Engine Code P06DA Chevy: What Does It Mean?

As long-term car geeks, we must accept that there always appears to be something new to learn more about.

These strange engine codes keep popping up on the dashboard, such as P06DA Chevy is one case in point.

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What Does The Code P06DA Chevy Mean?


Normally, you will see the OBD2 diagnostic trouble code appearing on the dashboard as an indicator to show that the computer has detected Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit/ Open.

As such: 

  • The character “P” is short for powertrain system (transmission and engine)
  • The number “0” represents a general OBD-II (OBD2) DTC
  • The number “6” signifies an issue with the auxiliary and computer outputs
  • The letters “DA” designates the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) number.

This specific code is often associated with the engine light that keeps turning on, the straight operations of the oil gauge, and the higher oil pressure demonstration.

Engine Check Light On

When the P06DA code comes along with the check engine light on, there are chances that it merely indicates a minor problem, such as a broken gas cap.

However, worse is that it could also illustrate a more significant problem, such as a misfiring engine.

No matter which implication it refers to, this is usually not a good signal.

That is why the wisest way must be to take your automobile to the dealership to have the code problem fixed and the check engine light turned off.

Oil Gauge Operation

Another thing you should check when catching the P06DA code Chevy popping up on the dashboard is the oil gauge function.

With variations in engine RPMs, the oil pressure indicator will vary somewhat, but let’s first ensure it doesn’t drop to zero.

Otherwise, this might signify several things.

Either the oil level in the motor is indeed low, the oil pump may malfunction or not pump oil effectively, or the oil pressure transmitting device may fail to execute, thus giving an inaccurate result.

Oil Pressure Seems Higher

It would also be an alarm if the P06DA code pairs with abnormally high oil pressure, and you might see the oil pressure light coming on, especially when the engine is hot.

In my case, the oil pressure used to appear much greater at 60 normal driving and 75 passing pressures and 40 to 50 psi below 1000 RPM.

It goes without saying this demonstration denotes nothing but a distressing upcoming issue. As such, the common causes to blame could range verily.

The list includes a dirty oil filter, malfunctioning engine components, and higher engine temperature.

How Serious Is The Code P06DA?


This serious problem has the potential to destroy your automobile.

First, I noticed my car got stuck in gears, and it was difficult to accelerate the vehicle. Then, a decrease in fuel efficiency and power followed.

If you keep driving for an extended time, transmission failure is on the horizon, which costs you a fortune to replace.

In the worst scenario, you may find or may even stall out completely while doing so.

As such, your safety on the road will be sacrificed, 

It would be a pretty common scene to catch a driver ignoring blinking lights and popping-up codes no matter how hard they try to draw their attention.

But in the case of P06DA, believe me when I say you will not want to do the same thing with this code.

How Do You Fix The P06DA Code?

The good news: Along with several head-aching problems this code brings forth, there are also many approaches to tackle such a burden!

Let’s have a look at what you can do with the P06DA notification!

Replace Powertrain Control Module

One of the possible malfunctioning components that could result from the P06DA Mercedes code is the powertrain control module (PCM).

I know it may sound severe, but sometimes replacing the whole module is not yet mandatory.

Perhaps all you need to resolve this disorder might simply be to reset the systems and erase the recorded codes.

Still, if this does have no effect whatsoever on the struggle, then it’s time to install a new set of PCM for your pet vehicle.

Replace The Batteries

Another popular fix for your trouble is to change the batteries.

The system could fail for many reasons, and batteries are no exception.

By that, I mean a dead or weak battery can result in more faults and the failure of many components than you could ever expect.

Of course, saying so doesn’t mean that replacing this power source can always solve the problem.

Yet, isn’t it worth a shot when knowing such a complicated code can be tackled not only easily but also money and time-saving? 

Click here to grasp further about signs that you need to get your batteries replaced!

Replace Oil Pump Adapter Cable

Altering the oil pump adapter cable to fix the P06DA Chevy is another feasible fix for you to give a try when it comes to solutions to clear out this code.

A heads-up: This task will require oil much of an oil pressure switch and oil filter housing removal!

Also, for the best results, bear in mind to utilize components compatible with the model and make of your automobile.

Replace Engine Oil Pump Solenoid Control Valve

In certain cases, changing your engine oil pump solenoid control valve could also help you to get off the hook of the P06DA Chevy Silverado code.

As such, you must first go through the wiring harness for any damaged or loose wires. Then, don’t forget to examine the control module itself for any blocked channels or broken seals.

The final step is to get these impaired parts replaced if you discover any above-mentioned problems.

Double-checking the characteristics of the engine oil pump would not also be redundant to guarantee that you have a proper installation.

How Do You Prevent P06DA?


Problems regarding the P06DA code do not always come; let’s have a glance at how to keep the trouble away from your engine in the first place!

  • Tip #1: Have your automobile serviced on schedule. This will guarantee that every component, particularly the fuel injection system, is operating adequately.
  • Tip #2: The gasoline filter should be frequently inspected and changed as necessary.
  • Tip #3: Check the temperatures of the coolant and oil on a regular basis.
  • Tip #4: To efficiently run the oil pressure control solenoid valve, choose a suitable engine oil pump by taking note of the engine oil pump feature.
  • Tip #5: Routinely have the fuel injection inspected and maintained. Also, regularly get maximum oil pressure (controlled pressure stages included) checked.

This will involve checking the components for any blockages, leaks, or other signs of wear and tear.


What Is The Code P06DA On A Silverado?

P06DA dodge refers to the computer having detected Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit/opened, which somehow involves the oil pressure solenoid, specifically higher than normal oil pressure.

What Is The Code P06DD Stuck Off?

Your P06DA engine oil pressure control circuit open has probably stuck off if you connect a diagnostic kit to your automobile, and it displays a 2014 Chevy Silverado 4.3 code P06DD.

This has the potential to harm the engine and the engine oil filter. Oil may seep out of the system or escape the pressure control circuit if it becomes stuck while it is open.


Above is all that you may need to grasp about the code P06DA Chevy as well as its meaning and implications.

Now, with such fulfilled information packed in mind, hopefully, we can help you troubleshoot what is currently concerning your head.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions not yet resolved. See you then!

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