Are Smoked Tail Lights Legal? Capture The Fact

Tail lights keep a key role in automobiles and might be regarded as a layer of safety for drivers, especially at night time.

There are, however, some vital concerns: Are smoked tail lights legal? This question has cost us a lot of time to look for detailed information. If you are also interested, this content is written for you.

Let’s dive into it with us now.

Are Smoked Tail Lights Legal?

Are Smoked Tail Lights Legal?

Are smoked rear lights legal? The compact answer is that Smoked tail lights are not legal in many states.

If you cannot see clearly through your rear lights, you will obviously not see the turn-signal light when your car is turned on; then your smoked rear lights are against the law.

Equipping tail lights is the minimum condition for obvious visibility and is vital to prevent accidents.

Why Do You Need To Avoid Black Rear Lights?

It Restricts Your Visibility (At Night)

When refurbishing your car, extending the vehicle’s features yet keeping the safe function is a rule of thumb.

Based on this, if you intend to upgrade or decorate your rear lights, you need to be careful not to cover the light.

This action can result in being harder for commuters to see to catch the turning signal or even recognize your car (especially at night time).

Maybe you might put forward an argument that your tail lights are vivid enough to pierce through the smoke and the lens.

If you still intend to “modify” your vehicle, you must follow some standards to keep it legal.

Your car’s rear lights must be conspicuous at least one hundred meters away while dynamic braking. It can cost you a horrific amount if you miss this criterion.

It Might Be Illegal

Are black tail lights legal? We are afraid not for the most part.

Every trailer shall or motor vehicle is equipped with a rear lamp (red lights) on each side and a white light above its rear registration plate.

These light sources aim to contribute to safety so that automobiles traveling on roads can avoid conflicts with other vehicles.

Therefore, the Council hasn’t clearly regulated that smoke on your rear lights is illegal yet. Still, as they militate against the proper functionality of tail lights, then the rule could be interpreted as such.

Doesn’t Work In Rough Weather

When we must drive in severe weather conditions, eyeshot will be down. Thus, in these scenarios (heavy downpours or fog, etc.), you certainly need all the best visibility you might catch.

Suppose you have smoked tail lights equipped. At this time, it hinders others’ visibility, and you are more at risk of a collision.

Once you turn your standard tail lights into smoked rear lights, you would add a layer of substance in between these lights and the receivers – other vehicles.

All precautions must be taken to keep your safety by allowing your tail lighting systems to work properly, even in adverse conditions.

How Can I Tint My Tail Lights Properly?

1. Painting Lights

If you intend to paint the rear lights yourself, you must detach the light from the car.

Then, you need to sand down the lights and apply the clear coat as well as the spray tint. You should apply more tint to this clearcoat to get a better look afterward.

After adding it to the coat, you should sand down the rear light one more time with 1500 fine grit sandpaper. Lastly, allow the paint to dry out and re-apply the lights.

However, if you don’t have much experience in this field to upgrade your car, turning to an auto service for a professional paint might do you good.

Recently, many vehicle repair stores have provided tint-spray services for cars.

2. Purchase Pre-Smoked Lenses

Apparently, if you are willing to buy pre-smoked lenses, this is an excellent upgrade for your car.

Yet, this option might cost your budget (ranging from $150 to $300, depending on various vehicles) much higher than the amount of money for other choices.

To utilize pre-smoked lenses, removing the entire assembly and switching it with a new one is necessary. Simply ensure you buy the right one for your car’s model, make, and year.

3. Utilizing Film to Tint Rear Lights

This way is quite affordable and easy to apply, yet the finished item is not always as fine as the spray tint.


  • Hair dryer or heat gun
  • Microfiber
  • Knife
  • Spray bottle 
  • Vinyl squeegee (small one)
  • Tint film 

Step 1: Trim the tint film according to the tail lights’ original size 

Step 2: Using the spray bottle, sprinkle water onto the tail lamps

Step 3: Take off the protective layer away from this tint film

Step 4: Put the film on the moisture surface of your tail light.

Step 5: Use the small vinyl squeegee to remove air bubbles and water from (under) the tint.

Step 6: Let this film become a pliable film

Step 7: Cut the redundant tint film.

FAQs About Smoked Tail Lights Illegal

How Much Does It Cost To Get The Taillights Tinted?

Normally, this application will cost you around $65 to $150 for each lens, depending on the shape of the lens and the car.

In addition, the coverage for it can take longer than predicted and push more budget for it. Yet, this is quite rare, and drivers should prepare from $85 to $ 95 per lens.

Can I Have Tinted-Back Lights?

Are tinted tail lights illegal?

Tinted tail lights are not legal in many regions. Your back lights will break the rule if you can not see the turn-signal light properly.

This makes it hard for you to catch everything through the rear lights when the car is turned on.

Final Words

Where Is The Starter Located In A Car?

Are smoked tail lights legal? We have just accompanied together to figure out some key concerns about this application. The black rear lights legal or not will not be a curiosity to you anymore.

Also, you can share this useful information with others who spend their time to get the right answer as you did earlier.

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