Ready Lift Vs Rough Country – What Are The Differences?

The Ready Lift vs Rough Country are two famous companies specializing in the provision of motor kits, such as the level kit, jeep lift kit or block kit, etc.

But are you clear about their differences? Are there any distinctions between the two products as regards their prices or quality? The answers will be thoroughly presented in our article.

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About The Ready Lift Vs Rough Country Corporations

ready lift vs rough country

As mentioned earlier, Rough Country vs Readylift all focus on a line of innovative car equipment, and their primary income sources derive from selling these products to customers.

To dive into the detail, the Readylift was founded in 2006, dominantly working in the lift kit market. It would help compromise fuel economy together with the factory ride and handling.

Over many years since its establishment, their products have been upgraded to cater for customers’ needs, especially the fastidious ones.

The company also develops more alternatives that are more cost-effective and of higher quality, like a leveled aggressive stance or bigger tires.

In terms of the Rough Country corporation, it was founded in 1975, older than the Readylift. Its original product line focused on classic shock bodies and stabilizers.

After a period, they expanded their market by selling leveling kits and lift kits for numerous makes and models.

This expansion is impressive, guided by a clear vision of providing well-engineered and good off-road products at an affordable price.

What Are The Differences Between The Readylift Vs Rough Country?

Readylift products use aluminum and seem to serve inferior quality and performance compared to Rough Country items, which use steel.

But Readylift will offer you more affordable options if bought in bulk.


Most suspension devices manufactured by the Readylift are made of aluminum, while the Rough Country uses steel extensively in its products.

As aluminum is lighter than steel regarding its net weight, Readylift’s level and lift kits are not as heavier as that of Rough Country.

Yet, steel is much stronger than aluminum thanks to the solid structure of its components, like rubber and polyurethane.

That’s why Rough Country’s kits are durable and less susceptible to wear and tear.

They are good for off-road use, while the Readylift’s kits are suited to on-road applications because of their light weight.

Performance And Quality

About quality, the Rough Country may be the winner.

Besides steel, its kits are made of other high-quality materials welded by CNC for extra durability, so they cannot break down easily over time.

They are also better constructed than the Readylift, clearly shown in the high force tolerances and exceeding craftsmanship. All are combined, making a product longer-lasting and more durable.

Given the performance, the Rough Country sweeps to victory. Its kits could outperform those manufactured by Readylift due to superior construction and materials.

Its shocks offer a smooth ride quality, helping amateurs control it easier and bringing a quite pleasant experience.

The Installation

The ease of installation is another important criterion. You don’t want to waste many hours finishing the kits’ installation, do you?

I have tried the two products, so here are the pros and cons of each.

The Readylift and Rough Country all provide simple manual instructions when you buy their kits and shocks.

The installation processes are straightforward as well, causing little difficulty for amateurs or first-time users.

However, Rough Country’s customer service answers the customers’ and clients’ questions more quickly, and its supporting team is always willing to help.

So is the Readylift team. Their attitudes are very nice when they clear out my confusion by the question specifically, but I think highly of the Rough Country service.

The Components

Both the Readylift and Rough Country seem equal in this aspect.

The Readylift’s kits are equipped with their urethane bushings, which are made of powder-coated steel and capable of resisting excess wear, even in extreme on-road conditions.

The Rough Country’s products are famous for their suspension components, particularly the polyurethane bushings.

They are derived from laser-cut steel, which can endure the excess exterior force from rough and undulating terrains.


Readylift’s kits seem more expensive than the Rough Country, but the difference is minor. Yet, the Readylift has more affordable options if you buy a large quantity of its products.

With 200 dollars, you can purchase many advanced combos of these two brands, including strut spacers, track bar drop brackets, coil springs, brake line relocation brackets, sway bars, stabilizer bar spacers, etc.

The Readylift Vs Rough Country – Which One Will Win?

is readylift a good brand

The answer depends on several factors, especially your needs. Suppose the price is your biggest concern, the Rough Country will be highly recommended.

