P2111 Throttle Actuator Control System Stuck Open: Solutions

Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) (sometimes known as wire-operated) is a technology that uses electricity to open a car’s throttle valve.

It is made up of a throttle body motor that is controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM).

If the PCM concludes that the electronically controlled body cannot close completely throughout a set of self.

Onboard troubleshooting will report engine failure code P2111 throttle actuator control system stuck open.

If you are seeking the code’s information and ways to fix it, then stay tuned and keep scrolling down to see.

What Does P2111 Throttle Actuator Control System Stuck Open Mean?

P2111 Throttle Actuator Control System Stuck Open


What does P2111 mean? P2111 code is a diagnostic fault code that refers to “Throttle actuator control system stuck open.”

The throttle motor moves the throttle plate, enabling greater or lesser airflow to enter the engine based on how fast the driver wishes to go.

The PCM (or a separate throttle control module) modulates the current that flows through the motor to shift the throttle plate to a suitable place.

A filthy or polluted throttle body primarily causes this code, but it may also be triggered by other issues, including a defective throttle pedal position sensor or cabling issues.

The PCM may restrict its function due to issues with the throttle actuator control system.

This is referred to as the “safe idling” or “limp mode” position, in which the engine is maintained idling or has minimal power to avoid undesired acceleration.

When the PCM detects that it is delivering information beyond the standard operating parameters, the DTC will assign the code P2111 and activate the Check Engine Light.

Please remember that the description of code P2111 may differ based on the vehicle manufacturer.

For precise code definitions, check the relevant repair manual or repair database, or you can ask the auto repair shops.

Causes And Symptoms

Now you know the answer to “What is the throttle actuator control system stuck closed?” Let’s get through its causes and symptoms.

Possible Cause Of Code P2111 OBD-II Trouble Code

What causes throttle actuator control? They could be:

  • Defective throttle body
  • Faulty throttle actuator control
  • Clogged throttle or wiper
  • The malfunctioning throttle position sensor
  • Faulty accelerator pedal position sensor
  • Broken throttle drive motor
  • Corrosion or a poor connection
  • Faulty wiring or broken wiring
  • Failing PC

Possible Symptoms Of Code P2111

According to the specific issue, the intensity of this code can vary from mild to severe. DTC P2111 symptoms could include:

How To Diagnose The P211 Code?

P2111 throttle body is a general engine DTC that applies to automobiles with a wire-operated throttle management system.

Although different goods may show similar signs, the auto diagnostic and maintenance processes change based on the manufacturer’s requirements.

If you are unfamiliar with self-diagnosing DTCs, bring your car to a professional mechanic or repair shop for a proper diagnosis.

To diagnostic trouble codes, the expert will:

  • Examine the code in the ECM for faults and check the freeze frame data
  • Inspect the engines and associated parts for contamination or problems.
  • Examine the voltage and impedance of the appropriate wiring harness
  • Inspect the throttle and accelerator paddle contact sensors
  • If needed, clean or replace the valve body. How do I clean my throttle actuator control? Our guide will arrive soon!
  • Replace or restore any damaged cables or connections
  • Change the PCM when necessary

You should also be aware that the following are a few of the biggest errors that technicians make when diagnostic trouble code P2111 throttle body:

  • Fail to carefully inspect all wires and connectors for engine damage
  • Inspect the voltage signals and resistance of the necessary wiring harness but do not test it
  • Put the throttle pedal sensor or slow speed control position sensor through their paces
  • Not clean or replace the throttle body when needed
  • Not change any broken wires or connections in the throttle control system
  • Not replace the PCM when necessary

How Do You Fix A Throttle Actuator Control System Stuck Open?

What is the throttle actuator control system stuck closed

How do I fix error code P2105? Look no further but the below for the steps to easily fix the problems

Step 1: Check For Any Other Code Errors

The first step in diagnosing is to consult the vehicular Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) by the year, manufacture, and motor to check for any other code errors.

In some circumstances, properly directing helps you conserve a great deal of time in the long run.

Step 2: Check Throttle Body Assembly With Motor

The next step is locating all aspects of the throttle actuator control system. This duplex system will feature a throttle actuator control motor, the throttle body, PCM, and the throttle position sensor.

After locating these parts, you should perform a comprehensive visual examination on all proper wiring to look for visible faults such as scuffs, scratches, burns, uncovered wires, or plastic melting.

Also, check the couplings of each part for security, corrosion, and engine damage.

Step 3: Check Dynamic Data On Diagnostic Device

An OBD code reader or scanner can show you what’s the matter with your car but not exactly how to fix it.

Let’s check the engine code to indicate any minor issues. Then, you can choose between doing it yourself and hiring a professional.

To avoid crucial mistakes, it is recommended that you take your car to a certified mechanic or any repair shop.

Step 4: Repair Or Replace Harness Or Power Jack

Electrical parts such as wire jacks and connectors are one of many backstage power source components of a vehicle that speak volume in the overall performance of your automobile.

Its cable connections can be damaged by abrasion, humidity, severe weather, and dirt. All of these can deteriorate elements over time, causing cables and connectors to fail.

So, replacing or repairing them can be a wise and required move in dealing with the code P2111 DTC.

Step 5: Replace The Throttle Assembly With The Motor Body

The throttle body is the component of your vehicle regulating the quantity of air that enters the motor intake and the combustor.

It’s a simple element that releases at different angles to enable the appropriate quantity of current flow based on how the throttle is set.

Although the throttle body is a part of the machine, it will deteriorate over time.

As carbon accumulates on the throttle body, it can stop replying properly, causing several issues. Therefore, you should replace it as needed.

Step 6: Check If Any Errors Appear Again

After the above steps, you should check again to ensure these errors are not repeated.

If the code error occurs again, review your repair procedure or take the vehicle to a professional maintenance specialist.

Advanced Steps

These procedures necessitate the use of specialized equipment to complete appropriately.

These additional steps use a measuring device as well as vehicle-specific technical references. Note that voltage requirements vary depending on the year of manufacturing, vehicle model, and engine type.

  • Shut off the engine and detach the power from the throttle body. Here, locate two motors or motor pins.
  • Check the impedance of the engine performance with a digital ohmmeter tuned to ohms. The motor should measure between 2 and 25 ohms depending upon the vehicle.
  • Change the throttle body if the opposition is excessively high or too low.
  • If all of the past trials have passed, you should verify the voltage indications on the motor.
  • Should this technique find no ground or power source, a continuity test is needed to verify the wiring’s safety issue.
  • You should conduct the continuity test with the power supply disconnected from the circuit. The typical results must be 0 ohm. No continuity or resistance signals a wiring issue, and it must be fixed or replaced.


Lastly, the P2111 throttle actuator control system stuck open code is most commonly caused by a filthy and bad throttle body.

Still, it may also stem from other issues, such as a defective slow speed control position sensor or wiring issues.

We hope that this post has provided you with the information you need. Thank you, and see you around!

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