Tacoma 6 Inch Lift 33s: Is It Even Possible?

Is Tacoma 6 inch lift 33s popular and the proper set? To find the right answer, you need to fully understand the Toyota Tacoma model first.

This model can look suitable with a large set of 35s, 34s, and 33s tires.

Yet, you will need to use an actual lift kit if you want your Toyota Tacoma to outfit with this set of tires.

Besides, it’s unfortunate that the stock height can make the fitting harder without modifications. This requires necessary suspension upgrades to help your vehicle reach this goal without effort.

Let’s dive into this article to identify if the 33s tires are the best choice for your Toyota Tacoma and explore more about the most common options of lift kits with tires for this model.

An Introduction to Toyota Tacoma & Why You Should Install 33s Tires On It 

tacoma 6 inch lift 33s

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is great for work and appropriate for off-road driving, but its driving style with its small interior is refined less than other midsize pickups.

The only model still offering a manual transmission, its underpowered four-cylinder engine and its 270-horsepower V-6 engine deliver exceptional performance.

Besides, this model features an optional six-speed automatic without being refined. The Tacoma has Toyota’s famous reliability backing with the capability of its off-road-optimized models.

With a supple suspension and durable gearing, it thrives in trails and mud.

The Tacoma is packed and rugged with standard driver-assist technology.

The 33s is the perfect all-around tire size for everyday driving and off-road terrain. Tacoma with 33s often requires little work to become fit but offers greater ground clearance than the stock tire.

Also, the 33″ (285/70R17) tires are the perfect tire size for Tacoma. Adding a suspension lift to the mix makes cleaning a tire of this size even easier.

Tacoma 6 Inch Lift 33s: Is It Even Possible?

Yes, it is. Despite various options of tire sizes with a wide range of lift kits, 33 inch tires on Tacoma 6 is possible and common.

The Advantage Of Installing 33s Tires With 6 Inch Lift

Installing Toyota Tacoma 6 inch lift with 33’s, bigger tires is ideal for improving your vehicle or SUV’s off-road capabilities.

This way can also give the ground clearance and the proper angles of departure or approach with the widened tracks.

Besides, it also provides a larger contact point on the ground, maximizing grip and improving traction.

It also enhances the truck’s visual appeal, offering a bigger stance, stability, and a more rugged look.

The Disadvantage Of Installing 33s Tires With 6 Inch Lift

Apart from the benefits to your vehicle, 33 inch tires Tacoma also have some drawbacks you shouldn’t ignore when using these larger tires.

Larger tires with lift kits may put more stress and pressure on suspension components and need regular maintenance.

It also slightly improves body roll as the vehicle’s gravity center is raised. Speedometer readings are no longer accurate due to the improvement of overall wheel diameter.

Besides, suspension components may require more regular maintenance with high fuel consumption.

The Best 6-Inch Lift Kits For Toyota Tacoma

2nd gen tacoma 3 inch lift 33s

Are you looking for the best 6″ lift kit? Which is the best 6-inch lift kit for your Toyota Tacoma? The right answers depend on what you expect for your Tacoma vehicle and how you want to apply it.

Whether you’re building an everyday driver for the best-looking Toyota Tacoma or awesome off-road or overland suspension, I’ve recommended a list of the best Toyota Tacoma 6-inch lift kits.

2016+ Toyota Tacoma – Rough Country 6 Inch Lift Kit  

You will never look at your Toyota Tacoma the same after installing Tacoma’s Rough Country 6″ lift kit.

This all-inclusive kit features heavy-duty uprights, front, and back cross members, and pre-designed lift blocks with all the necessary hardware and brackets to adjust your vehicle into a factory-like shape and completely transform the track with the ground clearance.

Besides, driving with bigger tires can give your vehicle a unique appearance and the ultimate off-road performance.

This kit will give your vehicle an aggressive look and a high profile that grabs attention.

This kit features Rough Country N3 nitrogen-filled shocks for a great balance of ride comfort on the highway and off-road dampening vibration.