If you are finding a product that is superior as regards the quality & performance together with materials, the Rough Country will please you most, by the way.

I frequently work in off-road conditions and look for a suitable kit, so I find the Rough Country product is the best for me.

But if you just want to enhance your truck or jeep’s look, the Readylift will be a better option.

According to my experience, the two companies’ products are worth buying due to their great quality, durability and reasonable costs.

So no need to panic when considering which one you should choose.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Readylift And Rough Country Leveling And Lifting Kits?

Before exploring their benefits and drawbacks, you are advised to know the distinction between the leveling and lift kit.

The Difference Between Two Kits

Lift and level kits are all used to raise the truck or jeep’s body to increase the ground clearance and allow larger tires to fit.

More specifically, a leveling kit has hardware that helps balance the front force and the stock height in a vehicle’s back.

It can provide a maximum lift of roughly 2 inches when raising an automobile.

This capacity would be enlarged if paired with some rear spacer blocks on its rear leaf springs so that the force could be evenly distributed towards four corners.

As its name suggests, a lift kit raises the truck’s front parts higher into the air thanks to its modified suspension gears.

Its design seems more comprehensive than a level kit, including upper control arms, shocks, springs, etc., to manage the desired height.

Unlike a level kit, a lift kit has numerous shapes and sizes; therefore, you can easily purchase one suited to your needs. It often comes in 2-, 4-, 6,-, 8- and even 10-inches.


One great benefit of a leveling kit is that it allows larger-than-stock tires to run on all four corners.

After using other pickups, you can easily notice a problem with the fender’s position when turning left or right, leading to a minor increase in the height.

The height seems also lower if your car is equipped with heavy-weight devices, such as a winch or a plow in front.

Under this circumstance, a level kit can prove its effectiveness by bringing the desired height to a car’s front end back.

A lift kit is helpful as well, especially when you are driving your car with 20-inch wheels or 37-inch tires. It will help sway the extra rubber and facilitate an automobile’s proper handling.


Overusing suspension devices, like the leveling and lift kits, can cause unexpected modifications to your car’s look. I have made this mistake, and my car has become stock-ish now with nose-high stances.

Decreased fuel economy is another drawback. When you use motor kits to raise your car, its suspension parts are placed out in the air, rendering the extra weight and aerodynamic drag.

These could be a factor inducing the gas overconsumption.

Uncontrolled steering oscillation, or death wobble, are common problems you can encounter after installing level and lift kits. Be careful!

Frequently Asked Questions

2 inch lift before and after

What Is The Rough Country’s Product Warranty?

The Rough Country offers a lifetime replacement warranty on most suspension products.

Your Rough Country level kits, lift kits, or rear shocks are sometimes prone to damage, resulting in some problems, like rear shocks leaking.

If facing the same issue, you can take them to the company’s service center for replacement at no cost.

What Is The Return Policy Offered By The Readylift?

The scheme of lifetime replacement warranty is also applied in the Readylift. All products are warranted to be free from defects in craftsmanship as well as material when you purchase it.

Unfortunately, there is some unwanted damage on the road or during the time you use the company’s products. The Readylift is willing to help you out by offering a free repair package.

How Could I Contact The Readylift And Rough Country When Having Problems?

You can contact Readylift and Rough Country via the following ways.

The Readylift

  • Total free hotline: 800.549.4620
  • The mobile phone number: 702.410.2300
  • The office address: 1017 W. 600 N. Suite 4, Ogden, UT 84404, United States

The Rough Country

  • Free hotline: 1-800-222-7023
  • Text messaging: 1-731-503-8189
  • The office address: 2450 Huish Road, Dyersburg, TN 38023, United States

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, my article has helped you differentiate the Ready Lift vs Rough Country in terms of several aspects.

I also present much information about their hotlines and contact addresses, hoping you will find it helpful.

Thank you for your genuine support, and have a nice day!

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