SRS Malfunction Mercedes Car Won’t Start – What To Do?

SRS Malfunction Mercedes Car won’t Start? It will be a nightmare for every driver. SRS is great as the system ensures the driver’s safety before embarking on the journey.

However, the system sometimes goes wrong, and this is when you feel confused about what you should do.

This article will explain the Mercedes srs malfunction, why your Mercedes won’t start, and ways to handle it.

What Is The SRS System?

SRS Malfunction Mercedes Car Wont Start

SRS system is the abbreviation of Supplemental Restraint System. It will check whether your car has any problems or not.

The system is important to protect you in the event of a car collision. So, if the warning sign appears, you should check your car carefully.

What Is the SRS? 

SRS is the system equipped in Mercedes-Benz to ensure safety before and during the journey. SRS has an entire airbag system and sensors that will be triggered in case of car crashes.

To be more specific, the system includes the following: 

  • Airbag control unit
  • Airbags
  • Emergency seat belt tensioners
  • Crash sensors
  • Belt force limiters
  • Front passenger seat occupancy sensors

These all work together to provide data to your module. It will detect if there is any error message in your car.

When there is an impact in the front, the airbag sensor will transfer data and inflate the SRS-equipped front airbags.

One thing to note is that SRS in Mercedes is a self-managing system.

Every time you turn on your car, the system will self-diagnose to confirm the censors have no defects. If yes, the airbag warning light will flash on your dashboard.

Where Is the SRS Location? 

You can find your Mercedes-Benz C 300’s SRS beneath your center console.

However, the location can be different from other vehicles. Some can be found below the dashboard, while others are in the driver’s seat.

What Does SRS Light Mean? 

When your Mercedes Car is in normal condition, the warning light may appear for just 5 seconds and then turns off with the ignition.

However, if the light stays on constantly, it means the airbags or the components of SRS are having problems.

Checking your car is vital as your airbags may not be deployed in the event of an accident. Also, when the Mercedes Benz restraint system malfunction car wont start.

SRS Warning System 

The SRS warning system will check all of the components mentioned above.

At first, the system will check the car when the drivers try to start the engine. Should the process of checking is done, the SRS light will go out.

Otherwise, when the srs malfunction Mercedes Benz wont start, and the instrument cluster will display the light and the error message.

Another important notice is airbag occupant sensors which are located in the passenger seat.

When the drivers start the car, they will censor the weight. If airbag occupant sensors are defective, the SRS warning system will turn on for 5 seconds.

Prerequisite Checking Factors Before Moving Further

Before you perform any troubleshooting to avoid the repairing costs, you should check a few conditions.

  • Your car should have enough fuel: One obvious reason, but some may not notice, is the lack of fuel. So, check your car and fill in the fuel if your Mercedes won’t start.
  • Your Mercedes Benz should spark: An old spark plug won’t be able to ignite the fuel in your combustion chamber. It would help if you changed spark plugs every 40,000 km.
  • Your Mercedes should have electrical power to crank the engine: You can use the owner’s manual and a voltmeter to test it.
  • Check the Drive Authorization System: It is the identification device. Your car will not start if you have a newer car and a SmartKey because of Driver Authorization System (DAS).

Why SRS Malfunction Mercedes Car Won’t Start?

Why Your Mercedes Benz Won't Start?

SRS malfunction Mercedes c300 won’t start? Worry not; there are some reasons, including the fault codes, crankshaft position sensor, etc.


The battery is the root reason for the Mercedes Benz srs malfunction, and your car won’t start. The duration of battery usage is around ten years.

However, consider changing it earlier, especially when you hear clicking noises. It means your battery is low and may lead to an SRS error message.

Fuse and Relays 

If you can ensure there is nothing wrong with the battery, you can think of the fuse on your starter circuit, EIS, Ignition, or Fuel Pump.

You should know that fuses are to protect electrical components. So you should check whether or not they are burned out.

Brake Light Switch 

The brake light switch is a common item that easily fails in the car. If it is not working, the Drive Authorization System will not allow the car to start.

To verify the problem is simply by seeing the instrument cluster. When you move the shifter from Park to Reverse, but the letters on the cluster don’t change accordingly, it is a sign of a defect.

Fuel Issues 

with a fuel pressure gauge, it will be easy to detect the fuel issue causing your Mercedes c300 not to start.

First, turn off the engine and connect the gauge to the Schrader valve. Now you start the car, and the pressure is steady even when you turn off the engine.

You also check the fuel pump. If you don’t hear the fuel pump running when someone turns the key to position 2, it is a problem.

Check Engine Fault Codes

One thing you should do when your Mercedes Car turns on and dies is shortly retrieving the fault codes.

You should check using an OBD1 or OBD2 scanner. Fault diagnosis tools are what you need to retrieve fault codes.

Crankshaft Position Sensor 

If the crankshaft position sensor fails, you find it easy to detect with the srs malfunction warning light. Also, there are some symptoms, such as the car misfiring, the engine vibrating, and the engine stalling.

What Are Notices When Handling SRS Malfunction?

What Are Notices when Handling SRS Malfunction?

As you can notice, some of the reasons why Mercedes wont start are related to Mercedes Benz srs malfunction. However, it is unfortunate that the SRS Airbag light doesn’t reset itself.

Usually, the light will turn on because of the low battery, but it will remain on even if you change the battery.

Drivers can use an airbag scanner to reset it, but it is recommendable that you should take your car to certified Mercedes-Benz technicians.

They will adjust it with dedicated software that regular people cannot use. It will ensure the safety of you and your family.

Some warnings you may need to know are:

  • When the light is on, the child restraint system may work randomly and may not work in case of an emergency.
  • Airbags have perchlorate material, and you must be careful working with it.
  • Be sure to disconnect the battery when you work with Mercedes srs malfunction.

Because of these above reasons, you should take your car to certified Mercedes-Benz technicians. If the sensors and related components are damaged, they may not protect you properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Reasons Cause The SRS Light On?

Here is the list of common reasons causing the SRS light on:

Low battery or voltage in the electric system.

  • Seat occupancy sensor when passengers sit on it.
  • Seatbelt latch.
  • Seatbelt sensor and airflow sensor
  • Defective airbag.
  • Defective impact sensors.
  • Damaged wire contacts at the doors 

How To Read And RESET The SRS / Airbag Light?

As mentioned above, the srs malfunction Mercedes light cannot turn off once activated. You cannot use a simple OBD II scanner to reset it.

If you have experience with cars and the system, an advanced airbag reset tool may help. The products can troubleshoot Electronic Stability Programme, Transmission, ABS, and any other control unit.

However, it is still advisable to have some technicians so that they can ensure and check your car thoroughly.


It is undeniable that SRS Malfunction Mercedes Car Wont Start can bring you frustration. The above is some information about the SRS system and what you should do when your car cannot start.

Resetting the SRS light is not easy, and you should call for some experienced Mercedes technicians to do the job.

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