How To Reset Airbag Light Nissan: A Detailed Guideline

Knowing how to reset airbag light Nissan is important for all Nissan drivers as the illumination is important for safety. When the icon flashes, it requires immediate attention and proper actions.

A false alarm is likely what you face in this situation, and resetting the airbag light Nissan is the solution. We’ll guide you through the process step by step to eradicate the matter.

In addition, there will be an explanation about some possible reasons causing the issue, in case you’d like to deal with the root of the problem yourself.

How To Reset Airbag Light Nissan?

reset airbag light nissan
Reset Airbag Light Nissan

What Does The Airbag Light Mean?

Just like the car with the key symbol on Nissan’s dashboard, the Nissan airbag light is one of the icons on your control panel.

It’s a part of SRS (Supplemental Restraint System), connecting the safety system with the seatbelt system.

Normally, when you switch on the ignition key, the symbol will flash for 5-7 seconds and turn off. It means the internal system checking is completed without any errors.

The issue starts when you don’t see the illumination, or it keeps staying on without going off. This panic mode indicates the system’s deactivation and alerts an undeployed airbag during a car crash.

Since you should not ignore the flashing, it’s time to apply the Nissan airbag light reset.

How To Reset? 

Learning how to reset the airbag light on a 2017 Nissan Altima is easy. You just need to follow the entire process of five simple steps to get the job done, and no light reset tool is required.

Step 1

Put the key inside the ignition and switch it to the On position without cranking up the engine.

Step 2

When you turn the key On, you’ll see the SRS warning lamp light up. It will flicker for about seven seconds.

Your job here is to turn the ignition switch to the Off position and withdraw the key within one second after the illumination disappears.

Step 3

Wait 3-5 seconds.

Step 4

Repeat the first two steps twice more. The process should be done three times in total.

Step 5

Insert the key and start your vehicle. The icon will be illuminated for a few seconds before going off as it should. If it doesn’t happen as expected, start the process again.

When you do the reset procedure properly as instructed, but the lamp still persists, seek help from professionals to identify the root of the issue.

Why Is The Airbag Indicator Light On?

how to reset airbag light on 2017 nissan altima
The Causes When Airbag Indicator Light On

How to turn off the airbag light Nissan Altima? Besides resetting, learning the reasons gives you a chance to fix the problems from its root.

Drained Backup Airbag Battery

When there’s not enough power in your Nissan’s battery to start the engine, you’ll need the backup battery to power up, leading to a drain. It’s the reason for the 2012 Nissan Rogue airbag light flashing.

In this case, you should recharge the backup battery and reset the crash sensors manually.

Broken Airbag Clock Spring

The clock spring, or spiral cable, is a crucial component in the system and costs the most expensive to fix in case of faulty performance.

As this contact reel coils in and out every time the steering wheel turns, it keeps a continuous contact between the safety device and electrical wiring.

However, the part is likely to fail to ensure the connection due to the deterioration after a period of time.

That’s why you see the illuminated icon telling you to check and replace the detail to clear the error.

Damaged Sensors

ECU (Engine Control Unit) receives the signal from sensors to determine the condition of components.

When a sensor is tripped, it may give the wrong indication, leading to the flashing airbag light Nissan being displayed as an error code.

An OBD-II scanner will help you check for the faulty sensor and replace and reset it to solve the problem.

Poor Plug Connector

As you pull the front seats forwards and backward, you may touch the connectors under, thus affecting the connection between the ECU and the crash sensors.

The system then alerts you about the situation by activating the SRS icon.

The solution is to unplug the connectors, use an electrical cleaner to spray on the terminals, and place the plugs back in their positions.

Wire Issues

If your sensors and connectors work properly, the problem may lie in the wires. Broken wires can’t guarantee communication between the crash sensors and the ECU, leading to an open circuit.

Since the ECU loses signals from sensors, it flashes the alert icon.

Wet Airbag Module

resetting airbag light nissan
Damp Airbag Module

This module is located under the driver’s seat and has a tolerance of 5 ohms resistance. The water damage can cause short circuits or corrosion to happen, increasing the resistance.

The blinking airbag light in Nissan is a sign to inform drivers about the situation. You should bring your vehicle to a repair shop to prevent other electrical components from suffering from any issues.


Is It Safe To Drive With A Flashing Airbag Warning Light?


Driving with this illumination on the cluster is not a good idea since it’s unsafe and may cause dangerous situations.

The protecting bag can accidentally explode anytime while driving, making you injured.

Plus, the sign indicates a malfunction that this safety device is unable to open when a collision happens. It fails to protect the driver from an accident’s impact and may lead to fatalities.

Thus, when you see this symbol blinking, troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible.

Can You Reset The Airbag Light By Disconnecting The Battery?


How to reset the airbag light on a 2015 Nissan Altima? Many vehicle owners consider disconnecting the battery a solution, and sometimes it works.

However, it’s just temporary and not a good way to address the underlying cause. You’d better bring your vehicle to a mechanic to have a professional checkout.

Can You Operate A Car Without An Airbag Module?

Yes, but not recommended.

Unlike the flashing red car key icon Nissan blocking you from starting your engine, it’s possible for your vehicle to operate without the protection bag.

But this module should be installed to protect you and your passengers from emergency situations.


There’s a high chance that you have a false alarm when you see the airbag icon bright on your dashboard. All you need to do is to follow the steps above to reset airbag light Nissan.

However, be aware that the illumination can be due to different reasons. Ignoring or hesitating won’t solve the issue but will put you in danger.

In this case, you’d better take your car to a professional service for diagnosis.

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