SVC Tire Monitor Chevy Malibu – Everything You Need To Know

You are driving and discover the SVC tire monitor Chevy Malibu light is not turned off. What are the main functions of this system?

How to deal with the problems related to this system? Let’s follow us closely for more information.

What is SVC Tire Monitor Chevy Malibu?

SVC tire monitor Chevy Malibu

All Chevy Malibus are fitted with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). As the name implies, this system provides information about your tire pressure.

A warning sign will appear when the tire pressure is too low or too high. In addition, the TPMS sensor warning is also a sign of a system problem.

The system not only tells you the optimal tire pressure, but also alerts you to more serious problems (like the warning light that stays on after the tire is inflated).

These sensors and monitoring systems can be affected after a long time when the vehicle performs on the road. Rough roads, potholes, pollutants will cause this system to malfunction over time.

So when the warning light comes on and doesn’t go off, your TPMS is in trouble and needs immediate repair and maintenance.

SVC Tire Monitor Chevy Malibu – Why Does My Car Have This?

SVC tire monitor Chevy Malibu 2011

The 2012 Chevy Malibu SVC tire monitor mainly tells you problems regarding tire pressure, wheel, tire sensor, battery of TPMS dashboard. In addition, it also reminds the driver to repair and service through the “tire maintenance” notification.

Tire Pressure Problems

If the tires are not properly inflated and in the appropriate PSI units required for driving in hot or cold temperatures, the 2009 Chevy Malibu SVC tire monitor warning light will be on.

When it is cold, the pressure in the tires will be lower than normal and vice versa when it is hot.

This sensor will light up on the dashboard to let you know your tire pressure is too high or too low. Normally, the pressure in the tire will drop by 1 to 2 PSI if the temperature drops every 10 degrees.

Reduced pressure will waste fuel, while increased pressure can cause a tire explosion. Both of these situations are dangerous for drivers when driving.

So, when you receive a warning, you need to check the tire pressure immediately and fix it to avoid more severe damage in the future.

Wrong Wheel

Every wheel installed on a Chevy Malibu is synchronized with the tire pressure sensor. So if it malfunctions, the 2010 Malibu SVC tire monitor warning light will come on.

It may have been installed incorrectly, or the tire has an open valve.

That is the reason why the tire pressure monitor system does not receive information. In this case, you need to check the tire to avoid it working improperly, leading to dangerous accidents while driving.

Tire Sensor Problems

Tire pressure sensor out of battery will signal by the light flashing. The sensor of SVC tire monitor Chevy Malibu 2010 has an unpredictable lifespan. In this case, replacing a new one will be the best solution.

If the tire sensor malfunctions, a warning on the DIC (Direct Ignition Cassette) will appear to remind you that something is wrong with the sensor.

The sensor not working can stem from a flat tire due to a puncture, because the tire pressure is excessively low after you have just inflated the tire.

This shows that your tires are suffering and need to be repaired to prevent possible dangers in the future.

How to diagnose the tire sensor problems? The best way is to read the code on the OBD-2 (On-board Diagnostics).

This is a system that has the function of reading the parameters on the vehicle, monitoring the operation of the components in the engine.

Therefore, it can detect, diagnose the fault of these parts, and give an alarm signal. The tire sensor problems are also detected, and the system will issue a warning.

Besides, when something goes wrong with your tire sensor Chevy Malibu, the ECU (engine control unit) will illuminate the TPMS light.


2009 Malibu SVC tire monitor

How To Reset The Chevy Malibu SVC Tire Monitor?

The simplest and most common way to solve 2009 Malibu SVC tire monitor problems is to reset it.

First, you need to fully inflate your tires to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, which can be found in the manual.

Oftentimes, they will suggest that you click the button located above the dash on the dashboard.

Next, adjust the pressure in the tires and then do a drive test for about 10 minutes, turn off the car engine for a few seconds, and then turn it back on.

If you see that the system is back to normal, you have successfully solved the problem. Otherwise, it’s best to take it to a Chevy service center for repair. You will be assured of the quality and price they offer.

How To Fix The SVC Tire Monitor Problems of Chevy Malibu?

In addition to a system reset, you need to consider the condition of your tires.

The pressure in the vehicle will be the determining factor in whether the SVC tire monitor Chevy Malibu 2011 will issue a malfunction warning or not.

The ideal pressure when inflating tires is the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. (Approximately 32 PSI in case the tire pressure is equal to the outdoor temperature).

Besides, you also have to take the weather conditions into account. Suppose you are inflating tires in a garage and the outside temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius lower than the temperature in the garage.

You need to inflate the tires to a higher pressure than the manufacturer recommends.

Conversely, in the summer, the high ambient temperature will increase the tire pressure while driving. Therefore, you need to inflate the tire to a lower pressure than recommended in the instructions.

You also need to check the tire sensor battery to make sure you have the most accurate information. Remember to maintain your tires regularly (tire pressure should be checked once a month).

It’s best to learn how to inflate and balance the tire at home properly.

How To Maintain The Chevy Malibu Tire Monitor System?

2011 Chevy Malibu SVC tire monitor maintenance requires specialized tools and should be performed by highly skilled engineers.

Therefore, you should not maintain it yourself at home but bring it to the dealer’s center to get the best service.


What is an SVC tire monitor Chevy Malibu? Overall, it is used to monitor tire pressure and detect tire-related problems.

It helps drivers adjust the correct pressure for their tires and maintain tires when necessary. We hope you found useful information in this post. See you in the next ones.

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