P2646 Honda Element – A Complete Guide

Are you worried because your vehicles have a P2646 Honda Element error? You are struggling to find ways to get rid of it.

Coping with the P2646 code problem is not an easy task that trained experts should do.

Attempting to do this yourself might do more harm to your engine and its internal components.

However, if you are confident enough and have technical knowledge, why don’t you give it a try and save on the repair cost?

What Is p2646 Honda Element?

P2646 Honda Element

When people say 2003 honda element code p2646, 2004 honda element p2646, 2005 honda element p2646, or 2006 honda element p2646, they prefer the same P2646 Code.

It can happen to a lot of honda models.

A P2646 diagnostic trouble code is an OBD code created by the Engine Control Module (ECM).

It will detect whether the “A” rocker arm actuator control circuit is not functioning properly or is stuck somewhere. So, it is obvious that this problem can happen to Honda vehicles.

Honda automobiles use a lift electronic control system and variable valve timing, often known as VTEC. Through the ECM, the VTEC system regulates the rocker arm and helps improve fuel efficiency.

The rocker arm control provides hydraulic pressure to the lift mechanism and variable timing of VTEC systems. It helps the VTEC system to change valve timing and lift when necessary.

The ECM controls oil pressure conditions via the rocker arm switch. It, therefore, enables the variable timing method to work properly.

If the ECM does not have the correct voltage signal from it, the honda element code p2646 will appear.

What Are The 2007 Honda Element p2646 Symptoms?

The first sign of the P2646 code is that the ECM will display the Check Engine Light on the dashboard. If you see the signal, it is for sure your Honda Element is facing P2646.

The light is followed by a decrease in engine performance as its valve is not functioning properly.

When one of the rockers becomes stuck somewhere, you will experience a loud noise. Think about the code when you have this indication.

Is your Honda consuming a greater amount of fuel? Because of poor engine performance, your vehicles will consume more fuel.

What Are The Causes of 2008 Honda Element p2646?

What Are The Causes of 2008 Honda Element p2646?

Wrong Oil 

If you’re not sure what oil weight you used last time, here is a good place to start. Use a dipstick to check the gas. Ensure that it does not seem milky. Otherwise, it would be the reason.

Your head gasket may have leaked, and it dumps coolant into your oil pan or the ground. It will make incorrect oil viscosity and cause the P2646.

Low Engine Oil Level

When the dipstick does not show any oil, the level is possibly too low for the VTEC to work normally. Engine oil will stops lubricating other components as the normal.

So the not-well-oiled parts will not proper working, it might cause the P2646 issue on Honda. So, make sure to check the oil level frequently to keep your engine in good working condition always.

Wiring Issue

P2646 means a low voltage at the VTEC or Rocker arm oil pressure switch. It suggests that a wiring problem might be at blame. Check where the wire harness connects to the oil switch.

Ensure it is not damaged and is fully plugged in to have electrical connections. Follow the wiring to check whether it is damaged in any way.

Bad VTEC/Rocker Oil And Dirty Engine Oil 

This code will occur if the engine has too much sludge that prevents the rockers from rotating. Wrong oil viscosity will also force the system to stop, especially when the oil is too thick,

Oil Pressure Sensor Failure 

Failure of the rocker arm’s oil pressure sensor is another possible reason, as are malfunctioning rocker arm oil control solenoids.

A wiring problem can also cause the P2646 error code. A skilled technician should look for possible wiring faults when fixing this problem.

How Serious Is The 2005 Honda Element Code P2646?

Honda element p2646 error is serious because the “A” rocker arm control circuit is important. If your valve timing system fails, your vehicle loses performance and power.

Also, this code may create many issues with certain engine components and increase fuel usage.

Skilled experts do not allow you to drive for long periods. Fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid further engine damage.

You will face more harm to the car’s internal parts, therefore spending more money for repair later.

Plus, driving your vehicle while it isn’t functioning effectively is risky to your life since you’re placing unnecessary pressure on it.c

A P2646 error might occur if the fuel is low and wrong. Check the gas to ensure that it does not happen. Think of an engine flush if a lot of sludge prevents the rocker from normal operation.

An oil pressure switch failure is a typical cause of the code. It is positioned on the engine’s side. Replace it, and there is no worry about the cost. It is not expensive.

Modern Hondas feature a Variable Timing Solenoid, whereas earlier vehicles have a VTEC Solenoid Spool. You can try repairing the solenoid valve after you have checked something wrong with it.

The component is positioned on the engine compartment’s firewall. A little filter within the solenoid frequently becomes clogged and must be cleaned.

One thing to note is that if you dont have a lot of technical skills, it is advisable to reach a technician. Misdiagnosis can result in more engine problems.

They will scan the engine and collect any freeze frame data to establish its state when the code p2646 honda element initially occurred.


P2646 Honda Element error can happen to your car. You should pay attention to your vehicles. If there are any symptoms above, try to take them to a technician.

You can try to deal with the problem in case of an emergency with the steps above together with Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs).

However, when possible, a technician can help you examine it thoroughly.

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