My Trunk Won’t Close – 2 Causes And Clear Solutions!

My trunk won’t close; what should I do? A faulty car trunk has always been an irritating issue many drivers face.

Imagine you have a lot of stuff and belongings that need storage, but the car trunk could not be closed. That must be frustrating! 

You are unable to keep any baggage behind, as it may fall out of your car. Calm your mind because this article is here to help!

It contains everything you need to know about a malfunctioning trunk, from the root causes and solutions to prices. What are you waiting for? Scroll down for more now!

The Purpose Of The Trunk

My Trunk Won’t Close

The trunk of a car is the space that can be used to keep your baggage and other belongings. However, many people are overusing the trunk, separating it from the initial objective.

They store too much bulky luggage or items that impair safety while driving. Some even drive with the trunk open.

The trunk is more than just for storage purposes. It would be best to use the trunk wisely for its intended function, not with unnecessary items inside.

These might harm the upholstery or put you at risk while driving.

Also, remember to spend some time cleaning the trunk after each ride. This will give you more confidence and comfort to drive when you know what’s inside!

How Does The Trunk Locking Mechanism Work?

A car trunk locking mechanism often comprises a trunk latch, an electrical release, a striking mechanism, and a mechanical release mechanism.

When the trunk gets closed down, the trunk latch and striker plate will also be locked together. This ensures the trunk door stays firmly in place.

In terms of opening the trunk, a mechanism on the driver’s side or from the trunk handle will be responsible for pulling a release lever.

Some automobiles come with an electrical release button. A solenoid nonetheless opens the lock as opposed to a release lever.

Why My Trunk Won’t Close?

I have instructed you what to do when the hood latch won’t close, and now the back part hits the same issue.

There are a few common and basic causes why my trunk won’t close. Not only you, but many people were and have been facing the same situation.

One of the most repeated reasons a trunk doesn’t close is that the lock or trigger becomes dislodged, which is commonplace during an unexpected incident.

This could point to an issue with wire or circuitry lying in the keychain button battery.

Nevertheless, in some exceptional cases, a problem involving the car’s power may be the root of the indicator interruption.

Jammed parts can occasionally be the cause of this problem, which you can clear using the appropriate fluids.

Some typical symptoms that people encounter when this problem arises are listed below.

Unusual Operation of the Deploy Mechanisms

Imagine when your key fob can’t unlock your car, and this situation is the same.

If you press your remote key or the interior hatchback button, but nothing responds, this is an undeniable indication that there is an existing issue with the hatchback lock mechanism.

A bad trunk latch could also be a possibility. In some other cases, this might hint at a problem mostly with the compressor circuitry.

The Mechanical Deadbolt Lock Operates Perfectly

This is yet another glaring sign of this problem. It happens when you try to open the trunk with the ignition key, but it doesn’t work. This implies that your trunk locking motor is probably broken.

How To Fix The Cars With Trunks That Won’t Close

As you troubleshoot a problem, there is always a solution. Here are some methods to deal with this common issue by using special techniques to fix the trunk not closing.

Method 1: Check The Lock For Any Breakage

Defective locks are one of the most frequent causes of a locked trunk. In this stance, the trunk handle might be broken or damaged, leading to the inability to close down properly.

Scratches close to the clasp could be the reason that the lock mechanism becomes misaligned.

As a result, it prevents the lid from closing all the way. All you need to do is to repair or replace this part with a new one.

Method 2: The Latches Need To Be Cleaned Regularly

Maintaining cleanliness throughout your vehicle will cut down on automotive problems by 50%. Small dust particles occasionally find their way into the appropriate locations, contributing to this issue.

Examine the locks on the transmission tunnel and the car’s structure for any dirt, and clean them if necessary. The trunk still can be fixed most simply by doing this.

Method 3: Bring It To A Trusted Mechanic

No matter how hard you try, using all the ways mentioned above, if the trunk won’t shut, it is time to bring it to a mechanic. This is the only option to get the job done.

Just leave the heavy lifting to them, and they will get your trunk fixed at a glance.

This method might cost you an amount of money. However, it is quick and simple, especially super convenient and time-saving.

Is It Safe To Drive When Your Trunk Is Not Shutting Down?

Needless to say, driving with a wide-open trunk is extremely dangerous, not only for you but also for other drivers’ lives

For that reason, it is highly recommended that you control your vehicle with a closed trunk. Moreover, conducting that behavior without a reasonable justification could be illegal.

Your driving is only safe until you fix the problem. So, you need to address the issue, perhaps by locking the mechanism holding the car in an upright posture.

How To Avoid The Failure Of A Trunk?

As mentioned above, it is crucial that you always keep your car in good condition by cleaning the lock system periodically.

Furthermore, you should also keep it well serviced and perform the necessary repairs or replacements. Periodically lubricating the car locks, hinges, and lathes are recommended.

Only by doing that can you avoid the trunk’s failure and enhance the driving experience while ensuring comfort on every journey.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Faulty Trunk?

One of the most frequently asked questions is, how much do you need to replace a defective trunk latch? Normally, the average cost varies from $240 to $260.

So, you need to prepare your budget around this range to pay for the mechanic.


The Purpose Of The Trunk

Hopefully, after reading this article, there will be no more questions like why my trunk won’t close. Fixing a faulty trunk is not that difficult.

The key factor is all about determining precisely where the root cause lies. What do you think about our topic?

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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  1. The same thing happened 8 months ago. The Lexus dealer said the trunk latch was broken. It cost over $500. to replace it. Shouldn’t this recurrent problem be covered by a warranty? Captcha doesn’t work properly.

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