Secondary Air Pump Delete E46 – Best Guide Ever That You Might Not Know

The secondary air pump works on the mechanism of improving the quality of exhaust gas before being discharged into the environment.

However, since this system doesn’t help the vehicle much (and even hinders it), some drivers decide to go for a secondary air pump delete E46 forum.

Doing this challenge at home instead of sending the vehicle to a repair center is certainly not easy, especially for new drivers.

That’s why we’re here! Scroll down, and you’ll have the fastest way to get rid of the clutter in your engine bay!

Secondary Air Pump Delete E46- Detailed Guide

Secondary Air Pump Delete E46

Usually, drivers often opt to send their vehicle to a repair center to have the Secondary Air Pump (SAP) removed.

While it’s safe, it will cost you anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars in public money, depending on your locality.

However, as this job does not require a lot of expertise, you can do it yourself at home instead of taking it to a repair center. Follow our guide to getting your 4-wheeled friend off the hook!

Step 1: Collect Tools

Before officially entering the phase of removal, you need to make sure you have all the necessary tools below:

Step 2: Remove The Bolts

It would be best if you start by removing the top valve. Use a suitable ratcheting wrench to remove the two 10mm bolts and the block off plate from their original position.

Usually, disassembling will be quite laborious because the nuts are often hidden inside and are tightened extremely tightly.

Over time, their copper material shows signs of corrosion and rust, making loosening difficult.

The ratchet wrench sometimes gets tangled up in a tight space like this.

Therefore, whenever you loosen a nut, put away the wrench and use your fingers to get into gaps and remove unnecessary parts.

Step 3: Unhook The Hose From The Secondary Air Pump

The secondary pump connects to a hose on its side, which transfers the pumped air to the designated location.

If you look closely, you will discover a connection between the hose and SAP. Squeeze it gently and pull it from the connection point between these two products.

Step 4: Remove The Secondary Air Pump

You will find nuts and bolts for fixing around the secondary pump. The fixing nuts (about three 17mm) are usually evenly distributed in places that are quite hidden and hard to see.

Due to the tight space, it seems impossible to use a ratchet wrench for loosening.

Therefore, we recommend using pliers for this task, then using your fingers to disassemble the pin and bolt from their permanent position.

Tips: Loosening all three bolts at once and then removing them (instead of one by one) will save you more effort!

Finally, trace your hand to the bottom of the SAP, and you will see a plug plugged in underneath. After pulling it out, you can lift the SAP block and store it in your home storage.

Step 5: Take Care Of The Remaining Parts

For connections that remain after the removal process, you will need to use electrical tape to wrap them, protecting them from moisture. Tie the cord neatly under the bracket to save space inside.

Slip the blanking plate and new gasket over their stubs. Return the bolts to all their original positions, then use a ratchet wrench to tighten them.

Since the big vacuum vent valve is no longer bent, the repair has also become much easier.

Why Should We Delete The BMW Secondary Air Pump On The E46?

A secondary air pump’s job is to promote a cold start to improve exhaust quality. However, your vehicle can function completely properly without the help of this system.

SAP deleting will expose drivers to increased cold start emissions. Fortunately, it’s not a big deal as this contamination rate only increases slightly about a minute after performing a cold start.

The removal of SAP means that the vehicle weight is removed by about 1.38 kg.

In addition to expanding the space in the engine compartment, it also helps to improve engine performance significantly than before.


Can A Secondary Air Pump BMW Cause A Misfire?

The answer will surprise you- Yes! When the pump cannot operate properly, too much fuel and scarce oxygen will lead to mistaken combustion.

Once a mass ignition occurs, your secondary air pump is faulty and needs prompt repair.

What Are The Symptoms If The E46 Secondary Air Pump Has A Problem?

When migrating with the broken SAP, you will get some of the following symptoms:

  • The Control panel shows error code P0410
  • The Check Engine light is on
  • The engine pump makes an annoying clack sound
  • Raw acceleration
  • idling or stalling
  • Hoses and lines begin to wear out
  • Faulty sensor
  • Sudden acceleration

How to Fix a Secondary Air Injection?

If your vehicle’s pump fails, it’s best to start by checking and replacing the fuse immediately. If the problem persists, bring attention to the vacuum vent valve and clean it immediately.

Using a brand-new replacement is also an effective solution and easy to implement.

But if you still can’t determine the cause of the problem and don’t know how to replace it, take your vehicle to the auto shop to seek help.

Professional repair for the SAP will cost you around $200 to $400, depending on the severity. You will only need to pay $30 for a replacement if a faulty lead wire is defective.

Some Last Words

Secondary Air Pump

The SAP is supposed to filter the air before it is discharged to the outside, but it greatly hinders the engine’s overall performance.

Therefore, the Secondary Air Pump Delete E46 will give you far more benefits than the inconveniences of moving without it.

Our article provides a detailed procedure to deal with the secondary air pump block inside the car engine compartment.

And now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and tackle this obstacle immediately. Good luck!

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