Step – To – Step To Fix One Wiper Not Working

One wiper not working is considered tricky risk drivers normally encounter when experiencing it on their cars.

There are a lot of causes leading to the situation of one wiper blade not working; however, people can take note of some outstanding factors below to fix this problem correctly.

Choosing a good wiper motor, ensuring a wiper linkage, and fixing a stupid windshield wiper are considered the best methods to maintain the efficiency of the wiper transmission system.

What Causes One Wiper Not Working?

What Causes One Wiper Not Working?

Three common causes are attributed to one wiper blade not moving, which can occur under good or bad weather, like heavy snowfalls.

Once the driver gets any uncomfortable feelings from the driver-side wiper or detects a non-working wiper, the wiper blade system can be wrong.

Follow the information below to get the mistakes correct for this issue, including:

Fault In Motor And Fuse Smoke Release

The electrical motor can support the process of detecting incoming traffic and controlling the frequency of wipers for the operation system of the car.

When the wiper arms do not work, this proves that the internal mechanism has malfunctioned or even burned out due to the engine’s pressure.

When the passenger side wiper motor is blocked or overloaded, there will be a windshield wiper fuse’s smoking release from this component that the users can easily catch.

People can choose the measure of replacing the old wiper with a new one to ensure safety at the highest level.

Torn Windshield Wiper

The special features of the wiper blades are directly related to their operation ability for the total car system.

When the windshield wipers’ rubber edges are torn, the driver wiper failure can happen due to improper contact with the other windshield immediately.

This can restrict the windshield wiper motor from attaining the functions of debriding away or clearing moisture.

The drivers should take the torn driver windshield wiper to the repair shop to be fixed or replaced by another product of similar size.

Consequently, visibility when moving on the roads can be ensured better and promote control ability effectively.

Loosen Wiper Pivot Nuts

The pivot is one piece of equipment to be used to cover the passenger wiper transmission under the impact of the wiper arms.

Most wiper arms are designed in splined shapes and keep a small hole to serve the installation process.

The nuts are important in restricting loose wiper arms during use or operation, keeping everything in the tightest position for the total system.

People should carefully note the problem of the non-moving wiper arm and observe the step-to-step direction changes relating to this item to adopt the fixing measures.

Once the left windshield wiper not working, it tends to get away with the original position of the general system (the bottom place).

The users completely have a reliable auto repair shop to check the wipers not moving and fix them immediately. 

Steps Fixing One Wiper Blade Not Working

Steps Fixing One Wiper Blade Not Working

People should follow some steps to fix one windshield wiper that stopped working below to ensure the operation quality at the best level:

  • Step 1: Drivers should start by marking the park position, then cycle the wiper arm and shut off their car correctly.
  • Step 2: Drivers continue to mark the replacement position for the right or left wiper with specific tapes.
  • Step 3: Use a flat screwdriver to properly eliminate the wiper arm’s cover to attain the hooking-up process.
  • Step 4: Check the situation of the motor or bolt by moving the wiper blade back and forth from time to time. People can depend on specific signs to detect the mistakes of the relevant components of wiper blades.
  • Step 5: Disconnect the car washer’s hole after removing the nut to promote the wiper arm’s pulling process immediately.  If there is any worn-out sign from this part, people must replace it with a new product.
  • Step 6: Clean the threads and check the total wiper transmission from the original point.
  • Step 7: Clear the threads once again with 90-degree liquid, namely, hook pick

Why Need To Replace One Windshield Wiper?

When one wiper is not working, many wrong things will occur, and people can be stuck in them while traveling on the roads.

Therefore, replacing faulty windshield wipers is considered the best way to protect human safety, maintain the operation process smoothly, and save money.

Some risks relating to the wiper motor should be tackled by professional staff or highly-experienced technicians to ensure efficiency.

Everyone must search the reference information about this service carefully to restrict the cases such as cheating, low-qualified product replacement, and so forth.


Does Each Windshield Wiper Have A Distinctive Fuse?

The wiper system is structured from only a few necessary components, and there is no significant difference between windshield blade features.

his can be installed with relatively similar fuses for the operation process when one wiper not working.

How Do You Clean The Wiper Blade Correctly With WD40?

There are four basic steps to clean the wiper blade correctly with WD40 Liquid.

People can take detailed notes about the wiper-clearing process on their mobile phones and update it continuously on the helpful forums for this problem.

Everyone must wear standard protection clothes and glasses for this activity.

Does One Windshield Wiper Have Its Own Motor?

Each wiper blade is powered by a tiny motor attached to the total wiper system of the car.

The motor helps to activate the wiper linkage and ensure the release of automobile mistakes, which can harm the vehicles.


This article has just reviewed one wiper not working and some proper measures to fix this problem.

People should follow more useful tips on reliable helpful forums or take references from professional engineers to maintain the time usage of wiper blades in the best way.

Thank you for reading this article, hope you have a wonderful experience in your own cars!

If you have any questions or further inquires, feel free to ask us via contact page. In case, the issue is not disappeared, take them to the nearest garage.

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