Oil Pressure Engine Off VW- Meaning And Solution

As you drive your Volkswagen every day, you should know about the oil pressure engine off VW.

Especially when you often hit the road, it’s necessary to understand how serious the symptom can be and have a proper solution to sort out the problem.

What Does Oil Pressure Engine Off VW Mean?

Oil Pressure Engine Off VW

An oil pressure engine off VW means you don’t have any oil pressure. In turn, the rotating components struggle to function since there’s not enough lubricant.

You’d better turn off the vehicle to avoid more terrible damage. Changing the engine would cost more than the car itself.

What Is Low Oil Pressure?

Low oil pressure VW  is a warning message that there’s a lack of lubricant inside the system. The fluid is blocked from supplying enough lubricant through all the components.

As such, your motor may face the risk of seizing up. If you don’t act properly, the situation can be worse and cause you a lot of money.

The liquid lubricates the metal components and makes their contacts more smooth.

If these parts are not smeared with oil, there can be problems such as crank or excessive bearing failure. Sooner or later, your starting motor will be broken.

Some warning signs indicate the situation, such as warning light, burning oil smell through vent, viscosity problem, starting motor’s odd noise, overheating or bad performance.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, do not ignore them but shut off the motor to protect your car.

Reasons For The Problem

Oil pressure engine off happens due to three main causes: low oil level, blocked sump screen, and increased bearing clearances.

When you see the warning light is on, you can think of these reasons; they can give you some idea of how to figure out the problem and maybe fix it yourself if possible.

The Oil Level Is Low

Low Transmission Fluid Level

2010 VW Tiguan oil pressure engine off due to the decrease in oil level. When you see the level lower than the minimum on the dipstick, filling it up is the solution.

Sometimes, your engine oil dipstick is hard to read, so clean the tool to see better.

However, the situation can happen even when you’ve just topped it off. Depending on the age and condition of your car, the oil can be burnt faster.

You may also have an oil leak or piston ring wear that causes a drop in oil level.

You can also check if anything leaks by watching out for drops on the floor or observing how many miles you can drive after changing.

The Sump Screen Is Blocked

The Sump Screen Is Blocked

If the fluid pickup tube gauze filter is clogged, the tube can’t take enough fluid and pressurize it.

When you try to drop the pan to diagnose the blocked level, using the correct oil pan bolts and sealant are highly recommended.

Increased Bearing Clearances

Increased Bearing Clearances

The other reason for the oil pressure engine off VW Tiguan is the increased bearing clearances.

It’s easy to understand that the more your car ages, the worse components will be, especially when you have faulty bearing.

Depending on the models and designs, you can diagnose the component yourself or not.

You should contact the factory service manual to confirm if you can have access to the bearings yourself or if it requires experienced skills.

What To Do When Oil Pressure Engine Off VW?

Turn Off The Vehicle And Don’t Restart

The first thing to do in the case of an oil pressure engine off Volkswagen is to shut off your car and don’t restart it.

Next, you should check your oil level. There will be two scenarios that can happen.

If the level is within the limit, which means you are fine. However, don’t underestimate the situation of Volkswagen’s oil pressure engine off.

You should never try to turn on the car but contact any road assistance that can support you.

When you don’t have enough of this liquid, check the oil pressure engine off owners manual VW or consult a professional service to know how much fluid you should add to reach the correct level.

Do as instructed, start your car, and let it run for five seconds.

While keeping it running, you should keep an eye on the warning light. Should the light be off after five seconds, you’re safe to continue driving.

If not, contact the road assistance and explain the situation of the VW oil pressure engine off and wait for them to help.

Check The Level Of Oil Pressure – Step By Step

One thing you can do yourself when you’re in the situation of an oil pressure engine off VW cc is to diagnose its level.

Step 1. Identify the switch. Disengage the electrical connector and take out the sensor by applying an appropriate socket.

Step 2. Connect the mechanical gauge or manual gauge with the port. Use proper tread sizes to make them fit correctly.

Step 3. Turn on your car and check the reading on your gauge. If the result is lower than the manufacturer’s specification, switch off your vehicle immediately.

Step 4. While doing the process, pay attention to any potential signs. Using some tools within your skills and knowledge to figure out the problem is encouraged, but it’s not suggested every time. Seek professional advice whenever you think it’s overloaded.


How Does The Engine Oil Light Work?

The sensor activates this light directly and indirectly. The liquid, after pressurization, is sent through all the components to cool the motor, lubricate the bearing, and start the oil-loaded components.

If the sensor senses the drop, the starting motor computer will switch on the warning light and even shut down the motor.

The Engine Oil Light Off After 5 Seconds – What Does It Mean?

After refilling the oil and the light goes off after five seconds, your problem is likely fixed, and you can keep driving.

However, remember that though you have replaced the liquid, it doesn’t mean you may not face the problem of VW Tiguan oil pressure engine off again.

It’s better to bring your car to experienced mechanics as some hidden problems may require professional diagnosis.

Can Low Oil Pressure Lock Up The Engine?

Yes, it can cause the Volkswagen oil pressure engine off and lock up your vehicle.

The chance you face with the starting motor seizing up is high, so it’s smart to shut off your car until you find out the exact reason for that.


Now you know the oil pressure engine off VW indicates that there is no oil pressure and the reasons behind the issue.This problem should not be neglected.

Have your car diagnosed in a professional auto repair to protect it and save your money from paying for further damage.

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