Stress Cracks In Car Paint: How To Make The Cracks Vanish?

When they leave the factory, nearly all trucks, automobiles, and SUVs have a smooth top finish.

But it doesn’t imply that they will always seem shining, especially if you drive in harsh weather or attempt to handle your car repairs.

Numerous circumstances can cause stress cracks in car paint. Several of the roots are the owners’ fault, while others are largely avoidable.

Whatever the reason, it may be recognized by the noticeable lines or fractures that form in your car’s topcoat.

If ignored, it’s unattractive and might develop into a bigger problem. So how can these stress cracks be fixed? Here is what we discovered after carrying out research for your convenience.

Causes Of Stress Cracks In Car Paint

Stress Cracks In Car Paint

Improper Use Of Paint Hardener

A paint hardener can be used in a certain ratio to shorten the drying time of the paint. The pigment will dry off very quickly if you use too much.

As a result, the paint may become brittle due to UV exposure and unfavorable temperature fluctuations. The surface gets somewhat cracked and seems dry.

Additionally, you should really be aware that not all paints need a hardener. The paint will only fracture with the engagement of a hardener.

Check the instruction handbook with the hardener to prevent using too much or the wrong kind of paint hardener. Try to see whether the paint you are using needs the use of a hardener.

Old Age

Although the paint layer is not a mechanical device, your car’s paint deteriorates as it ages. For vehicle painting, there are upkeep and maintenance processes.

You may discover automobiles with their original paint at almost 50 years old and still good to go as everyday vehicles. But most of the time, cracked paint on cars is inevitable.

To stop the paint from flaking, you don’t absolutely need to cover or wrap it. Simple maintenance merely entails avoiding prolonged parking in direct sunlight, the cold, or a wet environment.

Another technique to minimize automotive paint cracking is to drive cautiously to avoid scratches that could deepen into cracks.

Uneven Paint Blend

Most paints need to be diluted with a paint thinner. If you use too little or too much thinner, the paint will become brittle. Even after a little time in the light, brittle paint will begin to split.

But not all paints need thinner; if you dilute it, the paint will be irreparably destroyed. Make sure you thoroughly read the paint’s and the thinner’s user instructions.

The paintwork may dry more quickly than usual when you use old or substandard paint.

Before applying the paint, be careful to check the expiration date on the container. Rehydrating hardened paint can be a smart idea should you be on a limited budget.

Inadequate Flash-Off Time Between Layers

Flash-off time is the time needed for a paint layer to completely dry. Every coating must dry for a specific period.

Most people will go on to the second coat immediately. The paint is dry based on how it looks because of impatience or presumptions.

Depending on the recommendations, you should wait between 10 and 30 minutes between each clear coating. The flash-off time varies depending on the type of paint.

Spread Of Preexisting Cracks Or Fractures

Any cracks or fractures will enlarge throughout time due to exposure to external elements. The fracture will widen due to sun exposure heating the layers under the paint.

Once the fracture spreads between the body lines, it will gradually become visible to the naked eye even if you first don’t see it. Or perhaps another person—possibly a regular traveler—will notice it.

Cracks cannot simply be painted over since they tend to widen underneath the paint layer. When the fractures extend to the bare metal behind the paint, it will result in more costly repaints and even rust.

How To Fix Cracked Paint On Car

Have The Entire Car Repainted

Your car has to have its paint completely resprayed if it has numerous, significant cracks. It could take some time as your vehicle needs to be sanded in order to eliminate the previous paint completely.

No fuess, as a vehicle repair business will do the heavy lifting for you. If the color code you want is not available or there are other vehicles on a waiting list that are scheduled to be painted, it can take longer.

The crack in paint on car may be fixed at home using some simple techniques. However, only when the fractures are not too severe or they only impact a few areas of your car can you DIY this repair.

Wearing a face mask is the first thing you must perform for this task. Long-term exposure to paint fumes might expose you to health risks. Work wisely and safeguard yourself from unwelcome threats.

Then, cover the sections you don’t need to paint, such as the windshield, using masking tape.

If the stress cracks are widespread across a significant portion of the surface, you might also need to sand the region smooth.

Paint Over Cracks That Have Already Formed

The best way to fix paint crack on cars is using this technique. The wait will be long, but it will be worthwhile. All the processes that you need to do are listed below.

  • Step 1: Clean the damaged surface with soapy water and a clean cloth.  If there is paint left, you can use rubbing alcohol to completely remove it. Mark off the area surrounding the fracture and sand there using coarse sandpaper before going on to finer sandpaper. After removing the dust with a brush, thoroughly clean the area.
  • Step 2: Apply one layer of primer after the area has dried completely. After that, allow it to dry in accordance with the primer’s directions for usage. To even out the priming covering and prepare it for painting, sand it using sandpaper.
  • Step 3: Remember to cover the area that you are repainting. When spraying, put your hand at least 10 inches away from the surface and move your hand in one direction. Before adding the following paint layer, allow the previous one to dry completely.

Use A Paint Pen

If you want a quick solution to car paint crack repair, using a paint pen is fantastic. Simply get a paint pen with a color code that matches the paint of your vehicle.

Clean the damaged area with soapy water and a sanitizer. Use the paint pen to cover the crack after the area has dried completely carefully.

Also, to protect the shine and glow of your buddy, don’t forget to regularly perform maintenance like using Goof Off on car paint to remove stubborn stains.


What Is Goof Off On Car Paint?

Stress cracks in car paint are undesirable since they detract from the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Luckily, these damages are not too difficult to deal with. With the right tools and correct process, the cracks will vanish, giving your car a brand-new look.

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