Solutions For Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side

A lot of drivers agree that the car power window not working on passenger side is a great trouble to face.

If the glass cannot slide upward, people who stay in the vehicle have to suffer from strong wind, rain, and polluted air from outside.

Meanwhile, if the glass cannot be adjusted lower, you will definitely be blocked from outside contact.

Don’t worry if you are involved in one of those problems. This article will help you identify the reasons why the casements are stuck as well as provide the most effective solutions for this issue.

How Do Power Windows Work?

There are two types of car casements: manual and electric ones. Each type has distinct components and operating mechanisms.

This writing focuses on the power windows, and here is the explanation of their function.

The car makes use of a component known as a regulator to adjust the casements inside channels.

Some latest versions of power casements in luxury cars are frameless. These ones can swiftly raise or lower themselves automatically at least ¼ inch when the doors are opened.

This process just takes a few seconds before the doors latch.

The greatest drawback of electric windows is that the monitor systems would be out of order sometimes. Besides, the regulator would be stuck suddenly.

Why Is My Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side?

Lock Button Is On

lock button is on
lock button is on

It is funny to find out that a lot of drivers forget to get the lock button off when they have other people together in their car. This problem is related to the working principles of power door locks.

The lock-out button on the driver’s side door has extreme control over other casements.

When the button of the vehicle is pressed, it results in any other passenger power window switch not working.

As a result, the power window on the passenger side will not move.

Broken Regulator

As mentioned before, a regulator is necessary for the movement of your power window. Thus, when the power window not working on driver side or other sides, it will stay still no matter how hard you push the control button.

The common root of this phenomenon is the disconnection between the window regulator and cable. In some cases, the cable may come off the pulley or be winding up wrongly.

Broken Window Motor

Broken Window Motor

The electric motor has a great impact on the function of your power window. There is a gear at the back of this component connecting with the regulator to guarantee sustainable movement.

Users have to push the door’s power button to activate the motor. If this element is bad or overheated, the regulator will not work. As a result, the electric windows will be stuck.

Bad Fuse Boxes

When all the passenger window sides stop, the blown fuse for the regulators may have issues.

It results in no sound coming from the motor, and the glass would not tremble as a sign of moving. Moreover, there is nothing happening when you press any one of four switches.

Bad Weather

Bad weather, especially the snow and ice, is a potential cause of your unactivated windows.

The regulator would wear out faster due to suffering from the freezing condition. Your window frame and glass can be frozen, causing it to stop moving in cold weather.

In this case, if you put effort into forcing the regulator to function, it seems to be ineffective. To be honest, the electric casements are almost not meant for the harsh conditions of freezing and low temperatures.

frost covered white car side windows
cold weather

Gasket Problems

The gasket takes responsibility for protecting your car from the rain and wind as well as aligning it properly.

When this component is torn, loose, or has buildup, the friction becomes greater. In some cases, the regulator and bad motor are not strong enough to handle the situation and make your casement move as usual.

Malfunctioning Power Window Switch

There is one component on your door that you might not expect to be the culprit when the left front power window not working. It is the switch.

Normally, the glass will move when you press the switch. However, after a long time of use, this window button may wear out because of the force from your finger.

When there is no power supplied from the bad switch to the motor, the window motor will not work as you expect due to the poor connection.

Electrical Wiring Problems

Multiple car wires are used to build up the connection between the window switch and its motor. Although the chance for the broken wire to deactivate your electric windows is low, they are still worth your consideration.

For instance, you were fixing a different part of your windows and accidentally detached one of the wires.

Dirty Window Tracks

Dirty Window
Dirty Window

The glass runs along your car window track. They are made from metal and placed inside the door.

After long use, the tracks will get dirty due to the mud or road debris. This is the reason why your power casement is not working.

How To Fix When Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side

How to fix passenger side power window? Here are the tips and steps to follow:

Instant Repairs

Check the safety locks. Make sure that the safety locks are not on by accident. An engaged safety lock in your car will properly cause the left front power window not working.

Check the electronics. The car casements can automatically move thanks to the electricity in your vehicle. Thus, the electronics must be guaranteed to be working before you determine the cause.

Blockage check. As mentioned in the last part, the ice from outside can block the glass and stick it with the flame. Thus, remove the impediments while avoiding damaging the surface.

Restart the car. If your situation is not involved in those issues, you can try restarting your vehicle. There is a chance when you turn the car off and on again, the internal electronics and computers will be reset.

Enhanced Repairs

Slamming Door. This method is the solution for unaligned windows on tracks. Firstly, start your vehicle, then push and press the switch to move the glass as you want.

Keep pressing the button, stay inside and slam the door. Continue doing the same a few times.

Palming glass. If there is debris contained in the casement slot, turn on the engine and open the door wide.

Stand at the back so you can hold the glass by your palms. Ask another person to press the switch, and you have to pull the glass concurrently.

Striking. The striking method is an alternative to slamming.

Strike the heart of the door with your palm from outside. Do not make it too hard, and stop if the casement does not get aligned on track.

Door panel removal. Another solution when the passenger side power window not working is going to the professional mechanic. Ask the professional to remove the panels and then determine the problem.

Generally, the mechanic will unscrew at least one screw located at the back of the interior handle. They can check if there is a blockage on the gears.


How Long Does It Take To Fix the Passenger Side Window?

Thankfully, you do not have to spend days or even weeks waiting for the fixing, even if all four power windows are out of order.

There are only one to two hours on average required for the process of diagnosing and repairing each one. This time amount is appropriate for both replacements of regulator and motor.

Therefore, if you need to fix four casements, the process is expected to last from four to eight hours.

After determining the issues, the mechanic will give you the estimation of the time needed. Still, there are some cases where the mechanic refuses to release your car.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Passenger Side Window?

 Fix a Passenger Side Window
Fix a Passenger Side Window

There are multiple factors affecting the price offered for your power windows’ repair.

The cost of a service package, including diagnosis and fixing, possibly ranges from $50 up to $200.

If you need to replace the regulator or motor, you may have to spend from $400 to $600.

Common factors deciding the cost are the model of your vehicle, the year, and the average local rate. It is more economical to go for an independent garage or a chain shop instead of a dealership.


That is a comprehensive review of the problem of power window not working on passenger side and related information.

To be honest, depending on how serious the issue is and the root of the stuck window, you can decide to repair it yourself or not.

However, some mentioned methods in this writing may pose physical injuries during the repairing process.

For instance, your fingers may be caught by the glass and the frame when you do the palming.

Should you be an amateur and try to fix the problem at home, you might damage the vehicle due to the wrong selection of tools or techniques.

Therefore, if you are not clear about the function of the car and the method of fixing it, take it to the mechanic to guarantee safety.

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