This model also comes with Rough Country’s lifetime replacement warranty.

Fabtech 6″ Basic Lift Kit w/Stealth Shocks – 2016+ Toyota Tacoma

The Fabtech 2016+ Toyota Tacoma 6″ Lift Kit features stealth shocks consisting of metal Coilover surprise spacers, using the inventory of the front Coilover shocks for factory-like riding.

The system consists of Fabtechs confirmed IFS era with prolonged duration ductile iron guidance knuckles for super suspension clearance on the ground and arched cross members.

It also has rear add-a-leafs, a 1/4″ thick skid plate, and heavy-responsibility tie rods, making this model a wonderful Toyota Tacoma 6″ Lift Kit.

The Fabtech Stealth is the primary all-black monotube surprise absorber representing the signature of first-rate you may rely upon for an advanced experience at a low-priced price.

ReadyLift 6″ Lift Kit w/Bilstein 5100 Shocks – 2016+ Toyota Tacoma

The Yota Garage provides the all-new READYLift 6″ BIG LIFT Kit for your 2016 and 2020 Tacoma Trucks.

This new ReadyLIFt Tacoma Lift Kit offers an excellent option for boosting the height of these mid-sized Toyota models.

This new Tacoma 6-inch Big Lift Kit uses drop bracket style engineering, popular in READYLIFT TUNDRA LIFT KITS, to reduce installation difficulty while maintaining excellent ride quality and handling with ramp-up capability packed with great features.

The successful key of this lift kit is READYLIFT’s popular proprietary heavy-duty and top-mount offset strut extension compatible with a true 6-inch front lift.

Besides, other optimal features that greatly boost the overall ride quality are the precision-machined cast-iron knuckle providing flawless alignment geometry with the suspension cycle and the factory stabilizer sway bar.

Maxtrac 6.5″ Lift Kit w/ Fox Shocks

Whether it’s Toyota Tacoma factory tires or 35″ monster tires, the Maxtrac Suspension 6.5″ lift for 2005 plus Tacoma is an affordable option to boost and improve your 2WD model without breaking your budget.

MaxTrac accomplishes this by using factory-height spindles to lower the wheel hub position and lift the model while keeping a factory-like ride with a turning radius.

Plus, MaxTrac completes the front lift by replacing the factory struts with fully adjustable Fox 2.0 coilovers.

This eliminates the demand to install costly, labor-intensive cross members and ask for factory frame cuts.

The spindle comes with an extended DOT-compliant braided stainless steel brake line. The tail lift comes with Fox Performance shocks, U-bolts, and lift blocks.

The result is a raised vehicle with level footing at a cost fraction of the standard 4WD Kit.


33 inch tires on tacoma

What Is Lift Most Suitable For Toyota Tacoma 33s Tires?

The lift that is most suitable for your Toyota Tacoma 33s tires should be a 2” or 3”, depending on whether you let go of the control arms.

Technically, suspension lifts don’t free up the tires for off-road use, but they may support them.

What Size Tires For A 6 Inch Lift On A Tacoma?

It drives tires up to 33 x 12.50, offering your vehicle a unique appearance and optimal off-road performance.

This kit will give your vehicle an aggressive look and a high profile with demanding attention.

In addition, this kit features Rough Country N3 nitrogen-filled shocks for the perfect balance of highway ride comfort and off-road dampening vibration.

How Tall Is Tacoma After 6 Inch Lifts And 33s Tires?

It is more than 7″ of lift a bit.

It’s about 2 inches taller, but since it’s a circle with the bottom half added to the space, it only has 1 inch of lift. Add that to the 6-inch lift; you may do just that.

Wrapping Up 

The above is useful information about Tacoma 6 inch lift 33s that you should learn more about. You need a lift kit for your Toyota Tacoma to set it with the big tires, including 33s.

Besides, I’ve introduced the best 6-inch lift kits for your Toyota Tacoma with great features giving your vehicle optimal performance on multiple terrains.

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