New Car Burning Smell – What Are The Reasons And Solutions?

If you just bought your new vehicle, it is incredibly frustrating to experience any problems. One of some common problems includes a new car burning smell. It doesn’t happen to every vehicle, but it isn’t very comforting.

But before taking the vehicle to the dealer, you may want to sit down and see what you can do first. Sometimes the problem is minor, and you can detect it yourself.

This article comprises two parts. First, we will discuss why your new car is making a burning engine smell. Then, we will try to give you some solutions to the present issues.

What Is Causing The New Car Burning Smell?

New Car Burning Smell

The problem might be rooted from the residual oil, the sealant, a short circuit, factory coatings, protective coating, and paintings heating up.

Sometimes, new cars’ brakes will also have a featured scent, but it is not supposed to have a strong burning smell.

Hence, there are chances that something is off about your vehicle.  It is not uncommon for a new car to have some odd odor, though.

The reasons might vary, but there are a few most common ones that we have gathered here for you to diagnose; see which one is your problem, and we will go on from that for the solutions to the burning smell on new cars in the next part.

When The Car Smells Like Burnt Oil Or Acrid Smoke

A possible issue for this problem is an oil leak, though the burning oil smell is something you shouldn’t expect from a new car in which components haven’t worn out yet.

However, if you just changed your oil, there can be something wrong with the filter or drain plug. If they are loose or not appropriately attached while changing, the oil can leak out.

You should also check if the oil cap is closed and tightened so that it won’t jiggle. There are risks of mishandling for new car buyers who want to do everything on their own.

When The Car Smells Like A Burnt Carpet

It is a strange smell to explain. However, if you overbrake your car or keep pressing the pedal on your way down a stiff road, you might notice a strong burning smell.

It indicates that either the rotors or brake pads overheat due to constant friction. It is particularly dangerous and can hamper your speed control and safety.

When The Brand New Car Smells Like Burning Newspaper

You can smell this odor when you are changing gears. It happens in the clutch when its surface meets friction due to slipping and getting burned.

The reason behind the newspaper burning smell from new cars is because of the paper composition of the component.

When The Car Smells Like Burned Rubber

This sign indeed has something to do with a rubber component, namely the overheating rubber or slipping belts.

It means that the belts have slipped out of the track, had friction with the accessory drive pulley, and overheated. It also often comes with a high-pitched noise.

When The New Car Smells Like Burning Plastic

The plastic electricity insulation can wear off after prolonged use or be damaged by small animals. Once that happens, the wires are exposed and rubbed together to create a short circuit that melts the plastic.

However, that is unlikely to happen for a brand new vehicle since wear and tear is not an eligible problem with them.

A simpler cause can be a plastic bag that gets into the hot exhaust and is burned due to the heat.

Solutions For New Car Burning Smell

Below are some solutions to the issue of the burning smell in new cars.

Burning Oil

Leak oil can drop into the exhaust and burn, which causes a lot of danger such as fire and combustion. Visible signs include fumes or smoke.

The smell is more noticeable when you are out of the vehicle since the windows will block it from getting in, but pay close attention once it happens.

If it does, bring your vehicle to a dealer or professional repair shop to have a total check-up on the oil level and oil system.

Also, remember to keep the cap tightly, as driving without an oil cap can pose tremendous jeopardies.

Slipping Clutch 

To prevent this, you have to pay attention to the way you change gears and operate the clutch.

Remember not to ride the clutch since it will cause more damage/wear and tear and create slipping issues.

Overheat Brakes And Rotors

Overall, it is not a very serious problem as long as you let the components cool down, and this only happens occasionally.

However, if the problem persists and even presents when you are driving on a flat road with no overbaking, then it calls for trouble,

To prevent this, learn to use your brake calipers effectively from the beginning.

Once you have damaged it and notice an unfavorably strong smell, bring your vehicle to a professional for a brake pads check-up and replacement if needed.

Electrical Short

To diagnose the problem, notice if there is a burning plastic smell. The electrical leak from exposed wires can burn and melt the plastic insulation.

Once you notice the issue, try finding the leaking place and see whether you can seal it first. If not, bring your vehicle to the mechanic and have them seal or replace the damaged plastic component.

Slipping Belts Or Burned Rubber

To prevent a slipping belt, the tip is to create more contact and friction between it and the accessory drive pulley. Engineers usually widen the belt’s surface and create more tension.

That way, it will work more efficiently and tightly without slipping.

For the other common issue, check your exhaust to see if any rubber piece is burned. Usually, that is not a severe problem to be worried about.

To Wrap Things Up

Solutions For New Car Burning Smell

A new car burning smell can be very frightening since serious problems are not supposed to happen to a brand new vehicle.

However, sometimes it is inevitable to have issues here and there, and there are always manufacturing errors for any products.

That said, you shouldn’t be too caught up in the problem, but instead, calm down and consult your dealer/mechanic for any delicate parts of the car.

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