km/h.

What Is The Mk7 Golf GTI Towing Capacity?

VW Golfs are capable of towing up to 2,000 kg.

This is a braking amount, although the absolute weight that may be towed by any car (including electric vehicles) that isn’t equipped with trailer brakes is 750kg.

However, Volkswagen Golf (All Variations) is not recommended for towing.

What’s Better, Golf GTI or R?

While both the VW Golf R and GTI provide impressive performance for hatchbacks, the Golf R is the superior option.

The Golf R and GTI use turbocharged four-cylinder engines, although the Golf R’s output is 288 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque, whereas the GTI’s is 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft.


All in all, the mk7 gti weight is recorded at 1,351-1,406 kg.

Besides, due to a 2.0-liter turbocharged direct-injection petrol engine (TSI) with 220 PS (162 kW; 217 hp), mk7 GTI is a viable option if you want to buy a car.

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