Muffler Hanging Low – Everything You Need To Know

Sometimes, you may notice your muffler hanging low without knowing the exact reasons behind the problem and how to solve it effectively.

Accordingly, this post is created to equip you with some fundamental knowledge and essential tips when this matter arises. Keep scrolling down!

Why Is The Muffler Hanging Low? Here Is The Answer

Muffler Hanging Low

The low-hanging muffler is principally induced by numerous culprits, such as worn-out exhaust traps, faulty installation, and external damage.

But before exploring these contributing factors in detail, we should take a look at the definition of the muffler.

A muffler, also known as a silencer, is a noise-reducing device that helps mitigate the loud pressure induced by exhausted emissions from some combustion engines.

The muffler is often located at the rear or bottom of your vehicle, appertaining to the exhaust system.

However, in some cases, this device may hang lower than its original position due to three causes presented below:

Worn Out Exhaust Straps

The silencer is surrounded by a network of straps with their sole function of supporting and preventing the muffler from dropping down.

Hence, when you see your muffler hanging low, it can be blamed for the loosened straps, as they are not strong enough to lift.

More specifically, these straps are made of rubber, easily worn out due to high-frequency vibrations and constant strain rendered by the engine movement.

Inappropriate Installation Methods

As we mentioned, the muffler is normally based at the bottom of a vehicle.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to locate and carelessly place it under the chassis or in the trunk, the silencer’s parts cannot fit in the improper position.

In addition, the same is also applied to rubber straps. When rubber is installed incorrectly, its elasticity and other characteristics cannot endure for a long while.

As a consequence, straps may get damaged soon, causing the muffler to hang low.

External Damage

The issue is likely to be caused by external contributors, including weather conditions or tricks of your neighbor.

For instance, straps and other muffler parts can get eroded over time due to water droplets in the air.

Your muffler hanging low is also attributed to malicious activities executed by your neighbor (or someone else).

He or she can throw stones toward the silencer or use tools to change its position. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you search for a safe parking spot to avert annoying tricks.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of A Hanging Exhaust Muffler

You can feel that your muffler is getting trouble via these common symptoms as follows:

  • Thumping noise arises when you disengage the clutch. The silencer was invented to reduce unnecessary noises stemming from internal combustion engines, so loud pressure levels cannot be diminished and become greater when it gets broken.
  • The acrid smell from the exhaust pipes is another sign of the low-hanging muffler. Due to the wrong position, the muffler pipe cannot operate properly as a funneling outlet of emissions, followed by a buildup of fumes. You might sense a rotten egg smell when accelerating in some cases. 
  • Fuel inefficiency is another symptom, but it is a less noticeable one. Hence, you only need to track and estimate the current gasoline consumption to identify the core problem.

How To Fix A Hanging Muffler?

How To Fix A Hanging Muffler

Following is a detailed rundown on how to fix hanging muffler that you should learn:

Step 1: Locate The Defective Muffler

You begin the repairing process by crawling under your vehicle carefully.

Remember to wear protective gear, such as gloves and safety goggles, to protect you from harmful chemicals and the splashing engine parts.

Then, take a quick look at the bottom of your vehicle to locate the silencer’s position before moving over to the next step.

Step 2: Attach The New Muffler

After precisely locating it, you must remove the silencer without damaging other vehicle components.

To undertake this task, you should pay close attention and detach the top mount from your automobile. Then, use both hands to take the whole body down.

Now, you place a new muffler on top of the exhaust hanger. Slightly move its body to match the designated position.

Step 3: Fasten The New Muffler

Eventually, you adhere the exhaust hanger containing a new silencer to the car’s underside and gently slide it into the exhaust system to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Muffler Hanging Low

What Holds A Muffler In Place?

The exhaust hanger, made of numerous straps, is the car part keeping a muffler in place.

These straps, whose main component is rubber, can retain the silencer’s position while your vehicle moves, absorbing great vibrations and excessive noise even at high velocity.

Therefore, when these straps have become loose after a while, the rubber exhaust hanger cannot lift and endure the muffler’s weight anymore, thereby inducing the muffler to hang low.

How Much Money Is Required To Fix A Defective Muffler?

The costs may vary greatly depending on your muffler’s problems. If you simply desire to replace a new exhaust hanger, the cost may range from $35 to over $60.

However, if your silencer has been on the fritz for a long time, the muffler bracket replacement cost can reach up to $600.

Thus, you should have your car regularly maintained by professional mechanics to minimize the extensive damage cost.

Can You Drive With A Low-Hanging Muffler?

We don’t recommend doing so.

A defective muffler does not significantly impact drivers unless everything is out of hand.

But when your silencer is seriously damaged, many problems may follow, including deadening engine noise or sudden accidents along the route.

Moreover, you can also be fined by the police, as you cannot ensure safety while driving on the road, which can cause great dangers to other traffic participants.

It is advisable for you to solve the muffler-related and exhaust issues in the nick of time to avoid worse scenarios.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you can understand more thoroughly after contemplating our article about the muffler hanging low.

If you are still in the dark about the information or tips presented in this article, please comment below, and we will explain one more time.

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