Nissan Remote Start Not Working: Causes and How To Fix

A remote start system is an example of a sophisticated automotive function that has been available for some time, notably in a Nissan Rogue.

If you want to start your car, you only have to click a button on your key fob.

However, Nissan remote start not working has the same potential for malfunction as any other vehicle equipment

When your Nissan kicks remote start not working, you need to find its causes and solutions.

In this article, I will provide all the necessary information.

How To Use Nissan Rogue Remote Start

nissan remote start not working
Nissan Rogue Remote Start

Before figuring out why your Nissan Rogue remote start not working, let’s have an overall look at how it works!

First, you should study the symbols on the key fob and learn what they perform for your Nissan Rogue.

Then, to prevent injury and property damage, read the owner’s manual’s safety instructions thoroughly before attempting to use the remote engine start function.

My following instructions should be followed for all newer models of the Nissan Rogue with such a remote engine starter:

  1. The First Step Is To Activate The Lock.

Ensure you’ve locked all the vehicle doors and pressed the lock button on your Nissan intelligent key fob before using the remote start functionality.

  1. Activate the Power Switch

To turn on the rear lights and activate the turn signal lights, press and hold the engine start button for around 5 seconds.

If you need to start your car while you can’t see it, holding the button down for an extra two seconds should do the trick.

Your automobile’s engine and automated control system have started up by now.

There are, however, other methods of activating the remote starter in certain Nissan Rogue vehicles, particularly older models and those equipped with aftermarket additions.

Why Is Your Nissan Remote Start Not Working? 10 Common Issues 

2017 nissan rogue remote start not working
Nissan Remote Start Not Working

When I’m too far from the car to reach the transmitter, my Nissan Sentra remote starts not working. That’s the key reason why.

Besides, there are some common cases in which my Nissan kicks remote start not working, particularly: 

Remote Isn’t Being Used Properly

The starting process varies by brand and model of starter. For example, one button press may be sufficient for certain remotes, while two are needed for others.

Another kind of remote starts the vehicle by having the user hold down a button for a certain amount of additional time.

Ensure you follow the remote’s instructions when your remote starter isn’t functioning.

Check Your Fob Battery Issue

Try swapping out the remote’s battery if the starting won’t turn on manually. Batteries Plus offers rechargeable options for remote keyless entry devices.

The lithium coin cells included in most remote starting fobs are the 2032 kind.

Vehicle Is Not In Park

If your car isn’t in your park, your Nissan Rogue remote start not working is a normal thing.

While it may seem self-evident, the remote starter can not activate until the car is in the “Park” position.

Your Key Fob Inside Your Car

The remote start feature will not activate if the conventional key fob is inside the car. Try using the remote starter again by removing the key fob from the car.

Excessive Efforts To Turn On the Remote

It is not possible to utilize the remote starter twice in rapid succession. To correct the problem, just step behind the wheel, turn the key to “ON,” and back to “OFF.” Then, get out of the car and try the remote starter again.

Verify the Hood

Every remote starting has a safety function that disables it when the engine is being worked on.

For example, if the hood is unbolted, a hood pin switch, as well as a tilt switch, will prohibit the remote from starting working.

Your remote starting isn’t working, so you’d better check that the hood is properly fastened.

In addition, the pin or tilt switch may have gotten damaged or unplugged. If that’s the case, most places that sell mobile equipment will replace it for me.

Warning Lights Flashing

The remote starter will not function if the hazard lights are on. Once you disable these, the starting should fire up every time.

The Pressure of Oil and Coolant

You won’t be able to use your remote starting if the engine’s coolant has an excessive temperature or the oil pressure is too low.

Instead, wait five to ten minutes for the engine to calm down, and then again check the oil and coolant levels. If the starting fails, add coolant or oil and try again.

Valet Mode On Your Remote Starter

The “valet mode” safety feature on many distant starter systems prevents accidental ignition starts.

Most people use a starter button sequence on their remote control to activate automatic mode.

Paying enough attention to your car’s parking lights is a good way to identify whether this programming mode is on.

For example, while using the remote starter controller to lock or unlock the doors, valet mode is engaged if the signal lights do not flash.

If you turn this remote feature off, your remote starter will function normally.

Turning Off The Remote Starter Switch

Many systems include the automatic mode described above, while some have a remote starting switch that turns off the remote starter.

Unfortunately, during regular use, this switch is likely to accidentally land in the “OFF” position. This toggle is usually located in a fuse box or beneath the dashboard.

When you find the off switch, let’s turn it back on to restore regular operation.

How Can You Reset The Remote Start On A Nissan Rogue? 

nissan murano remote start not working
Reset Reset The Remote Start On A Nissan Rogue

Turning off the remote start option is one approach to resetting your automobile. Your key fob’s battery may be removed in a matter of seconds, and after waiting 15 seconds, it can be replaced.

Now, check whether the key fob is functioning properly.

Changing the dead battery in your remote car starter is another option for resetting the function. Weak batteries are sometimes the blame.

If nothing of the aforementioned ways of resetting your device has worked, you may attempt the following.

  1. You should lock the driver’s door once you get in the car.
  2. You may start your car without touching the brake by pressing the starter button on your keychain.
  3. Use your keyless starter remote to activate the lock.
  4. Keep holding the start button for another five seconds.
  5. Repeat the whole cycle three more times.
  6. A sound will play when the Accessory position is chosen during the last cycle. You’ve entered the programming phase.
  7. Hold down the button labeled “lock” for roughly ten seconds.
  8. When finished, switch the applied vehicle off.
  9. Get out of the vehicle and lock all the doors so you may try out the remote keyless entry system.
  10. Call a mechanic if the remote doesn’t start working.

If you want to know more, you can check this video of Nissan Infinity DIY Repair Service ZIMALETA MOTORS.


Can Remote Start Drain The Battery?

The answer is NO.

Using a key or a remote to start the car does not affect the vehicle.

For instance, a factory-installed remote engine starter won’t drain the battery or reduce the engine’s efficiency when used to start the engine.

Some Nissan Rogue purchasers opt for the aftermarket remote engine start device since it is not standard on all Nissan Rogue models. These aftermarket remote starters might be dangerous if not installed correctly.

The safety of your battery depends on the correct installation of an aftermarket remote starter. Installing them might drain your battery and ground your engine’s connections.

Is Remote Start Bad For Your Engine?

No. Put a remote start function like turning the key in the ignition. Besides, the fluids in your vehicle will better maintain vital components if you let it warm up before you drive away.

In any event, the remote start function operates just like the start button on the dashboard. As it was installed in your car before you bought it, you can rest assured that it is compatible with your ride and won’t void your warranty.

Does Remote Start Use More Gas?

It is stated that remote start costs petrol. The way you drive affects your fuel efficiency.

The remote start on the Nissan Rogue expires after 20 minutes. This consumes less petrol than driving away immediately. However, driving before your engine has warmed up causes it to work harder and use more fuel.


There are numerous causes for your Nissan remote start not working.Before you push the button to remotely start your Nissan Rogue, double-check that all doors are locked.

It is possible if your Nissan kicks remote start not working, you do not need to worry. Instead, let’s call a mechanic or repair shop if you can fix it.

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