Are Red Brakes On Cars Good Or Bad? How To Fix

Brake performance has a strong impact on the working quality of the car over time. The tendency to own red brakes on cars has gained popularity recently.

This can be considered modern and stylistic for the owners; sometimes, it can bring a difference for them.

Checking some reasons for having red brakes calipers and how to paint them right for a long time.

Reasons For Making Red Brakes On Cars 

red brakes on cars
Red Brakes On Cars

Short answer: Red brakes on cars are considered well-performed products, with more powerful brake pads for the cars.

However, the color of the disc brake or brake pedal does not determine the working efficiency of the car’s engine.

Many people preferred a red tone for the regular brakes, even for brake lights to get lucky or express their social ranking compared to the other.

Most brands paint red for the brake lines of sports or supercars, such as AMG, M-Series, or ZR1 versions.

This is sometimes not good for standard passenger cars, which makes its outside performance like a cheap knock-off.

People should consider carefully before deciding whether the red brakes on cars are good or bad for their cars.

There are other options for drivers when selecting brake lines, including black and silver brake calipers.

Depending on the different types of cars, people can take references from experienced engineers at repair shops or search instructions on the website to purchase the most appropriate product.

Which Brands Have Red Brakes On Cars?

Many well-known brands have started promoting the production process of red brakes on cars to meet the growing demand from the customers on the market.

Below are some great names expanding the distribution network for these kinds of cars worldwide. Including:

  • PORSCHE Brand is willing to provide many different selections of car brake colors, especially regarding high-performance lines. The yellow and green option is always recommended for all users. Nevertheless, buyers can be free to check the red color for PORSCHE car lines for a better experience.
  • FERRARI is famous for building the brand with red brakes at the initial stage of development. Most loyal customers of this brand prefer red paint, which brings a strong meaning to happiness and success. FERRARI also started pushing the yellow brake components in recent decades, attracting a lot of worldwide attention.
  • BMW used to apply red calipers for most vehicles in domestic and international markets. The recent tendency of this brand has been changing to blue or gold to match the customer features in certain areas.

Other renowned brands such as FORD, VOLVO, and LEXUS focus on developing their traditional and new products based on some color tones, including blue, silver, black, orange, and yellow.

How Drivers Do To Paint Red Brake Calipers On Cars

red breaks car
Way To Paint Red Brake Calipers On Cars

People can completely try to paint normal car brakes red color on their own or take support from those with driving experience.

This can help them to save money due to not buying new costly brakes; instead, they only need to prepare enough tools and materials for that.

There are six main steps for people to complete the painting process and promote the cars’ beauty and the users’ safety.

Step 1 – Raise The Total Body Of The Car

Drivers must make sure that the entire car is off the ground to start doing the work of raising the engine body.

Loosening the lug nuts, then releasing the tire and wheel, and finishing this step by putting the car in the appropriate level of height.

Step 2 – Clean Brakes Correctly

People are required to clean the calipers before painting their brakes with red color.

Removing grease, dirt, or brake fluid on the cars with a degreaser and cleaner is one extremely necessary preparation. This is proven to help the red color to adhere better over time.

Step 3 – Prepare A Set Of Calipers

People should use tape to cover the bleeder valve to protect it better when painting the brakes for a long time. 

There will be no paint leaking when people change the color of their cars if the valve position is covered fully and carefully.

Everyone should also prepare a plastic sheet to cover the brake rotor, restricting unexpected incidents about chemicals occurring to the engine.

Step 4 – Apply Primer After Tapping Off The Area

Drivers can start to take the primer application for the brakes on their cars after the important parts are taped off entirely. Remember to keep the primer dry before moving to the fifth step.

Step 5 – Paint/ Decorate Calipers

People must try to apply the real paint for the car brakes evenly, which can help to cover different layers effectively.

This step can take the car owners 10 to 15 minutes for each layer to dry completely or even longer for special car lines.

Step 6 – Let Calipers Dry Completely

The final stage lasts about 24 hours to let the brake calipers dry. People must not take their cars to use when the paint layers are still wet.

The new car version can bring one bad experience for the drivers.

Which Common Color Of Brakes?

There are currently many colors for car brake lines listed above. Below are three common colors that customers are really interested in over time and space in the world.

  • Silver color has gained popularity due to the good feelings it brings to the owners and easily matches the color of car wheels. This can be advantageous for car productions to promote the vehicle sale with silver brake design.
  • Black color is the most common driver selection when considering brake calipers’ style over time. Black car brakes can look clean under the strong impacts from the external environment, like dirt or grease.
  • Red brakes were first used in sports performance many years ago. However, red has become popular due to its aggressive look for cars when moving on the road. Many well-known car producers worldwide are investing money in researching and developing red brake cars, which are forecasted to be potential in the future.

Kinds Of Brake Calipers On Cars

red brakes
Kinds Of Brake Calipers

Drivers usually care about two main brake calipers on their cars: fixed and floating brake calipers. Differentiating these brake lines exactly will greatly support the owners while choosing the suitable car.

Fixed Brake Calipers

Fixed brake calipers are created from one or two plates connected directly to the brake pad, building a real clamp over time for the engine.

All parts of this kind of caliper must be attached carefully to the rotor by standard screws and bolts,  with support from professional engineers.

Floating Brake Calipers

Floating brake calipers own pistons on the sides of the brake rotor. 

The pistons’ role is to connect to the caliper through a mental, allowing the entire caliper to operate freely and promoting the cooled functions.

Are Brake Calipers Red Still Good In Style?

Red brakes on cars can bring a good look to human cars and build strong styles for the owners.

There are no significant differences in selecting the color for the brakes; therefore, people should not be dependent on this factor to evaluate the quality of the calipers.

This means the drivers can apply red brakes on their cars at any time without worrying too much.

Please follow strict instructions for painting brakes into a red tone to protect the internal engine better.

Why Do People Have Safe And Colorful Brakes On Cars?

Many people consider that having safe and colorful brakes on cars is one of the best ways to express their differences, especially in lifestyles.

Some situations explained that colorful brakes make them become trendier compared to the other car owners in the market.

This intrigues people to be willing to pay more to own different colors for their cars.


Which Color Brake Caliper Is Good For Cars?

There are some favorite colors that people have chosen to apply to their car brake calipers, such as yellow, red, blue, silver, and black.

All of them can bring one new and aggressive look to the cars, thus, getting the most suitable product matching your mind.

Is It Safe To Travel With Wrong Brake Calipers? 

Brake failure is really dangerous for drivers when running on the roads, especially in bad weather.

People can not forecast and control unexpected incidents effectively, leading to serious consequences for their well-being.

Should People Paint Red Brakes On Cars?

Depending on the demand and interest, people can decide whether to paint red brakes on cars. Making the cars look more fashionable or aggressive may be considered one good option. 


Red brakes on cars hardly bring any serious drawbacks for car drivers.

Follow some tips about decorating the brake systems listed above to help people to own better versions of the old car brakes.

Everyone should also try other colors for his or her car; it may be wonderful to explore the most appropriate color at all times.

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